How to see who views your Instagram profile? Instagram is a social networking site mainly famous for picture sharing and gaining vast exposure in the shortest possible time frame. However, there are over a Million active users who utilize Instagram for viewing other posts daily. All the audience isn’t equally reputable. Hence it becomes crucial for the account holder to keep an eye on viewers to monitor progress.

But wait, how do you do it? Or how would you know who views your Instagram profile? Well, if you belong to the same group of people then look no further as we are here to help. The forthcoming article is an ultimate guide that will help you know who has viewed your profile. Plus, there is a lot of other information included in the content. So, without wasting even a single minute more in discussion, let us walk through the information. Let’s start


An ultimate Guide To See Who Views Your Instagram profile

First, you must know Instagram web or app itself does not obtain any in-built feature to grant these types of insight to the user. It happens because Instagram is a big platform, and a vast number of people use it to stalk their relatives, friends, family members, and even their exes. And they obviously don’t want the person on the other side to get aware of their activity. Hence, if Instagram will start to notify each account holder about the number of people that have visited their profile, it would increase the chances of active Instagram users leaving the platform because of privacy concerns. And Instagram would obviously not want this. The same is why, it does not allow any insta user to get the answer of How to see who views your Instagram profile.

Nevertheless, there still are various ways you can consider for this reason. We will discuss them all in the forthcoming content.  Nevertheless, It is difficult to digest big chunks of information for eole. The same is why forthcoming content will elaborate on each significant aspect on-by-one to rest assure better understanding of all our readers. With that said, please have a look.

1. Using Third Party Apps


There are a vast number of mobile applications available through which you get satisfactory solutions of “How to see who views your Instagram profile’’. These are available for both platforms: Android and iOS. Hence if you are an iPhone user navigate to the apple store and type “Instagram viewer finder on the search bar”. Press enter and a long list of mobile apps will get displayed on your mobile screen. Scroll them all, read reviews and finally download an application. Here are some apps that are immensely famous. But wait, do they work or are just an example of great boast and little roast? Look below to find the answer.

1. Profile+

Profile+ plus is one of the most famous and efficient websites when you set out to solve: How to see who views your Instagram profile. Nevertheless, you will be surprised to know the fact that this app does not work at all. Instead, what it does is displaying a list of people who had been blocked by you on the app. Still a useful app, right?

2. Follower Analyzer For Instagram

Follower analyzer is another famous app that claims to notify you about all the Instagram users who view your profile. Sadly, it is a fake app as well. What does follower analyzer do is simply displaying a long list of some random usernames claiming them to be the people who stalk your profile. For a more realistic user experience, it changes the name of users every time you check.

3.  IG Analyzer Followers Analysis

Another great app in the list is IG Analyzer Followers Analysis. Although it does not provide you information regarding visitors of your profile, what it does provide is an accurate calculation of who and when viewed your story. 

The app is available on google play store and apple store for easy download.

4. FollowerMeter For Instagram

Followermeter allows users to keep track record of all their Instagram followers and unfollowers. The same is why, you can even call it as an Instagram manage that gives you deep insight of your account

With IG Analyzer Followers Analysis, you can collect information regarding who viewed your profile in the form of ghost followers. Plus, it also notifies you who and when started to follow you or liked your posts on the platform. The app has more than 3 million active users from across the globe.

5. InMyStalker

In My stalker is an appealing name to see who views your Instagram profile. However just like all the above mentioned app, it is fake, yet of great use. With the help of in my stalker, you can track the number of people who have viewed your profile along with their current locations, age group and gender. Hence, you are provided with all the hints you would need to make a lucky guess.

6. InStalker

Finally, In Stalker is next on the list. The application allows you to track account progress by sending push notifications. You will receive such notification whenever someone is engaged in exploring your Instagram account through news feed, story, posts, or video. Plus, it also helps to get a clear insight of all the individuals who have viewed your story on the platform.

In Stalker will also display a list of people who have viewed your profile. Nevertheless, do not trust it as these are nothing more than some random names.

