Organization is one of the most important aspects of succeeding in digital marketing, so if you’re not managing your social platforms, your clients’ social media accounts with a social media management tool, you need to change that. Using a social media management tool makes your life easier, without bankrupting you. There are a lot of fabulous free tools that will help you with accomplishing your social media marketing goals. 

Social media management tools will help you with managing different social media profiles from one place. Through such platforms, you can schedule posts in advance, conduct contests, track the analytics etc. Social media management tools are turning out to be real game changers in the field of social media marketing.

Here are the eight best social media management tools for you:

Adobe Express


Adobe Express has rolled out its social media scheduling tool to better organize your content calendar. It’s widely known that Adobe is pursuing the idea in offering some of the best tools that help users engage with amazing designs and creative ideas.

Adobe’s social media scheduler is one among many other free tools that come with Express, all you need to do is subscribe and collaborate with multiple apps and features available, some worth mentioning to use with social media are logo design, background remover, banner creation, flyers, collages, and many more.

The tool offers many personalization options and features included, with a preview option to choose exactly what your readers will see, and afterward weekly and monthly preview of the entire calendar, so you can personalize segments as you wish.


Hootsuite is probably the most popular and widely used social media management tool. A whopping 15 million people use it worldwide, including 80% of the Fortune 1000 companies. Hootsuite is a wonderful all-in-one platform that lets users create and schedule content, run ads on social media, calculate their ROI and much more.

Hootsuite allows users to monitor multiple accounts and keywords and connect with more than 30 social networks. It also has the option to schedule social media posts in bulk.

Hootsuite’s free plan includes the following features: manage 3 social profiles in one place, schedule 30 posts in advance, generate leads with social contests.

The free plan also comes with basic analytics that help with tracking followers and provide various growth and content strategies. On top of that, there are two RSS feed integrations as well.


Next up is Buffer. Similar to Hootsuite, Buffer has been within the social media management space for quite a while, and it’s a wonderful social media management tool with which you can manage multiple social profiles with ease.

Buffer shares a lot of the best features of Hootsuite. Some of the best features on Buffer include the power to simply schedule content while browsing the online with their Chrome extensions. Buffer also suggests the right moments to post supported follower activity, which is an extremely useful feature.

While there is a spread of options for larger organizations and agencies, the free plan just may fit your social media management needs. If you sign up for Buffer’s free plan, you can manage three social profiles, schedule as many as 10 posts, utilize their browser extensions and mobile apps (iOS and android) feature, create and schedule content using their image creator and GIF/video uploader, and shorten and track links.

Zoho Social

Zoho Social is a great social media management tool. It doesn’t matter if you are a growing business or a workplace, Zoho Social has a host of features to help you with social media management. Zoho Social helps you in managing multiple profiles, researching relevant keywords, working with team members, and scheduling posts from a single dashboard.

Zoho Social has many of the same tools and features that the other platforms have, along with Facebook lead ads, advanced reporting features, a SocialShare browser plugin, and CRM integrations. Zoho Social caters to agencies as well. This allows marketers to have the choice of choosing between the business or agency plans. The free plan provided by Zoho Social lets you manage one brand and comes with plugins for URL shortening and the SocialShare browser.


If Twitter happens to be the bread and butter of your social media strategy, then TweetDeck is probably the most ideal  social management platform for you. TweetDeck allows Twitter users to utilise custom timelines, manage searches and lists on Twitter and add team accounts. It is free to use for Twitter users.

While TweetDeck might not be the all-in-one platform, it’s the right tool for social marketers managing multiple Twitter accounts where these live conversations are critical for business success. So if your social media marketing strategy is Twitter focused, TweetDeck can save you a lot of money and be of great use as the social media management tool of your choice.


Friends+Me is another prime player within the social media management tools family. While Friends+Me emphasises on Google Plus features, many other social platforms are supported as well. Friends+Me has received great reviews from users, and features a beautifully designed website with plans available according to your business size. There is a free plan as well.

While the free plan is not super robust, it still allows for two queues (which is a destination to publish posts), the ability to schedule five posts per queue at one time, link shortening, browser extensions, an integration with Zapier, as well as standard support. The free plan can be used across a variety of social platforms like Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Tumblr. 

Pinterest and Instagram are supported as well, but you’ll have to upgrade to the paid plans for that. 


Followerwonk is certainly not your traditional social media management tool when it comes to scheduling posts, but it’s an efficient tool when it comes to understanding your audience at a much deeper level. Followerwonk allows you to dig deep into Twitter bios and compare various accounts to seek out the influencers who are the most relevant for your social media marketing strategy. With this tool, you’ll be able to analyze your current followers – by location, bio, accounts they follow, and more – and compare their relationships with your competitors. This will help you with improving your social  media content by matching your activities with gains and losses of followers.

This tool is certainly worth exploring, because having tons of followers is meaningless if these followers aren’t relevant and truly engaging together with your brand. Luckily, Followerwonk offers a free account as well. Like many of the others on this list, the free account does accompany several limitations, but you’ll still be ready to connect one profile, view authority rankings, observe the followers along with their locations, the time they are active and gain access to several other key details which will help you analyze your social audience.


Needless to say, this brand’s name carries a lot of ‘oomph’. This social media management tool has a wide selection of features for multiple platforms – starting from the standard features like scheduling and analytics, to some interesting ones like keeping your Twitter Inbox clean to assist with increasing followers. They definitely offer some wonderfully  unique features for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest management. On top of that, SocialOomph lets you manage and schedule blog posts as well.

SocialOoomph’s free plan leans heavily towards Twitter. On the free plan you’ll do things like schedule tweets, track keywords, shorten URLs, and manage up to 5 Twitter accounts, but a number of the more sophisticated features require a paid plan. If you’re looking to manage multiple social platforms apart from Twitter, you’ll need to take up SocialOomph’s paid plan.


So these are some of the best social media management tools available today. All of them come with free plans so you can test them out individually and decide which one works best for your particular social media strategy. A social media management tool is an indispensable part of any successful digital marketing strategy in today’s world. A good social media management tool will help you save time, grow your brand’s social media image and presence, and help you make some money.