You already know how important Instagram videos are, especially when promoting your business. However, it might not be easy to keep track of all the numerous video formats that Instagram offers as IG keeps introducing new video formats like reels.

But a lot of users don’t know how long Instagram reels can be, how to record, upload, and promote them.

Therefore, to master your reel strategy in 2022, we have put together this guide that will answer every query regarding this matter. So, let’s get started.

What Are Reels On Instagram

Instagram unveiled the Reels feature in August 2020 as a new method to upload and find short films on the platform. Additionally, Instagram announced that users may now easily integrate their music into Reels. The feature enables users to add commentary or background noise from any video at least five seconds long and stored on your camera roll using the import audio tool.

An additional feature enables producers to survey their viewers on what should occur in their upcoming videos so that they may contribute directly to the plot. But due to so many updates, users ask how long Instagram reels can be in 2022, so let’s get the answer by further reading.

How Long Can Instagram Reels Be

On Instagram, reels are quick and amusing films where individuals can showcase their talent. At first, the reel’s overall duration was just 15 seconds, but now users can produce these “Reels” for 60 seconds.

The 1 minute’s duration allows influencers and users to offer more material for viewers in terms of time and increase their engagement. Previously, these short films had a span of 30 seconds, considered very short.

Further updates are there through Instagram; still, the question is, how long can Instagram reels be in 2022?


New Instagram Reels Update

We expected Instagram’s Reels duration to be increased as TikTok also has the updated 3-minute video capturing feature. As expected, the new Instagram reels update contains the following features.

  • Reels are now available, and they can last up to 90 seconds.
  • Add strikers and emojis in reels
  • Add your own voice in reels

You may make extended lessons, demos, behind-the-scenes videos, or vlog entries within 90 seconds.


Picture credit: @MattNavarra

How To Record Instagram Reels

The ‘Stories’ part of the Instagram app leads to the ‘Reels’ section. Users may create “Reels” and customize them with filters, music, and other effects using the shutter button. Users may also alter the pace of their video in addition to this.

You may either record a video through Instagram or upload any video from your phone gallery. You may add music, filters, or slo-mo effects. With the function of the reel, you can also take pictures at pauses, set a timer, and shoot in various settings or clothes.

You may stitch together several clips from different videos to create a single reel, even if you’re uploading a pre-recorded video. A new 90-second duration is one of several enhancements that Instagram releases for Instagram Reels.

How To Record 1 Minute Reels

Now Instagram has doubled the reel durations, and users can record 60-second long videos. If you still don’t have the option of 1-minute reels, you must update or reinstall your Instagram account.

Here’s a quick guide about how long Instagram reels can be and how to record 60 seconds of them:

  • Open your Instagram profile and tap your “profile picture.”
  • You will navigate to the “reels area.”
  • Select “Reels” at the bottom of your mobile screen
  • On the left corner, you will see 30 seconds
  • Click the option to record your videos

Once you select the recording time, more options will pop up on the screen, providing you with the different durations of recording.

How Long Can Instagram Reels Be For Effective Marketing


Record a few engaging reels on interesting topics. Remember that your content should be in-depth and interesting for just 15 to 90 seconds. Once you have recorded different videos of different lengths. Then start tracking the success of reels and which creations have been the most successful for your audience.

Tracking the performances of your reels will helps you to enhance your success. While evaluating the reels lengths, you should keep an eye following metrics:

  • Account views: How many Instagram users have watched your video at once
  • Plays: How many times have your reels been played
  • Likes: How many likes does your reel get
  • Comments: How many comments do your reels get
  • Saves: How many people saved your reels
  • Shares: How many users must share your reels

The Most Effective Type Of Content For Reels

If you want to take advantage of Instagram’s reel trend for your business, start making reels of 90 seconds. Here are a few simple content suggestions for you:

  • Address the frequent pain areas of your audience.
  • Discuss recent developments in your business.
  • Share your insights and sources of inspiration.
  • Exchange lists of your preferred creators, books, tools, etc.
  • Disseminate guides, techniques, and advice.
  • Share makeup tutorial

It was more difficult to make an intriguing reel when you just had 15 seconds to do it. However, you can now create much more engaging and in-depth material. Reels are simple to develop on the Instagram app, but there are alternative ways to accomplish it.

Bottom Line

We hope that through the article, you got the answer to how long can Instagram reels be in 2022. A lengthier Reel allows musicians to showcase their music, enabling makeup artists to showcase their makeup tutorials and so on.

The maximum Instagram time since its first debut as 15-second short clips, Reels has been edging up, and now you can make it 90-second long. We are still hoping that Instagram will add more extensions, and we will get more features updated in “Instagram reels” very soon.