How to add promotion on LinkedIn? Read the article until the end and find the game-changing ways to add promotion to your LinkedIn profile.

Have you gotten a new well-paid job or received a promotion letter to your dreamy rank? If Yes, then it’s time to celebrate your success. But you don’t want to stick in calling processes to every single friend and relative to inform them about your success. Don’t worry.

It’s an era of LinkedIn that play an advanced role in making your life easier. Now you can add promotion and upgrade your job title on LinkedIn. But for this, you need to know how to add promotion on LinkedIn. Here in this article, we will walk you through the best effective ways to add promotion to LinkedIn.

Let’s dive in!

Why Have LinkedIn Profiles

Nowadays, social media presence is compulsory. But when you are talking about professional profiles and opportunities then nothing best than LinkedIn. 


It is a powerful platform where potential recruiters will check your resumes. So, adding links to your resume or cover letter on LinkedIn is a great idea. It saves them and makes them feel that they are visiting at right person’s website.

More than 80 million people are using LinkedIn profile to let the world know about their accomplishments and now job titles. Here we have given a graph to help you to estimate the power of LinkedIn according to the regions


How To Add Promotion On LinkedIn

If you’ve been using a LinkedIn business profile, you may already be familiar with the people’s success. Daily, various people add promotion on their LinkedIn profiles to inform the world about their achievements.

How To Add Promotion On LinkedIn Website On A Desktop

Follow the steps below to add promotion on LinkedIn:

  • Open your LinkedIn website and log into your account straight away
  • Tap on the “me” icon at the top-right corner of your screen. After, a screen will pop up in front of you with the “View Profile” option.
  • Next, move your cursor towards the experience category and right-click on the plus (+) sign.
  • Now add all the asked information about your job.
  • Then you can right-swipe the toggle “share with Network” to turn it on if you want to notify your network about your promotion. However, it’s totally up to your choice.
  • Before moving ahead, right-click the “save” option to save your information.

How To Add Promotion On The LinkedIn Mobile Application

The process is similar if you want to add promotion on your LinkedIn android or iPhone application. All you need is to follow these simple steps below:

  • Go to your LinkedIn application and log into your account
  • Next, click on your profile picture and tap ” View Profile.”
  • Swipe down the “Experience” option and choose the plus (+) sign
  • Add all the asked information accurately
  • Make the changes to upgrade your profile by adding a new job title or promotion.
  • Then like always, click on the “save,” and here you go

How To Add Promotion On LinkedIn Of Your Same Company

If you have recently received a promotion letter from your current job or wish to add a promotion to your LinkedIn profile to inform others about your success. Follow the steps below:

  • Open your LinkedIn website and log in to your account
  • Tap on the “me” icon at the top-right corner of your screen. After, a screen will pop up in front of you with the “View Profile” option
  • Lead your cursor towards the job you’d like to edit or get promoted in
  • Then you must see a pencil icon on a certain page and click on it.
  • Now enter your job title and other related information that you want to change.
  • Next, if you need, tick on options like “update my industry” and “update my headline box.”
  • To notify your network about your promotion, turn on the “share with network” toggle.
  • Lastly, click on the “save” option

How To Add Promotion On LinkedIn Effectively

  • Numerous social media scheduling tools help you create a post with your favorite caption, images, links, videos, and other editable choices in Canva. This way, you can create a catchy post about your promotion that will immediately appear on your LinkedIn network when your connection scrolls down through your LinkedIn feed.
  • You can also add links to your profile if it is already mentioned elsewhere. You don’t need to worry whether it will reach your connection or not if you use any social media scheduling tool.
  • Another way is to write a short article telling people about your successful journey or the last promotion. It will explain your new job title to others and display your writing skills to others. Keep reading if you want to know how to write an article for your LinkedIn profile.

