Discord is a social networking app that people worldwide use to stay connected with their friends and team members. It also has similar factors as other chatting apps. Sometimes you may wonder why your friends on discord are invisible to you whenever you previously talked to them.

Maybe your internet is creating a problem, or someone blocked you. When someone blocks you, you cannot talk to them with that account. Sometimes, the person you chatted with before may have deleted their account.

With the help of several methods, you can know if someone blocked you on discord, which is very simple. You cannot do anything if the person has decided not to interact with you. Below we discuss some methods on how to tell if someone blocked you on discord

1. Try Sending a Discord Message

If someone blocked you on discord, the simple way to know, you should send them a private message. If your message was delivered successfully, take a breath of relief that you are not blocked. When you view your chat logs with that individual, you’ll immediately notice that you’re banned away. Clyde Discord’s official bot will show you the error message. This app will tell you that your message was not delivered to the person for some reason.

  1. Servers are not shared with the other person.
  2. The option of direct messages is disabled on the server where you both are chatting.
  3. Persons have set some privacy that only friends can send them a message.

Sometimes Clyde will show you a link where it shows you a list of reasons why you are blocked. However, Clyde will never tell you why you are blocked.

2. Check Your Friend List

It’s sad news for you if you cannot send them messages because they blocked you. Another way to check if you are blocked is if they are added to your friend list; then, go and check your friend list; if they are not showing there, it is confirmed you are blocked.


3. Send Them a Friend Request

Here you can check whether someone has blocked you without messaging them. Here are some steps that you should follow.

  • Open Discord and go to the Home Menu.
  • Then open the Friend’s Menu.
  • Then select the Add Friend.
  • Also, add their username.
  • Click and send a friend request; if a friend request goes then, you are not blocked. On the other hand, if your request was not sent and the notification of the message failed Hm, did not work, double check that the capitalisation, spelling, spaces, and numbers are a correct error message, and then you are blocked.

Another way to check if you are blocked is if your friend is sharing a server with you; then, you pull your friend profile and send them a friend request. This method is less clumsy.

4. Check User Info in the Profile Section

Here is another method to how to tell if someone blocked you on Discord. Check a person’s info in the profile is the possible method to check if someone blocked you on discord. 

If you don’t see their bio and they’ve connected Spotify to Discord to hold Spotify listening parties, they may have blocked you on Discord. But there are better methods to check whether you are blocked. Sometimes it is possible that the person has hidden their bio or maybe removed or might hide the integration of the app.


5. Check if you’re Blocked using Discord Message Reactions

Luckily, there is another way to see if you have been blocked. You don’t have to send a lengthy message before realizing it was all for nothing. You may respond to another user’s message on Discord with an emoji reaction.

On the server where you both friends chatted and messaged each other, you should react to one of the messages if you want to confirm whether you are blocked. If you are not blocked on Discord, then emote can be seen.

 The screen will vibrate if you are checking this on a PC. If you are using a mobile for all this procedure, then it will show you distinctive signs. You will receive a notification of the reaction block. So, here it is confirmed you are blocked, and your problem is solved; how can you tell someone that someone has blocked you on discord?

The way Discord is designed, you can utilize message reactions to detect if someone has blocked you.

  • Open Discord and navigate to a message from the person you think blocked you. Hover your mouse over the message.
  • Open reaction icon.
  • Select your favourite emoji.
  • React to the messages; it is visible you are not blocked.


Discord is social networking app where people share their servers. It’s the best way to send friend requests to each other and stay connected to friends, family, and team members. They won’t feel as though you’re bombarding them. It’s also possible that the other person does not want to connect with you. That’s why they decline your friend request.

Sometimes it might be possible for some people to use discord just to annoy the other user. So, the block option is present if you feel someone is annoying or bullying you, then you have the option to block them. This block option is made on discord for the safety of people.

On the other hand, maybe the same user is irritated by you; that’s why they don’t want to link with you and block you. So, if you find yourself in this condition, read the article; it will guide you on how you know if some block you on discord. Many methods are provided in this article to know that you are blocked.

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