What Are URL Shorteners?

URL shortener tools enable you to make custom links redirecting audiences to a particular website or webpage and condensed versions of standard links. Brands frequently use these technologies to market and advertise their products and services.

Links that are shortened transmit the same HTTP requests to the same domain as ordinary links do. When the user clicks on the link, a request is made, and they get redirected to the desired site.


Benefits Of Using URL Shorteners

  1. Shorter links provide a user-friendly appearance that makes viewers want to click and view them. They do not appear crowded like lengthy links and people may trust a shorter link more. 
  1. It helps curtail character limits to make sharing on social media platforms easier. Shorter links give you more character space to share your viewpoints along with your link.

The Impact Of Using URL Shorteners

Generation Of valuable backlinks:

By using URL shorteners, you can create unique links to redirect to your brand. According to a recent report, over 58.1% of SEOs that are backlinks can have a significant impact on search engine ranks.

Brand building:

Using valuable backlinks can improve brand authority amongst competitors. Over 85% of SEOs and marketers value link building as a key method to develop brand authority. 

Creation of high-quality links:

Another study states that over 56.3% of people believe that the quality of links can determine online web rankings. By using URL changer tools, you can create the most valuable links to improve your brand positioning online. 

10 Unique URL Shorteners For Monitoring Links

People can utilize link shorteners as effective tools to develop their brands. The tools include a wide range of features that can draw in more users. Here are a few useful URL shorteners for making unique links and monitoring performance.

1. Bitly

It is a well-known URL shortener tool with in-depth analytical options for monitoring link performance. Users of Bitly can generate QR codes and custom URLs to promote their brands. Although paying a charge to access all the features might be necessary, doing so is an investment because it will enable you to acquire deeper insights and take the appropriate, well-considered steps based on the link performance data gathered.

2. Pixelfy.me

Although a premium URL shortener, Pixelfy offers a variety of features for creating and tracking links. With mobile deep linking features, it enables you to generate custom links for companies as well as QR codes, enabling users to access the link from anywhere. In order to make it simpler for users to test and choose the best plans, Pixelfy offers free trials for all of its paid plans.

3. Rebrandly

Rebrandly enables the creation of unique URLs for use in media promotions. You are allowed to create custom links even with the help of a free account. You might need to upgrade to one of their subscription plans to access analytical features to monitor link performance. Rebrandly is a URL tool that can aid in increasing brand recognition.

4. Hyperlink

Hyperlink is a URL shortener that sends you real-time updates when someone clicks on your link. It includes numerous tracking capabilities that let you keep track of link views and clicks from various sources. For more ease and usability, the tool is accessible through a mobile app or Chrome extension.


5. Cuttly

It is a link shortener that allows you to make personalized links without setting up a separate account. It also has tracking services that you can use to monitor your link’s performance in more detail. These features are accessible for a price.

6. ClickMeter

ClickMeter is a custom link shortener that allows you to monitor all aspects of link performance. It has an intuitive dashboard that lets you keep an eye on clicks, view broken links, and check latency. It is a moderately priced solution designed for publishing companies or agencies.

7. Bit.do

Bit.Do is an easy-to-use tool for making unique links and QR codes that you can use to promote your brand. Although it is a subscription service, you can utilize the complete tracking capabilities to continuously check on connection performance.

8. Ow.ly

People can pick from free and premium options for this custom URL shortener based on their needs. You can utilize the tool’s thorough analytics to better analyze the performance, reactions, and leads of your links.


It is a simple link shorter that caters to helping small businesses grow. There are four tiers of paid plans with detailed features which can be used to monitor and track link performance, traffic, and responses. 

10. Zapier

A custom link shortener tool that lets you create custom links with a simple click. There are free and paid plans available, and depending on requirements, users can choose the most suitable one to track link performances. 


URL shorteners are unique tools that help a brand grow and establish its name in the market. With such tools, businesses can easily send a message across, have it resonate with their target audience, and turn them into paying customers. These are simple yet valuable tools that have proven to be beneficial for growing businesses.