Instagram is a very commonly used social media website right now. Almost everyone uses this app by Meta (previously known as Meta). There are over 1 billion active Instagram users. The app is so popular because it has a simple design and allows people to use it for personal or professional use. That is why all celebrities use Instagram.

In this article, we will talk about the Instagram subscription feature. Stick around until the end and discover how you can benefit from this Instagram paid subscription feature.

What Is The Instagram Subscription Feature

Instagram subscriptions are a feature that allows you to monetize your content by placing some of your content behind a monthly paywall/subscription. When you set up the subscription feature, users will see a Sign-Up button on your profile. Facebook launched this feature previously and is now expanding to Instagram, allowing content creators to monetize their work.

Instagram subscriptions are another social media feature that allows creators to increase revenue and make their apps more attractive than rival TikTok. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the new Instagram subscriptions. According to him, creators will have content destinations for subscribers on their profiles, post exclusive roles for subscribers, and share feed posts that only subscribers can access.

It has reportedly been a while since Instagram would roll out subscriptions, with reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi joking that the company was working on Exclusive Stories. According to Instagram, Instagram subscriptions allow creators to monetize and get closer to their most engaged followers by offering exclusive content and experiences.

Since we launched our first alpha test in January, tens of thousands of American creators now have access to Instagram memberships.

How To Set Up An Instagram Subscription

This section of the article will explain how to set up an Instagram subscription. If you are a creator and you want to use this feature for your profile, follow the steps explained below:

Instagram memberships are by invitation only, but they are growing rapidly, so you should expect invitations to your inbox soon. Check for compliance with Instagram monetization policies and other guidelines. If you have already been invited to use a subscription, go to your professional dashboard, and see the option to set up your subscription.

Also, click Subscriptions to view the list of subscribers. You can also report, block, limit, and delete subscribers. You can also find information on cancellations, earnings, new subscribers, and more.

Once this feature is available, follow these steps to set it up and view your revenue stream.

  • Go to your professional Instagram dashboard.
  • Click on “Subscription Settings.” You can also do this via Settings. Select Next.
  • The terms of use are displayed. After reading, click OK and select Next again.
  • Select your publishing options and click Create. Congratulations!
  • The subscription functionality is now enabled. Users can see the Subscribe button on your profile!

Benefits Of Instagram Paid Subscription

Here are some benefits that will benefit the creators through the Instagram subscription feature:

Instagram’s subscription feature has many benefits. First, it allows people to support their favorite content creators without breaking the bank. This feature allows content creators to earn money doing what they love. Having many subscribers means more recurring revenue and acts as an incentive to keep creating and publishing more content. This also reduces stress for builders.

Additionally, many content creators often work full-time to support themselves. That’s why content creation often goes astray. By earning from content creation, they can support themselves and spend more time creating artwork. This is a plus for both because their followers also value their work more.

Plus, it’s an opportunity to build deeper relationships with subscribers through subscriber group chats.

Secure Monthly Income

Content creators often struggle to secure a monthly income. While the creator economy has grown beyond full-time jobs and monthly salaries, it’s still beneficial to have a guaranteed monthly income separate from partnering with brands, especially for smaller content creators.

If you can create quality content worth paying for, you will get more subscribers and monthly revenue from your Instagram subscriptions. Subscribers, on the other hand, are happy to support your work. Furthermore, they will be very excited to see the exclusive content offered by the subscription.

Exclusive Features Of The Instagram Subscription

Earlier this year, Instagram announced a new subscription feature with three main features: subscriber stories, subscription badges, and real-time subscribers.

Instagram Subscription Function

After testing, we’ve added some great features to improve your game for Instagram content creators. Let’s talk about what they can offer now.

Instagram Subscriber Chats

Our low-cost creator subscription service is primarily content based, but it’s time to make changes. That’s why Instagram has implemented subscriber conversations, allowing content creators to build a community with their subscribers.


You can converse with subscribers, discuss various topics, get to know your channel subscribers, and reveal something. Up to 30 subscribers can join the chat via the new “Join Chat” sticker you need to include in your story.

Subscriber conversations are Messenger-based and can be done right from your inbox or Stories. Another benefit is that it automatically expires within 24 hours, so you can decide exactly when to communicate with your subscribers.