How To Write An Article For A LinkedIn Profile

You can also promote your writing skills on LinkedIn if you are a skilled writer. It’s a little challenging but certainly can be beneficial for you. Follow the steps below to write an article on LinkedIn:

  • Open your LinkedIn website and log into the account
  • Go to the “home” page
  • In the top panel, you will see an option to share a post or other items as designated by the icon below, tap “write an article.”
  • Then follow all the instructions and policies of the page for writing your article on LinkedIn.
  • Lastly, when you fished up by the writing process, right-click on the “post” at the top.

How To Know When The Best Time To Add Promotion On LinkedIn Is

Undoubtedly, in this era of social media, after getting a promotion or getting a new job, the very first thing that most people do is to post on social media, particularly on LinkedIn. But waiting for the right time to add a promotion on LinkedIn is crucial.


 You may wonder why you think so much before putting a small life update on LinkedIn. Here are the reasons and best time mentioned below before considering it on social media.  

Understand Your Responsibilities Precisely

As experts in this industry, we suggest you wait for a little to monitor the meetups with your boss. You must wait at least 7-10 days to precisely consider your responsibilities and work. We know it’s not such a big deal. But if you think twice before adding your promotion on LinkedIn, once you added, there will be some outcomes.

 Some people out there congratulate you on your achievement, and some will ask questions about your work and responsibilities. So, it would be better to understand your new position and duties precisely to not feel bad about that.

Ensure The Job Matches Your Skills & Interests

Waiting for the right time to add a promotion on LinkedIn is also significant to ensure the new project is exactly the one that suits your skills and interest.

What if the project doesn’t work out?

At that time, the right opportunity can prove the worst one. So, wait until you ensure the certain job is the one for you.

Why Is It Important To Add Promotion On LinkedIn

Adding promotion on LinkedIn indeed comes with a lot of perks. Here we discuss the possible advantages of adding upgrades on LinkedIn:

Help You To Maintain An Updated Resume On LinkedIn

One of the most significant reasons for putting your new job title on LinkedIn is that it will assist you in maintaining your resume updated. In this digital world, people offer more importance to the information on the website. Therefore, a short overview on LinkedIn holds value.

Add promotion on LinkedIn can bring promising opportunities for your future. We have seen LinkedIn users that never post or update on it. It’s not the right approach, especially if you want to expand your network or wait for some valuable job opportunities on LinkedIn.

Best Way To Find Pleasant Opportunities

Your updated business profile on LinkedIn can open the doors to welcoming higher promotion. The next time you look for a higher role, you can expect all the employers and recruiter’s agencies to provide you with the same or higher rank than the one mentioned in your LinkedIn profile.

Everyone on this earth is wandering for more pleasant opportunities than they already enjoy. So, keep the same notion in your mind and must update your resume to inform the world about your super accomplishments.

Display Your Organization To Your Network

Our industry knowledge displays that many people misunderstand that having a LinkedIn profile allows your employer to imagine that you are looking for a new job. But we will say that it’s a myth. But the reality is the opposite.

 If you maintain a LinkedIn profile with your updated roles, it will let the employers know that you feel proud about your work.

Mistakes That People Made While Adding Promotion On LinkedIn

Here are some mistakes that most people made while adding promotion on LinkedIn:

Not Having A Catchy Profile Picture

The people’s pictures you use to act as a calling card on this LinkedIn page. The first biggest mistake that users make is when they don’t take this aspect seriously and don’t upload a profile picture or add a low-quality photo. In this way, they are losing a lot of attention. So, your profile image on LinkedIn must be attractive and high-quality.

Interesting Headlines

 New job titles and promotion will not work alone to get higher opportunities.

 You need to know that creating an interesting headline on your LinkedIn profile is necessary to let people know that you can be helpful to them.

Publish A Good Summary

Publishing a good summary is very effective when adding promotion to LinkedIn. People out there would like to know about you; therefore, you must be careful while writing a resume on LinkedIn. You should combine all the components like storytelling, sales copy, and elevator speech in a summary and then summarize it with a “call to action” sentence.

