You may get annoyed and irritated that your favorite YouTube video has been deleted; explore how to find deleted YouTube videos in the easiest and most significant ways.  

Finally, the weekend came after an entire hectic week. Now, after taking a whole day’s nap, you have decided to watch some of your favorite YouTube videos to chill on the weekend. But when you try to find videos, suddenly you realize that it’s all deleted. It is going to be frustrating. Don’t panic. You can easily find deleted YouTube videos without blood, sweat, or tears.

To learn best ways of finding deleted videos on YouTube, read the article until the end.

Best Ways On How To Find Deleted YouTube Videos

There are several ways to find deleted YouTube videos through the backup process, links, recovery methods, and or by seeking help from YouTube services. Here, we will learn each method step-by-step.

1. Find Deleted YouTube Videos By The Backup Process.

If you remember the URL address of your deleted videos, no one can stop you from finding them. A quick backup process proves helpful for accessing them. In normal, you probably don’t need to create a backup; therefore, most people neglect backup process.

Nevertheless, making a daily data backup proves an effective habit for recovering any lost data on your device. So, it is the easiest solution if you ever try to recover deleted videos.


Remember, the backup process may vary from solution to solution and device to device. But if you regularly create a backup in your device, it is an effective way to find deleted YouTube videos.

2. By Internet Archive Wayback Machine

Sometimes you want to recover downloaded YouTube videos that are not a part of backups. So, to recover the data, you can use another method, the Internet Archive Wayback Machine.

 In other words, it’s a digital record of the worldwide websites from which users can get all the information about the content posted on the Internet. It has an advanced algorithm that functions like Google to find downloaded and other publicly reachable web pages.


It lets you free access to infinite movies, videos, software, websites, and more. It’s an ideal way to find deleted YouTube videos if you have already uploaded the video on YouTube. As mentioned in the first method, you need to have the URL of a certain video if you have then followed the bit-by-bit guide immediately.

  • Sign into your YouTube email account to access some important information related to your uploaded videos on the YouTube channel. It might include all deleted and lost content.
  • Navigate and click on the video information. Then disclose deleted video information (URL). But getting the URL is not enough to recover it.
  • Now you have the URL, open the Internet Archive Wayback Machine website by entering
  • Paste URL in the search bar of the website and click on the browse history option
  • Automatically it will open the uploaded history of your YouTube channel. Here you will know all the information about deleted and lost videos.

Moreover, you can download the respective video. If you’d like to upload again, you can.

3. Find Deleted YouTube Videos By Recoverit Data Recovery

Both methods worked well to get your content. But, if you didn’t find lost videos, follow Recoverit Data Recovery software to watch deleted YouTube videos.

Recoverit Data Recovery Software

That Recoverit Data Recovery software assists you as it comes with the highest success rate and can recover all kinds of video formats like MOV, 3GP, AVI, FLV, and a lot more. It can also find video data from your USB flash drives, SD cards, hard drives, and other settings.

No matter how you lost your videos, it was accidental deletion, malware penetration, or system crash, and Data Recovery software can fund data in all cases. Further, it is compatible with all Windows, including 7/8/10/XP/Vista.

Now, look at the process to recover deleted videos via Recoverit Data Recovery.

  • Before proceedings, install Recoverit Data Recovery software 
  • Choose a location from where you will download the deleted YouTube videos. Tap on the external hard drive if your stored files there
  • Click on the Start option to begin scanning deleted videos on your device
  • As the scanning process is complete, right after it, a list of your recovered files will appear from an external drive.
  • Tap on the preview option to confirm
  • Then your screen will pop up with the file’s information regarding size, name, format, and more.
  • Immediately click on YouTube videos from the list.
  • Choose the recover option to get deleted videos back

4. Find Deleted YouTube Videos By Requesting Help From The YouTube Service

If nothing serves you well for finding your favorite uploaded content on YouTube, contact the YouTube Support service. For the solution, you can send an email to restore your video. Also, the process will be easier if you have more than 10k likes on the respective video. So, let’s explore the method

  • Login to your YouTube account
  • At the base of the page, tap on the Help option
  • Click on need more help then choose to Get Creator support
  • Choose the category in terms of your issue and then tap on Email support
  • Lastly, you will provide a link to contact the creator support team. Click on it and recover your deleted videos on YouTube.

