Almost all parts of the world use WhatsApp as a standard messaging, calling, or file-sharing source. If you are not among those countries, you can read this article. Why do people use WhatsApp?

You will get all the information about WhatsApp here. However, if you are familiar with WhatsApp, you can also read this tutorial to learn more about your fantastic source for messaging.

History Of WhatsApp

WhatsApp was developed in 2009, and it was the first one with so many features for users. At that time, people were using Skype for white and video calls, but it was just for PCs. Its mobile version came into being after the development of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp was free for messaging, while Skype was free for calling. Some other apps came after the development of WhatsApp, like Viber or Kik. But this didn’t affect the value of WhatsApp for the users. WhatsApp came as a free messaging app initially. But it didn’t devalue Skype’s worth, which is used for calling.

At the WhatsApp launch, people were having issues with the high cost of simple text messaging. WhatsApp solved the problem of all the walls with its free messaging source. Before WhatsApp launched, people using high-cost SMS stopped using their services and started using affordable WhatsApp. 

Features Of WhatsApp

You may think of WhatsApp as a messaging app, but here much more than you think; the following are the features of WhatsApp that they must know.

  • WhatsApp provides end-to-end encryption to its users. It means that people have conversations, and nobody else can read them.
  • You can send messages, videos, and GIFs without any worry about the quality of the content. The rate will not change like the SMS service people used before WhatsApp.
  • People can also send any documents without any doubt.
  • Within the individual charge or group chats, you can send voice messages.
  • Despite having a voice call option, there is also a what-you-call option for individual chats or groups.
  • WhatsApp also provides a desktop version for users.
  • There is a WhatsApp business warrant for entrepreneurs to showcase their products to customers.

How Does It Work?

Why do people use WhatsApp? To know all about the working of WhatsApp, it is necessary to have information about each step or anything. Here are the things that you should know about its working.

Making An Account

To use WhatsApp, the first thing you must do is to download the app and create an account. So, you need a mobile number on which your account will be made. It means everyone in your contact list with a WhatsApp account will be added to your WhatsApp account.


Sending Messages & Joining Groups

After finishing up the account creation, you can contact individual or group chats you have joined. In WhatsApp, tap on the chat icon and then quickly only contact whom you want to have a conversation with. If you’re going to chat within a group, you need a group. You can either create a group or join the already created group from someone else.


Making Calls On WhatsApp

Besides text messages, you also have the opportunity for a voice or video call. Different options exist for making an individual or group video call or voice call. You can have any individual call or add three more people to your call. In the same way, you can make a group video call and add all the participants to the group.


But in the case of group video or voice calls, you can only send the invitation to the participants. It is up to them to attend the call or not. Similarly, you can call for individuals simultaneously but in one call. It is also up to them to participate in the call or not.


Media Sharing Option

WhatsApp is the most convenient way for all the users of the world to send all kinds of stuff to one another. Whether you want to send images, emojis, videos, or any document, it is the best option for you. WhatsApp only uses the internet to operate all functionalities. It is not dependent on cellular data.


WhatsApp Contacts & Messages

Now you have got the information about the basics of the WhatsApp account. It also provides features to manage contacts and conversations or messages. Here is a list of these features.

  • If you want to customize your WhatsApp conversation, you have the choice to change the chat background.
  • If you are concerned about your privacy, you can also hide your online status, but you are also unable to see others’ online statuses.
  • You also have the work option for those numbers which are no longer helpful for you, or you don’t want to get any message to call from that number. However, if someone blocks you, you will be unable to know.
  • You can remove any number from your group if you are an admin.
  • You can delete or remove options for everyone for a particular message.

Privacy & Security

WhatsApp provides end-to-end encryption, meaning nobody can read or see your conversation except you. It is highly encrypted whenever you make a call, as no third party can hear your call. You can enable WhatsApp’s two-step verification option to create your account more securely.


Reasons For WhatsApp Popularity

WhatsApp has been a standard conversation application for various regions of the world. But why do people use WhatsApp? What is the reason for its popularity? The following reasons have made WhatsApp a top priority in various countries.

Low Cost

Mainly, WhatsApp gained popularity in various regions of the world because of its low cost. On seeing the WhatsApp advent, many SIM providers offer different SMS packages. However, WhatsApp didn’t stop because of its most convenient way of content sharing and messages.

But in the US, people get unlimited text messages as a standard feature from mobile providers. Therefore, they didn’t bother to make another account for this. It is the reason people in the United States don’t use WhatsApp.

Simplicity & Convenience

People in the US use the default iMessage option, but not everyone in the world has an iPhone. So, these people also need a WhatsApp account. It has maintained its position just because of its simplicity and Convenience.

