As your business continues to grow, you would definitely reach a point where you’d want to consolidate your digital presence to increase the impact of your digital marketing strategy. Aside from implementing new social media management strategies, merging two Facebook pages will also be one of the important steps for you to take in that direction. Merging similar Facebook pages helps reduce the confusion among your customers (existing and potential). As a result of that, social media users will trust your business more. If you are working in that direction but don’t know how to merge your Facebook pages, this post will give you the answers you need. Merging two Facebook pages isn’t really a very complicated task and once you read this post, you should be able to do it with ease.

How to Merge Facebook Pages

Things You Must Do Before Merging Two Facebook Pages

Prior to merging your Facebook pages, you must do a facebook search on both the mobile and desktop versions of Facebook to outline the Facebook pages in your name. Once you find the page created with your business’ name, click on the “Is this your business?” button and initiate the process of claiming the page before you can merge it with your other page. In case the old page that you are planning to merge with a new page has a sizeable number of followers, don’t forget to inform them in advance or you will lose out on many followers which you’d have worked so hard to gain. If possible, try to ensure that the merging pages have similar names. If you can keep the page details, phone numbers, website and postal address the same, it will be even better. Let’s look at the steps with which you can merge facebook pages:

Steps to merge Facebook pages

Facebook pages can be merged with as little as four steps. Here they are:

Step 1

Go to

Step 2

Select both the pages that you are looking to merge.

Step 3

After selecting the pages and clicking on Merge Pages, click on “Continue”.

Step 4

Complete the Process by Clicking on “Request Merge.”

After that step, your page merge request will be reviewed by Facebook and it can be approved or denied. 

Facebook will delete all the posts, vidoes, images, reviews, ratings, visitors posts, comments, likes and other types of engagements from the page you are merging. Only the content from the page you want to retain, will stay on Facebook. In case the pages are deemed ineligible for a merger, the merging request will be denied.

Here are two ways to claim pages for merging:

Claiming a Facebook Page Using a New Page

In a case where you don’t have an existing page and are creating a new one, but if you find multiple pages with your business name, you’ll need to prove ownership to Facebook. The easiest way to claim an unofficial business page is verification via your phone. In case your business number is not listed, you can submit the relevant business documents such as utility bills and a business license. If the documents submitted by you meet all of Facebook’s requirements, your case will be reviewed by the site to make a decision.

Claiming a Facebook Page Using an Existing Page

If you have an existing page and find duplicates on Facebook, you can report the duplicated page by clicking on the button that has three dots (next to the “Share” button).

Choose the “Intellectual Property” option and click on “Submit.” Be advised, when you use this method, Facebook will most likely require you to submit a report which provides further details.

So that was all you need to know about merging facebook pages together. 


As you might have noticed, the steps to merge Facebook pages are pretty simple and once you have selected the pages that you want to merge, you won’t really have to do much more. Merging Facebook pages is very important for the growth of the online presence of your business. Having multiple pages with the same name can confuse your customers and you might not be able to engage with them in the way you wanted. Merging facebook pages will help you with cleaning up and consolidating your digital marketing strategy which in turn will boost your business’ reputation.