Keyword research is an essential element of modern SEO tasks. Whether you are developing your website, advertising your services, or planning your content strategy, relevant keywords are the essence that attracts quality and consistent traffic to your site. The Internet provides information to the people, answer their questions, and find solutions for their problems. The content strategy must aim at answering all the queries one can have about your niche. Good quality keywords are a great way to find them.

Google Keyword Planner

Google’s Keyword Planner is a tool designed for use in advertisement campaigns. This platform is absolutely free and heavily entrenched in online paid advertising used by experienced or new advertisers. Keyword Planner is used for keyword searches and sees how it might perform. It also helps advertisers in choosing a competitive budget for their ad campaigns.

Keyword Planner is one of the most accurate and trusted sources of the keyword in the market. All the information and data comes from Google directly and the results integrate with AdSense monetization.

Keyword Planner Can Do

Keyword Planner helps you in building a Search Network Campaign by providing you the keyword ideas and the traffic estimates.

Let’s discuss the things that can be done by keyword planner.

Search for new keywords

The primary reason to use Keyword Planner is to generate possible keyword ideas. You can begin by writing some of the keywords that you have brainstormed. In the example shown below, the keyword searched for is “SEO services”, “web solutions” and “digital marketing services.”

As you can see, the tool generated a list of over 2,000 keywords. The keyword planner also comes up with the other ideas of related keywords that you can add to your search. This section is called the “Broaden your search” shown at top of the page. It looks like:

Google’s keyword planner gives you additional information for each keyword suggestion such as average monthly searches, Competition, and Top of page bid range. The competition is referred to as the number of advertisers who are bidding on that particular keywords in ads.  This shows that there is more bidding on that keyword so that it is more likely to convert.

Get Search Volume and Forecast

Another feature for which keyword planner is useful is the Monthly Search Volume. While generating the keyword ideas, you will see in the column next to it is monthly search volume. Google provides you with a wide range of the volume of monthly searches. The number is fairly close to the monthly search volume.

Keyword Planner provides you another option of filtering keyword MSV (monthly search volume) by location.

You can look at the MSV forecast which could be useful in predicting the seasonal trends.

Plan Search Engine Ads

Keyword Planner’s main objective is to help you create the Google ads. The volume and forecast for keywords are used in a PPC campaign. This column helps you in running the Google ads.

When you type in the keywords in this section, you will see impressions and clicks that you might get if you run Google ads with those target keywords. Moreover, you will also get to know the average cost, cost-per-click, and click-through-rate.

Shows Mobile, Tablets, and Desktop Traffic Data

Keyword Planner by Google allows you to optimize your ads and website landing pages according to the devices that are mobile, tablets, and desktop. The keyword planner provides the filter search volume by device option as well.

Helps Discover Competitor Keywords

Lastly, Google’s Keyword Planner is a great way to see what your competitors are doing. You can search for the website of your competitor to check what keywords are being ranked by them. Just type in the URL of your competitor in the keyword search bar and see the results. 

With your competitor’s keywords, you can generate a new list of target keywords. This may help you fill in the gaps left by competitors. 

Keyword Planner Can’t Do

Provide Quality Score Estimates

Keyword Planner cannot provide the quality score estimates as it doesn’t know which keywords are related to which website landing page of yours. Google Ads platform is needed if you want to see the estimates.

Indicating Trends

Keyword Planner doesn’t show the keywords in trend as it shows the results over the last twelve months based on the search volumes.

Multiple Keyword Lists

The functionality of multiple keyword lists is not shown in the latest version of Google’s Keyword Planner. This feature could combine the multiple keyword list in order to get new permutations

Importance of Google Keyword Planner for Advertisers

The Keyword Planner makes it easier for advertisers to get through the process of creating new ad groups and ad campaigns. A keyword is just a query entered by users to search for the ideal answers. You need to determine the keywords that are most relevant to your business. For example, if sell shoes, you should make sure that people searching for keywords like “women boots” or “converse” see your ad campaigns. The multiple keywords provided by this tool make the search easy. This tool is easy-to-understand and easy-to-use.

Google’s free keyword search tool is used for various text-based ads such as:

Search Ads: These appear next to search results on Google. These ads are best at capturing intent-based searches. For example, plumber New York generated so many results. By simple clicking them you will reach at the landing page. 

  • Display Ads: The best way to attract audience of social media platform, a website or other mediums to take a particular action. With a network of more than two million websites and apps, text, and images ads can appear wherever there are users. Display ads include banner ads, interstitial ads and rich media ads. 
  • Video Ads: You can reach potential audience when they search or watch videos on YouTube. Your business becomes visible for new customers on YouTube by capturing attention and results in increase in demand. .


Usage of a keyword is the best way to reach out to customers effectively.  Keyword research is an essential step in PPC strategy and any content on the internet. Keyword Planner by Google provides great keyword ideas and traffic forecasts, and ad campaign performance. Once you have your keyword list, you can plan and create your ad campaigns along with the content.

Are you struggling with Google’s services to bid on the quality keywords to enhance your Google rankings?