Before diving into dogs in advertising, do you know that dogs are one of the most loved animals in the world? The main secret of attraction lies within their attractive yet cute faces and the qualities they obtain, such as loyalty.

The same is why it is said that you must put an animal, especially a dog advertising if you want to sell a product. However, it doesn’t mean you can make any dog breed a part of your advertising campaign. Instead, it would help if you searched for the best-suited dogs that can serve as a perfect match for you.

And if you are also a part of that large pool of people researching for some. Popular dog in advertisings, then look non far, as you have already landed on the right page.

The upcoming content will cover 7 famous advertising dogs that were considered “Successful” in the past so that you can learn from the history for taking better decisions in the future.

Top 7 Dogs In Advertising

Below we mention the list of top 7 dogs in advertising you can consider for your next product campaign.

Spuds Mackenzie


The first and the foremost dog in the list of top dogs in advertising is no other than spud Mackenzie.

It is a white-colored English bull terrier with a black mark around her left eye. During the Super Bowl advertising, the spuds Mackenzie was introduced in the late ’90s as the mascot for Anheuser-Busch.

Although most spud dogs are male, the dog used in that commercial was a female named Honey Tree.

The ultimate party animal lived the high life for the next two years after being voice opened by a popular entertainment artist: Robin Leach.

The spud got the chance to travel worldwide in a series of massively successful commercials. One night, spud Mackenzie was playing piano, and the other night they were Sen Pole vaulting.

The successful campaign captured wide public interest, including mothers and fathers against drunk driving who believed that spud Mackenzie was utilized for marketing alcohol to kids.

The Anheuser-Busch dumped spuds in 1989 as people had started dumping the dog breed.

Lady Greyhound


The greyhound organization dates to the early 90s is another popular dog in advertising. However, the introduction of a live mascot about 30 to 32 years ago aided in establishing the bus lines as one of the leaders of the transportation industry pack.

The company Introduced a purebred Greyhound born in clay Center called The Lady Greyhound in 1957. The white and gold dog looked attractive to a wide variety of people, had deep black eyes, and weighed around 10 pounds at the time of introduction.

The Lady greyhound soon became the face of the franchise. And by 1959, she had traveled the country more than 50 times, wearing a rhinestone tiara. She made multiple appearances in the marketing campaigns and even opened the new Greyhound terminal in Detroit by biting through the ribbon of dogs’ biscuits.

The dog also posed for photos at the event with the contestants of the Miss Universe Beauty Pageant and was a regular guest on TV shows across the country.

However, like most other dogs, the fame of Lady greyhound started to decline by the early 1970s.

Ubu Roi


The next name on the list is another famous dog in advertising: The Ubu Roi. Have you ever watched The famous television series: Brooklyn Bridge? Or have you heard about Spin City? If yes, then you would already know about this famous dog.

 And if not, it would be interesting for you to know Ubu Roi was part of it.

This black Labrador Retriever is the mascot of Gary David Production Inc.

At the end of each episode of above mentioned series, an image of Ubu Roi holding a Frisbee was displayed on viewers’ TV screens. The Frisbee was not any normal Frisbee, but some words were written on it saying, “Good Dog.”

The dog was named after an 1896 satirical play by renowned entertainment artist Alfred Jarry, who died in 1984.



Nipper is a renown dog in advertising who has been named after his habit: biting the legs of visitors. Today Nipper is an iconic dog in advertising industry.

Although the dog lived an uneventful life in England from 1844 to 1895, he received fame after his death. 

So, what happened that leads the generation of immense fame for a dead dog? Well, the owner of this cute dog was not a random person. Instead, he was a famous painter: Francis Barraud.

The painter painted the picture of his beloved pet: Nipper, into a phonograph machine and naked it: His Master Voice.

He then shopped his creator to the Edison Bell company, one of the leading manufacturers of phonographs of that era. The firm agreed to purchase the Nipper image if Francis Barraud agreed to alter it to resemble one of its machines.

To which, Braraud happily agreed. Hence the Nipper Image was patented in 1900 and was celebrated posthumously in ads.

From then to now, that image is used for promoting products for multiple organizations such as Victor and RCA.

RCA introduced a 2-month-old puppy in the late early ’90s who appeared alongside Nipper in a distinguished variety of campaigns for the brand since then.



Bullseye is a unique name given to a dog in 1999. Since then, a white-colored bull terrier with a target painted over any of his 2 eyes (can be a birthmark as well) has been known by this name In the history of dogs in advertising.

David McMillan is the founder of the worldwide movie animals and owns One most recent dog.

The worldwide move animals are an organization that specializes in training animals to be used in films and ad films.

The dog in advertising industry travels with a team of personal makeup artists. This team applies non-toxic cosmetic products and red paints to the dog.

However, when the bullseye is not in the spotlight, she lives a normal life.



Leave all your tensions and worry to Axelrod regarding your cars and their safety. It is a long-faced basset in an A-shaped doghouse that came into the limelight in the late 90s – apparently during an ad campaign.

The Axelrod used to live in the “house that worry built” started in a very wide variety of print ads and television commercials for flying.

The Andrex Puppy


Finally, next dog in the list of top 7 dogs in advertising is the Andrex puppy.

One of the United Kingdoms’ organizations came up with a significant problem while they were trying to release a new advertising campaign for one of their products during the early 70’s while.

All TV regulators blocked the Television commercial concept that featured a cute little girl running across a house trailing a roll of toilet paper as it encouraged wastefulness.

However, this problem was solved after the makers replaced that little girl with a yellow puppy in 1972, and the rest is history.

The Bottom Line

To conclude, dogs are known as men’s best friends. However, in modern times, they are the media’s best friends as well. The same is why people in the past have made use of various dig breeds to solve brand problems and promote their products in a better way.

However, makers need to figure out the more efficient dogs in advertising while making a choice as it has a deep impact on the entire firm. The same is why we have mentioned the top 7 dogs in advertising history in the above content so that you can learn from the past and make better decisions.