These are the best ways to find deleted YouTube videos. Apart from that, most people don’t create backup regularly, which can make trouble in the future. So firstly, backup your data daily. 

Nevertheless, follow the other Recoverit Data Recovery software, it is an ideal way to find deleted YouTube videos. You can also go with the YouTube Help feature for recovering YouTube data.

Why Does YouTube Delete Your Uploaded Videos?

You must also know why YouTube is constantly deleting your videos along with recovery processes. If your videos violate the rules and regulations of the websites, these are the following.

  • Offensive content: If your videos contain any offensive content or try to promote abuses, YouTube will delete your content without any warning alert.
  • Privacy issues: if you are revealing someone’s personal information without their consent, consciously or unconsciously. Then YouTube may delete your uploaded videos.
  • Copyright issues: lastly, if your videos contain music, script, or other content that belongs to the third-party creator, then the actual creator may report YouTube to remove your content.

How To Secure Videos On YouTube?

You should always ensure a few things before posting content on YouTube to secure old videos. That things are below.

Create Original Content

The first thing is to ensure that the video you have created belongs to only you. You should not mimic someone’s content for being famous. Moreover, if your videos go viral, it can lead you to repay for the video if you have monetized it.

Do Regular Backup Process

You should always create a backup for all the uploaded videos on your device. It will help to find deleted videos easily on YouTube, as mentioned in the first method.

Don’t Use Offensive & Abusive Language.

One more thing, avoid the use of offensive, strong abusive language in your videos that violate social norms. It will make the viewer report your video, and ultimately, YouTube will delete your respective video.

So, follow the instructions mentioned above to secure your YouTube videos for not going through this hassle.

How To Watch YouTube Videos?

No doubt, YouTube has become the most entertaining platform and the best learning source without any cost. The user interface of this app is as interesting as you can make the whole mood promptly. Like, for watching content, all you need is to click on play. The video will start.

However, the following additional features are also there like

  • Volume control
  • Pause a video
  • Change screen size
  • Create a playlist
  • Save to watch later
  • Like videos to create a list of favorite videos
  • Subscribe favorite channels

Further, you can also make several other changes to your YouTube account. You can see your friend’s videos, watch featured videos, and do many other things. Here are more amazing features to enjoy the best experience on YouTube.

  • Video’s category: videos are organized into four categories on the YouTube layout. These categories include trending, featured, most viewed videos, and others.
  • Home page: it allows the viewer or update their subscription; on the home page, you get your most searched content
  • YouTube channels: YouTube comes with various channels where content creators post billions of videos. So, other people can watch and like their content. Moreover, if your channel and video go viral, platforms offer your various rewards in the form of a silver Button, a gold button, and more. And after hitting a specific number of likes on a video, you will get paid.
  • Community: The community feature of YouTube takes the viewer to many forums, blogs, and contests.
  • YouTube shorts: YouTube shorts are another latest feature where you can upload a 30-second video for your viewers. It helps to advertise brands by increasing reach quickly over YouTube.

Can You Recover Deleted Videos On YouTube

A big Yes. Now you can find and watch deleted YouTube videos on YouTube. Sometimes, you get them deleted by some accidental deletion process, don’t worry. There are many ways and tools to recover them, including links, backups, and other software.

Final Verdict

You have uploaded some videos on YouTube but realize that some have been deleted. YouTube sometime deletes content due to several reasons. But we have already explained the four best ways to find these deleted videos on YouTube through the backup, links, Recoverit Data Recovery, and by requesting help from the YouTube Support service.

 Hope you learn the answer to how to find deleted YouTube videos. Choose a method that fits you. Enjoy your weekend!