By now, almost everyone has heard about the lip-synching dance app named TikTok. But there are some people who are more vaguely familiar with the social media platform than the rest. Then there are some that have an account, but aren’t certain about how to harness what the app can do to increase followers or how to build a social media presence. This is normal, getting famous on TikTok isn’t exactly a piece of cake. With 600 million active users, TikTok is like an online war for content creators! What you come up with (unless you’re a famous actor or music star) can easily drown in the thousands of other binge-worthy content that is uploaded there every second. Thus, we will help you uncover how to get famous on Tik Tok

How To Get Famous on TikTok: 7 Steps To Follow

What is Tiktok?

The TikTok app has unrivalled reach and penetration among the youth of Generation Z. The meteoric rise since its inception in 2018 doesn’t seem to fall any time soon. From being a random karaoke app to now, the top free entertainment app in the Apple store, the app has seen one hell of a growth cycle! Growth also comes in the form of followers to its users and they can gain a lot by earning a name on TikTok. The lip-sync app’s downloads have surpassed those of Facebook and Instagram giving you access to reach a larger audience, brand promos and a good source of income. The videos here also last longer than those on Snapchat or Instagram, giving you an opportunity to engage your audiences better. No wonder you want to learn how to get famous with Tiktok! 

Why Is It Tough to Get Famous on TikTok?

If you’re a marketer or influencer, your shot to fame on TikTok is optimal since only 4% of brand marketers are supposedly using TikTok. Another reason could be that TikTok is relative when compared to older platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Lastly, the creators of the app are a little secretive about their metrics, which makes TikTok marketing feel almost like shooting in pitch darkness. 

Steps To Get Started

1. Try to be presentable

TikTokers really care about how cute and presentable the person they are going to follow looks. This might seem weird, but the more groomed and beautiful you look on TikTok videos, the more users will follow you and like your content. So don’t simply wake up and make a video to share and hope to become TikTok famous. Investing a little time and effort into preparing the videos, helps you create more fame. As TikTokers are young people, looking perfect and cool is your best bet at getting more likes, more views, more shares and more fame! 

2. Know your niche

Like most social media platforms, it’s best for TikTokers to stick to a particular niche that resonates with their profession or personal brand. When you build a rich body of work that showcases your passion towards some niche, then the focussed content not only attracts the right followers but also creates immense engagement.

3. Don’t underestimate TikTok tags

Like all other social media, TikTok has hashtags which are important. Tags would help you get identified easier in your relevant niche. So always keep using TikTok tags, especially those that are trending. 

You can also search for trending hashtags to improve the visibility of your profile. If you use the apps Discover page, you can look for popular hashtags that can add value to your posts and help you reach the right audience. But don’t just keep looking at popular hashtags, the more you include them, the more they will help to get reach for your videos and it would be a great help for those who are regular people trying to become TikTok famous.

4. Participate in TikTok challenges


God, the world has sometimes been overtaken by popular TikTok challenges that there’s a whole Youtube compilation of them. Everything from what celebrities challenge to trendy challenges have been so widespread that tutorials are everywhere! Please feel free to embrace and indulge yourself in each new challenge on the platform with open arms! Try their best to participate in those TikTok challenges with your own twist. 

Remember to keep track of the trending challenges and make something different to beat your competition even if they are someone you are collaborating with because as you know, the waves of trend changes every day or so! You could be on the right side of the wave! 

5. Be as creative a possible

When it comes to social media apps, there is no other platform than TikTok, in which creativity matters this much. If you’re a shy thinker, TikTok isn’t the platform for you. You’ll need to unleash your craziest side while cooking up TikTok content. Out-of-the-box and original content work here. So anytime you feel like participating in music challenges, dance challenges, makeup, fashion, magic, skits or comedy, just go for it.  Youngsters, who make up 41% of TikTok’s user base, love the uninhibited vibe of the platform and that’s exactly what builds traction.  Do remember to keep tapping into viral ideas to engage your audience. 

For example, with the rise of Coronavirus in March, all the videos would feature opinions and tags discussing or expressing the same. They were not all copies of the same content but different and relatable. The more creative you are, the easier you achieve your fame. 

6. Make a good first impression

What is the first thing an audience notices about a user? Your profile picture is the first thing that captures the eyes of TikTokers! Yes, you are not only measured by your latest post, you are also measured by how to manage to impress followers with your profile picture. Depending on this, other users will make the next step toward exploring your TikTok profile and watching the videos you share. So make sure your profile picture, bio, and overall design of your account are lucrative enough for a young, energetic audience. 

7. Keep interacting/marketing with other TikTokers

One of the most interesting things which people catch on to on TikTok is the fact that Tiktokers collaborate. Collaboration on TikTok would be actions such as making videos together or giving out shout outs to each other to gain TikTok followers and likes. This is called piggy backing as one person with a certain amount of audience will connect with another large audience, on the metaphorical back of their friends. You can strike a partnership with influencers who are basically users with high follower counts. If influencers promote or engage with your content, you can climb the popularity charts rapidly. Influencer-endorsed content captures online real-estate and inspires trust from viewers. Simply put, piggybacking on influencers is a supercharge highway to social media success. It’s especially impactful on TikTok where creativity and originality are priceless. 

Here are some tips on how to market with other TikTokers:

  • Remember, one of the most important actions to take towards getting TikTok famous is to keep interacting with other TikTokers, watching their videos, throwing likes on them, and leaving comments. 
  • Secondly, you must never downplay influencer marketing challenges. I understand that these actions might take a lot of your daily time, but this is actually the most effective way of getting noticed and boosts up your effort in trying to become TikTok famous.
  • TikTokers, guess what? There is one real easy way to start finding ways to interact. One way is to legally automate all activities using a reliable TikTok bot, which would interact with the hashtags and accounts you choose, helping others notice you.
  • Another key to the best collaboration videos is to find the right influencer. Not every influencer will get you the right kind of attention. That is why you need to have a thorough vetting process to evaluate influencers. Don’t be swayed by stats like follower count. Your ideal influencer should reflect your values and appeal to your audience.
  • You can check out top influencers on TikTok’s Discover page or do a Google search for influencers in your domain. Cross-check their content on other channels. Shortlist influencers who match your interests and industry. 
  • Once you’ve shortlisted a couple of influencers, you’ll have to face the next roadblock. How can you get on their radar? Influencers are busy with brand building and have little time to spare. You’ll have to be persistent in your efforts and throw in the right amount of ingredients for them to want to eat up! 
  • Try building a relationship with influencers. Be generous with likes or hearts, comments, etc.) on their posts. Follow them on other social networks. Strike up conversations on common grounds. If you’re able to nurture the relationship well enough, your target influencer may start engaging with your content.
  • As the bond strengthens, you can tag them in your posts and even repost their content (with prior permission, of course). If all goes well, you can create a joint post or have them take over your account for a day. They might expect remuneration so be prepared. 

While the rags-to-riches stories about TikTok users can be inspiring, these fables aren’t exactly a true reflection of the masses. Not everyone is a gifted dancer or a comedic performer. So if you’re wondering how to make it big on TikTok, use our list and watch the magic happen!