Being launched in 2005 by Steve Chen, Chad Hurly, and Jawed Karim, YouTube is one of the world’s largest online video-sharing platforms and social media sites. You can find a vast variety of content on this site, including engaging tutorials, entertaining content, movies, dramas, and so on.

However, these are not all aspects that have contributed to making the platform hugely successful. Instead, some other aspects are also involved, among which YouTube comments stand out from the rest.

These comments grant you more information about the video and let the users express their viewpoints about the videos with other community members. Yet, it is almost difficult for an individual to sort the comment of their interest from that long list. And that is exactly where YouTube comment finder comes for help.

 So, what is this thing? And how does it benefit you? Keep on reading, and this article will cover all essential yet relevant information for you. So without discussing anything further, let’s look at the article. Please dig in

All You Need To Know About YouTube Comment Finder

We will discuss each component separately to rest assure 100 percent understanding of all our readers.

What Is A YouTube Comment Finder?

YouTube holds millions of users from across the globe. Hence, Finding any comment on YouTube is not an easy task as millions and billions of people are positing it every second.

YouTube comment finder can be an application or website that helps individuals quickly trawl through comments on any YouTube videos or even an entire channel by searching relevant key terms. In simpler words, a YouTube comment finder is a tool that helps people find comments easily on different YouTube videos and channels.

4 Efficient YouTube Comment Finder

Below are some effective and efficient options you can consider if you search for an efficient YouTube comment finder.

1. Hadzy


Hadzy is a popular YouTube comment searcher that tops the list for many reasons. It not only helps you to find any comment but also allows you to sort and analyze them in various categories.

To find a comment on Hadzy, you need to copy the URL of that YouTube video and paste it into the search bar of Hadzy. Now enter and wait till the results are shown.

Next, the app will display all general information about the videos. Nevertheless, you want to click on ” Load data” And choose “view comments.”

Now, all your target video’s comments will be displayed on your screen. And you can sort them out by likes, replies, and post time. The app allows you to find 10 comments for any YouTube video.

 Hazy also obtain some unique yet useful features, including the View Statistics feature. This feature enables you to track any comment based on popular keywords and the top questions followers ask.

Moreover, Hadzy also allows you to keep an eye on various details of comments such as time of commenting, date of commenting, details of the user who posted the comment, and the list.

2. YouTube first Comment


Youtube first comment is another popular option to consider. To find comments via this web, open ” cc/en/youtube-first comment and paste the link of your target video on the search bar.

Next, you must click on “Get Video” and wait until the website is working on your task. Once loaded, you will see the very first comment of your target video being displayed in the right section of the page.

The website obtains a unique feature that no other comment finder has,e tutorial. And this tutorial helps new users understand the user interface and find the first comment on any YouTube video within no time. In addition, the users can also see what comment was posted on what date.

3. YTComment Finder


YT Comment is one of the most easy-to-use and beginner-friendly YouTube comment finders on the internet. The tool is free to use and produces incredible results within the least possible time frame. Wanna know how it works? Look at the below-mentioned step-by-step guide

Steps To Use YT Comment Finder:
  1. Visit the website:
  2. On the homepage, you will notice a search bar being displayed.
  3. Now visit YouTube Video or YouTube channel you wish to target and copy its URL from the above bar.
  4. Paste this URL in the search bar of YT Comment finder, and press enter or click Search.
  5. The website will now display a complete list of videos with the same title. Find the video you wish to target and click on the option: Search This Video.
  6. A new search bar will appear on your screen for any comment you choose to look up.
  7. YouTube Comment Search Extension Firefox

4. YouTube Comment Search Extension Firefox

This YouTube comment search is slightly different from all the comments mentioned above, as it is not a website but a Firefox extension. To use the extension without facing any difficulty, follow the steps mentioned below.

Steps To Use YouTube Comment Search Extension Firefox
  1. Navigate to your Firefox browser and click on the hamburger icon being displayed on the upper right side of your desktop screen
  2. Select Add-ons and themes.
  3. Type YCS in the Find more add-on search bar.
  4. Now search until you find YCS- YouTube Comment Search. Once found, click on it.
  5. Click on the button that says: Add to Firefox.
  6. Now, Firefox will provide you with a set of instructions to get the task done. So, follow them carefully.

The best part about this YouTube comment finder extension is that it is flexible, supports multilingual Search, even works in incognito mode, and allows the user’s export comments, replies, chat replay, and video transcripts of their choice.

In addition, it helps make quick searches as it lets you search by emoji. Isn’t it amazing?

How To Find The First Comments You Have Posted On Any YouTube Video

Has it ever happened to you that you emotionally reacted to any YouTube video in terms of comments and regretted it later? Yes, we all do this. Nevertheless, it is almost impossible for an individual to recall the video or YouTube channel where you left that comment.

So, is there a way out? Fortunately, Yes. There is a way you can check any of your previously posted comments on any video, regardless of how old it is. How? Just follow the below-mentioned steps.

Steps To Find Your Comment On YouTube.

  1. Navigate to the YouTube homepage and click on the three-lined icon in the top left corner.
  2. Click next, and the browser will redirect you to your account’s history.
  3. Choose “History type” as “Community” and click on the “Comments.” the homepage will again redirect you to a new tab where you will see all of your YouTube comments being displayed.
  4. And that’s it, and you can look for any of your previously posted comments on the list.

Final Verdict

On the bottom line, YouTube comments are a fun and easy way to express your views. However, it is difficult for an individual to find any comment. That’s where YouTube comment finder comes for help.

The content above discusses some top YouTube comment finders on the internet and all other essential information. So, make sure to read the whole article very carefully from start to end.