Exclusive Posts & Instagram Reel

After Instagram launched the idea of ​​live and subscription stories, creators turned against their desire to create exclusive content that could last 24 hours or more. The Instagram team launched subscriber posts and reels as part of the Instagram membership.


Your profile content has proven to be an effective way to attract new subscribers and grow your community. With this feature, your subscribers can always come back to have fun and interact with the content you create just for them.

Exclusive Subscriber Stories

A subscriber’s story is very similar to a close friend’s story. This means that these stories are only visible to certain groups of people. When posting a story to a close friend, the green circle should be selected. You need to click the purple circle to create a subscription-only story for subscription stories.

Instagram Subscription Live

The second feature of the subscription is the ability to create live for subscribers. From now on, every time you go live, you can choose to host an exclusive live broadcast for your subscribers. Subscribers to your channel will be notified at any time and have access to your Instagram Live.

A live broadcast feature for subscribers allows you to interact with your subscribers and have a live discussion. Therefore, you can choose a higher price for your Instagram subscription. Meanwhile, subscribers get exclusive content, play special questions and answers, receive exclusive lessons, and more. For example, if you are a fitness instructor, we recommend that you do your daily workouts directly on Instagram. In recent years, online fitness classes have proven effective. Therefore, this is a good reason for your followers to subscribe to your Instagram.

Subscriber Badge Icon

The last feature of Instagram subscriptions is the badges awarded to those who sign up. Each time a subscriber communicates with you, a subscription badge is displayed.


This means that the badge will appear when you reply or send messages. This way, they can differentiate themselves from other accounts, and content creators can see that they are people who pay monthly to be part of their membership circle.

This feature is useful for content creators as it shows all followers that they have subscribers and provides exclusive, high-quality content. So encourage more people to sign up for your Instagram account.

How Can Your Subscribers Use The Subscription Feature To Support You

Below is a simple step-by-step process for asking subscribers to subscribe to your profile.

  • Go to the creator’s profile and click “Sign up.”
  • A screen will open with details on the prices and benefits of the Instagram subscription. You must click Sign Up again to continue.
  • Review the terms and conditions in the pop-up window and click Process Payment.

How To Subscribe To Pay For Instagram Subscriptions

If you use an iPhone, you will be asked to confirm your subscription and pay with your iCloud account (as an in-app purchase, not directly on Instagram). This is important information for content creators. By default, Apple charges a 30% fee for App Store transactions. However, the Instagram team is always working to improve Instagram’s opt-in feature, so let’s hope creators find a solution that won’t cost them a third of their revenue.

Common Questions Related To The Instagram Subscription Feature

In Which Countries Are Instagram Subscriptions Supported

The future of Instagram subscriptions is only available in the United States but will soon be rolling out to other countries.

How Much Does An Instagram Subscription Cost

Creators have plenty of options when it comes to pricing their Instagram subscriptions. Subscription prices are $ 0.99, $ 1.99, $ 2.99, $ 4.99, $ 9.99, $ 19.99, $ 49.99, and $ 99.99, and creators must choose one.

To set the right price for your Instagram account, you first need to decide what type of content you want to offer. And what are your goals? Do you want to get as many subscribers as possible for a low price or do you want to have an exclusive group of people who can pay a higher price and get unique content? But remember that if you choose the lowest price and don’t give your subscribers value or exclusivity, you will run into subscriber count problems. So, if you want to play safe cards, offer them exclusively, and make them accessible to your followers, you can set your price to $ 19.99 or $ 49.99.

How Do Creators Get Paid For Subscriptions

If you haven’t set up your bank account, you’ll need to create one first. Your payment account will release any earnings from badges, memberships, affiliates, or rewards.

You can view and download all your invoices and transfers from the last 2-3 months on your professional dashboard. All winnings are billed in a specific month, and you will receive a payout once you have won at least $ 100. Finally, depending on your bank, payout takes between 1 and 7 business days.

Final Takeaway

Instagram subscriptions undoubtedly offer many benefits for Instagram content creators. Creators can not only secure their monthly income, but they can also connect with their most loyal followers on another level. Paying people directly to get things done can sometimes seem risky and less flexible, but it sure has a lot of benefits for content creators. This is a great opportunity for Instagram creators to monetize their work directly, freed from the pressures of constant collaboration with brands. Finally, one rule remains whether you have an Instagram membership or not. Be what you are, stay unique, have fun, find your target audience and enjoy making content.