Youtube videos are always shared on popular digital platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc but if they tend to be private videos, viewers like you and me get frustrated. On the flip side, if you are the uploader with business profiles; then most commercial social media profiles can be managed through social media management tools; like Hootsuite that tracks your views on Facebook amongst other things. In addition, very often on YouTube you can find private videos that were created by bloggers who merge video clips using special programs that allow you to combine your own footage and photos into one exciting video. So if someone asks you to allow them to watch private videos on Youtube, please follow this guide to help grow your business.

Why Can’t You Watch Private Videos On Youtube? 

  • Some users who upload videos on YouTube can opt to set their videos as unlisted or private. Although you can watch an unlisted video if someone shares the said link with you; accessing a private video requires you to contact its owner and request permission to watch it.
  • Also, a private YouTube video can only be watched by any user who has been given permission by the uploader in the video setting page of that certain video. 
  • The private video can’t be seen in the search results, and it will not appear as a recommended video, that’s why you can’t search for it.
  • Subscribers will not be informed that private videos have been uploaded either. This will help business profiles to upload videos ahead of time which is helpful during a campaign move. Going public with the video can be done just at the right time. 

What is An Unlisted Video?

Although anyone can watch unlisted videos; such videos do not appear in YouTube’s search results or in the channels of the users who uploaded them. You cannot rely on YouTube’s search engine or external search engines to find unlisted videos, you can only watch them if someone shared their direct link with you. In order to gain access to an unlisted video, you should therefore consider either sending a message to the uploader or contacting one of your friends who has already watched the video and asking that person for the link.

I Received The Share Link Of The Uploader But Still Can’t Watch Private Videos. Why? 

  • Ensure that you have a YouTube account and sign into it when trying to view the video.
  • Also, viewers must log into the YouTube account which the video has been shared with.
  • Viewers need to use a specific link to the private video that has been sent into their mailboxes.

3 Ways How To Watch Private Videos On Youtube In 2022

1. Watch Private Videos On Youtube Via Uploader Access

Only the user who uploaded private videos, by default, can watch a private video. This is done to protect their privacy. However, uploaders (if they want to) can also manually add users to a list of people allowed to access a private video. In order to watch a private YouTube video, you must therefore contact its uploader, provide her with your Google account username which YouTube needs to authenticate you and ask him or her to grant you access to that video. If the uploader refuses to share the video link with you, there’s no need to pull your hair out, simply try out the second method.

2. Watch Private Videos On Youtube Without Access

Although this method might not work to most people, but it is still worth a try.

  • Visit a private YouTube video.
  • Delete watch? from its URL.
  • The result will be
  • Click the Enter key and then the video will be unlocked.
  • The use of this method will help the private video be unlocked and you will be able to see it in the full window without signing in.
  • In order to comply with the age-restriction policy,  avoid such measures from being used for any malicious purposes.

3. Watch Video By Signing In

  • In your inbox on Youtube, click on the email from the video’s uploader letting you know the video has been shared with you. 
  • In the email, a rectangular box will appear with a smaller red box with three white horizontal dots in it. Click white horizontal dots in it. Click this to be taken to the video on YouTube. 
  • The video will now begin to play on YouTube app or on your browser. However, keep in mind that you have to be signed into your YouTube account using the same email that the private link was sent to. 

How To Know That You Are Given Access To Youtube Private Videos In 2022?

The youtube video owner will give access to your email privately. You will be notified via your email. Make sure that you are logged in on youtube through same email address where you received video access from youtube.