Add Multimedia

Your work experience and summary strategies will improve your promotion on LinkedIn. But when you add Multimedia content, it will become extraordinary. Like you can add videos, SlideShare presentations, portfolio, website, and more to make it more interesting and professional.

LinkedIn Promotion Example

You can make a detailed message to announce your promotion on LinkedIn, so people out there get notified through your LinkedIn post.


Here we will give you a LinkedIn Promotion Example that you can customize to your LinkedIn promotion post:

I’m enticed to announce that I have been promoted to a *position* this *season or month you will be joining* its company XYZ. I’ll be working with the “team of the company* and am exciting to learn new skills and grow in this role.

I am grateful to God and then *to the people* for their support and encouragement *in your previous role” I couldn’t be more excited to start this new career journey.

Significant Ways To Add Promotion On Other Social Media Platforms            

Changing your new job title or updating your profile section isn’t the only way to add promotion on LinkedIn. If you log in, you’ll see a “featured” box that allows you to share your information. It is the best way to add promotion on LinkedIn. 


Create a post adding the promotion on LinkedIn. It should be short and catchy, but it is the greatest trick to inform the world about your promotion.


If your work is adding your promoted roles on a link on LinkedIn or other platforms, you should these links. It will effectively work, and you just got the advantage of doing so.


Your work might be making a huge deal from your promotion and writing articles in a newsletter, including images, etc. Link to that much stuff on your LinkedIn profile to drive more connections.

Final Verdict

In short, we hope this blog helped you by adding promotion on LinkedIn or acknowledging the professional value of posting new job titles on social media. You can easily update your LinkedIn profiles by following the methods mentioned above on how to add promotion on LinkedIn. Not only that, but you can also follow other effective strategies to approach recruiters professionally.

We tried to let you know each aspect related to adding promotion on LinkedIn. But still, if you find any problem while posting on LinkedIn, you can contact us freely.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Should You Add Promotion On LinkedIn 

Updated LinkedIn profile with your new job title makes your profile more fascinating and effective in using it for professional people to hire you.

Whether you are applying for a job or just waiting to see if a recruiter will contact you, adding your promotion on your LinkedIn profile will increase your chances of being found and offered a higher role job.

Further, LinkedIn is an amazing resource for finding new jobs. It lets you know what’s out there and takes care of the legwork of connecting the people you know to certain positions. It can lead you to a job reference that can make a difference.

Q. How To Show A Promotion On LinkedIn

Suppose you’d like to notify your LinkedIn network about a promotion you have just received. In that case, you require turning on the “Notify Network” when changing your LinkedIn profile with the job promotion.

Q. How To Add Promotion On LinkedIn With The Same Company

To add a promotion on LinkedIn with the same company, you need to update the job on your LinkedIn profile with the new job title and position details.

Q. Can People See Promotion On LinkedIn

When you add promotion to your LinkedIn profile, you are offered an option of choosing to notify your network about the changes or not, if you select yes, then it will send a notification to everyone connected with you about your new position.

But if you don’t choose to notify your network, still, your promotion will still be visible to anyone who scrolls to visit your profile on LinkedIn.

Q. How Do I Know About My Job Getting Updated On LinkedIn

For this, you can use various social media scheduling tools to create a post of your choice to announce your promotion on your LinkedIn profile. Then you can preview the similar and schedule LinkedIn posts as that tool posts them for you. Then you can refresh your mobile application or LinkedIn website to see it in the experience area.

Q. What Are The Ways To Add Promotion On LinkedIn

Now you can add posts on LinkedIn through your mobile application and desktop. But here, we have the add promotion on LinkedIn through a mobile application as most people use this device. Follow the simple and easiest steps below:

  • Start the procedure by logging in to your LinkedIn account on your mobile
  • Click on your profile picture, then choose “View Profile.”
  • Scroll down to the “experience” area, then tap on the plus (+) icon
  • Now add all the asked information accurately
  • Next in the popping-up screen, keep changing by adding your new job title and promotion.
  • Now tap on the “save” option to complete the whole process.