The offline and online gambling industry is colossal and getting larger by the year. Although the pandemic hit the traditional gambling sector hard last year, there are signs that it is now on its way to recovery.

Many casinos and bookmakers were forced to shut last year, many of which never reopened. However, with the sudden surge in online gaming, things are looking pretty rosy for the industry as a whole.

Currently, the global industry for both traditional and online gambling is worth well over $2,000 billion per year. The online sector is now the fastest-growing part of the industry, and competition is fierce.

What then, should a gaming business include in their marketing plan? 

Think about your consumer

Any casino or betting company should first consider who it is they are trying to attract. Certain businesses fit certain demographics. For instance, traditionally bingo has attracted older generations, and repeated attempts to appeal to a younger market failed.

Think about who you are likely to be appealing to, and plan your marketing around that group. Having said this, online bingo has made huge inroads into getting younger audiences, so if you are looking to grow your user base from other demographics, it is possible.

Look at your customers’ age, location, income, occupation, and interests. This can help you when it comes to perspectives such as social media marketing. Different platforms are being used by different age groups and genders. For instance, TikTok is mainly used by the age group 16-24.

As you are looking to conduct a marketing campaign for gambling, you would have to consider whether TikTok would be worth employing as many of the users would be unable to use a casino. 

Use marketing tools

There are many essential digital marketing tools available, and it is worth using them. Before you start spending money on advertising and marketing, it may be worth looking at your existing website and other platforms to see what is working, and what isn’t.

Google Analytics is a free tool for anyone with a Google account so it won’t even cost any money. It can help with search engine optimization, show where traffic is coming from, where you are experiencing the most bounce, and other insights.

Search engine optimization plays a huge part in digital marketing. When someone starts to search for LVBET or online casinos, you want your website to be as visible on the search results as possible. To make this happen, your site needs relevant up-to-date content, and it must be optimized. 

What about offline marketing methods?

This will depend on what business you are advertising. If it is for a high street bookmaker, then a printed advert could work well. Especially if it was advertising a special event with a promise of the best odds.

There are some benefits to offline marketing, including the attention span involved. It is proven that print readers tend to have longer attention spans than internet users. This means that your advert may get more attention than one placed on Facebook.

Offline adverts can work well for local businesses. In the US, it is common for land-based casinos to advertise on the radio within a certain radius of the establishment. This has long proven successful at drawing in spontaneous customers. 

The use of social media

There are dozens of different forms of social media today, and two of the biggest have 3 billion active users between them. When you look at the user base of Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, it would be a foolish marketer who ignores the potential audience.

The problem with advertising a nettikasinot or internet casino on Facebook and Instagram is their advertising policy. Many countries and regions do not allow online gambling. Hawaii for instance has very strict rules on any form of betting at all, including bingo.

As the internet is a global platform, any advertising on social media must be tightly controlled to avoid breaking any laws, and also not be seen by minors. 

Running test advertising

If platforms such as Facebook or other websites have agreed to take your advertising, then consider running a few different versions.

Even the best marketers get things wrong, and it is sometimes surprising what advertising works, and what doesn’t. Try running a few different adverts at the same time to see which ones are generating conversions.

This way you can discard the ones that don’t work and increase the advertising budget on the one that is performing the best. 

You may want to consider influencers

One of the biggest phenomenons recently has been the streaming of games. Twitch and YouTube are full of people who film themselves playing games live for their audiences.

This is not limited to Fortnite or Counter Striker either. Many of these streamers are filming from inside casinos or when they play online. You can file many of these individuals under the title of casino influencer, and they help to generate interest in your website or casino.

There are many sites promising influencers to help with the gambling sector, and some care should be taken to find ones that will work for your brand. Some of the biggest names have tens of thousands of followers, such as Lady Luck and Brian Christopher Slots. 

Create a welcoming landing page

Whether you are selling shoes online or running a casino, you need to have a landing page that works. If you have your SEO in place, your social media ads are working, and you have YouTube influencers recommending your games, then you have done most of the work.

However, if your landing page sucks, all that effort will have been for nothing. One thing about gaming sites is that they need to appear professional and genuine. Casinos and sportsbooks are asking people to hand over money and trust them that they have honest games. Consider this when designing the website. 


There are many more tools that betting firms and casinos can use in their marketing. Free spins and sign-up bonuses all work well to entice people in. In the UK, it is common also to see sports teams, especially in soccer, advertising casinos, and online gambling.

However, this avenue may be curtailed shortly as new laws are brought in regarding the advertising of betting firms. For now, social media remains a powerful tool, and mobile advertising can be used to target users of apps such as slots and poker too.

Possibly the main consideration in all of this though is your audience. Think carefully about your demographic, and how you can appeal to them above your competitors.