Why Don’t These App Work?

So, why don’t these third party apps work? Well, Instagram is a highly secured site. And their data policy does not allow the platform to share any sensitive information including profile names who have visited any other profile. As a result, these third party applications do not get an adequate amount of data they would need for determining the username or profile name.

2.  Using Instagram Stories & Highlights To See Who Views Your Instagram Profile


As discussed above, Instagram does not allow account holders to view profile visitors. But what it does allow is to view who and how many viewers have viewed your Instagram stories and highlights.

If you are smart enough, you can utilize this feature as a tool to get insight of who views your Instagram profile.  To make use of it, post any Instagram story of yourself and wait for a few hours so that every stalker gets time to view it. Once the time has passed, tap on the icon of the profile picture that you will find on the bottom left corner of your recent insta stories.

A long list of account holders will appear in front of your mile screen.

Instagram stories are usually displayed on your profile. Hence, It is pretty evident if a person who has viewed your Instagram story has visited your profile on the platform as well.

Nevertheless, remember, these stories last only for 24 hours. Hence you must check it every day to gain a clear insight.

In addition, this feature also enables you to block all the followers you don’t like to have at your account. Follow below mentioned steps

1. Tap on the menu button from settings

2. Search for the option that says: Hide story

3. Block all the users you don’t wish your story to expose upon

4. You are all done, congratulations.

3. Switching Over The Instagram Business To See Who Views Your Instagram profile.


Instagram business is nothing else but another variant of the same app that is equipped with certain additional features you cannot enjoy with the original version. One of these additional features allows you to access important information about who has been visiting your profile on Instagram. Nevertheless, do not get overexcited as there is an exemption.

Instagram business allows you to access valuable data about your account. For instance, it lets you know how many users have been visiting your profile lately. Plus, it also notifies you about their age range, location, and gender.

Yet, it does not reveal the actual name of those individuals nor their usernames. The app is still of great use, especially if you are a business owner. To convert your ordinary account to Instagram business, follow below mentioned steps

1. Navigate to the setting tab of your Instagram account

2. Look for an option that says: Switch to business prfi

3. Tap on it and connect your Instagram account with any Facebook page you own. No instagram will ask you to provide basic contact information. Do provide accurate details as you will be needing the same info if you lose the password of your account and want to recover it at any point.

4. And that is it, your newly made Instagram account is all ready to be used. don’t worry it won’t affect your followers, posts, and likes in any way.

 In addition, Instagram does not pull off any historical data from your account during conversion. Hence, don’t worry about the privacy issues.

Making Instagram Account Private


The above content has explored all the information you need to know about who views your profile on Instagram. Now, let us talk about the way you can consider keeping your Instagram safe and secured from all the negative people who comment harsh words underneath your posts and on story replies. So, how can you do it? Well, the one, only and simplest solution to this problem is, getting your Instagram private.  Here are all the steps you need to do for this

1. Navigate to the setting tabs on your Instagram account from setting

2. Search for the option that says “get my Instagram private”

3. Tap on it and you are all done

At this point of time, a common question that may pop in your mind is: should I lose all my Instagram followers by switching a public profile to private?

The answer is No, your existing followers won’t get affected by this action of yours in any way. Nevertheless, you can remove some of them randomly if you want to.

Wrap up

On the bottom line Instagram is one of the most used and loved site. People like it because of its easy interface and unique features. Nevertheless, getting notified about who visits your profile on Instagram is exceptionally important if you want to stay aware of any possible enemies you don’t even know. People use different methods in this regard. Some like to use third party apps whereas some try to get this task done through viewing insta stories. Nevertheless, one must realise that these third party apps are of no use. The above content contains the names of 6 most popular yet fake apps people use to find who views your Instagram profile:  Profile, Instagram etc.

However, there are other methods as well that we have discussed in the above content. Once you are done with getting the insight, the next step is getting rid of unwanted followers. You can randomly block them or can transform your account to a private account. The whole process is described in detail. So, make sure to read the whole article very carefully. Rest we wish you good luck.