To contact someone on WhatsApp, all you need is the WhatsApp number. No matter what device you own, you can quickly get the person who has a WhatsApp account. Without any awkward feelings about different ads, you can use WhatsApp, preferably.

End To End Encryption

The best feature WhatsApp has provided to its users is end-to-end encryption. It allows you to secure your information, as only you and the recipient can read or see the messages, pictures, videos, or documents.

Even though it is end-to-end encrypted, many people now don’t believe it because Facebook owns it. However, it is up to you to use WhatsApp for your conversations.

It’s A Global Village

Another thing we usually hear about WhatsApp from its users because it is a global village or community of the people using it. Because of Convenience, people are using it for every sharing or conversation. This has made a digital community in one place. However, it is the most used application in various world regions.

Speed & Immediacy

The speed and immediately at which people receive and send messages and other files make it an essential source of communication. As messengers provide a more convenient way to use it but don’t provide the features like sharing files. Therefore, people always prefer WhatsApp as a communication system.

WhatsApp Different Stats

When WhatsApp was launched, it was only available for iOS devices. But after a year, in 2010, it also launched an Android application. After four years, it gained 200 million active users. However, it is reported that WhatsApp was sold to Facebook in 2014. Now WhatsApp has earned 200 billion active users.

Number Of WhatsApp Users

For the stands, you must want to know about the active users in all the previous years on WhatsApp. So, this section tells you different stands for the different years. In 2022 about 2.44 billion active users acquired the facilities of WhatsApp. There seems to be an increase at the end of the year 2022.

Moreover, it was one billion in 2016. In 2018, it increased to 1.6 billion active WhatsApp users. As it is now linked to Facebook, there are more chances for Facebook to get more ads.

WhatsApp’s Popularity As A Mobile Messenger App

Among all the messenger apps for communication, WhatsApp is at the top position and priority of the users. As per the latest stats, WhatsApp has 2.44 billion active users. It is far more than the Facebook messenger stats.

These stats have excluded China as WhatsApp is blocked in China. This also excludes its comparison with popular china messengers like WeChat and QQ Mobile.

Download Stats

It will further provide authentic proof of the popularity of WhatsApp. As per stats for 2022, the overall number of application downloads is about 11 million on iOS.

However, the overall download is 13 million, which includes the 2 million downloads for the WhatsApp business. After TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook, WhatsApp is the most downloaded non-game application worldwide.

Moreover, it has crossed Facebook and Telegram, as per the latest stats. The stats are different for each region as it is not as popular in the other region as in one region.

Regional Stats

Today, WhatsApp is available in over 180 countries in the world. As per the regional value, it is also available in 60 different languages. However, in many European countries, it has a high market penetration.

Besides, there are regions where WhatsApp is not the primary messaging application. Other than China, there are countries where WhatsApp is entirely or partially blocked. These include UAE, Qatar, Syria, North Korea, Iran, and Cuba.

WhatsApp Usage By Country

The most significant region where WhatsApp is getting more popular is India. As of 2022, in South Asia, there are 487.5 million application users. This stat is far more than the second largest country Brazil with almost 118.5 million active users.

Recent stats have indicated almost 6 million downloads from India. However, it is not as popular in the United States. In the United States, WhatsApp is the 10th number messenger app. People mostly use iMessage or Facebook rather than WhatsApp there.

Messages Sent via WhatsApp Daily

You’ll ask why people use WhatsApp if we talk about the daily stats. The answer lies in the above discussion about its Convenience and features. In 2011, the daily usage was more than one billion messages from different users. These stats changed to 60 billion messages in 2016. At the same time, it was reported to be 100 billion in 2020.

Then the world faced a pandemic that affected almost everything. But WhatsApp gained more popularity because of the lockdowns. There were 15 billion minutes of voice and video calls daily.

WhatsApp Users’ Age

If we talk about the demographics of the user’s age, this application is undoubtedly used mainly by young persons. In the US, every one of the four young persons is using the WhatsApp application. The use of WhatsApp decreases slowly as one ages.

Stats Of WhatsApp Business

Within a year of Business WhatsApp, it gained 5 million business users in 2019. It aimed to help the entrepreneur have a business identity here. There were some features specially designed for entrepreneurs.

At first, it was only for android devices but later became available for iOS devices too. The developers are strictly working to make it the best fit by providing different features to the business owners.


Why do people use WhatsApp? Because of its free, convenient, and advanced features, it is more highly used than other communication sources in various countries. Not all countries use this application, but it still has a high audience recently. We hope you have got your answer in detail.

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