The most widely used platform for live-streaming video games is Twitch, enabling you to watch current and previous broadcasts as VODs. As a result, even if you missed your favourite streamer’s game, you could still watch it on demand.

Twitch content is used up by watchers online, there is no secret in it and live streams are twitch’s main source of income. Do you think if someone misses the live stream, they can’t be able to watch it later or are they out of luck? No, they are not. VODs can be seen through twitch because it allows streams to record, so people can watch their favourite streamers even when they are offline.

Also, the VODs will be deleted after a certain time, depending on the inventor’s account. If you have a regular twitch account, you can download videos for 2 weeks. For prime creators, videos are available for 60 days.

VODs are like recordings that can be seen later. Great content can be made, like YouTube. You need to learn how to download Twitch VODs.

Twitch VODs

It is simple to download the twitch VODS but downloading it from dashboards may work. If you are thinking of downloading it from your account, you also want to download videos from other streamers. But unfortunately, Twitch does not provide this option because they have third-party options to download streamers’ data. You can see how to download VODs on Windows, Web, Android, and iOS.

Before going to downloading procedure, you must enable the automatic download feature. So, let’s start it:

  1. Open the twitch website and log in to your account.
  2. On the right corner, tap on the username.
  3. Then click on settings in the drop-down Menu.
  4. Further, continue to channel and video options.
  5. After then, scroll the cursor bottom and click on the setting section, then tap on the stream option.
  6. In the section of the stream, key & preferences toggle the store past the video switch.

Your broadcasts will be saved now that you’ve enabled the automatic download feature. Let’s examine how you’d go about getting them onto your smartphone.

Download twitch streamers’ VODs on Windows

The Twitch Leecher app is used to download the twitch VODs on pc and MAC.

  • From GitHub, download the twitch Leecher app on your windows.
  • Then click on the Twitch Leecher.exe under the latest version.
  • Then download the file b clicking double, and installation starts; after that, follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Now open the Twitch website after installation and direct to the channel where you want to download VODs.
  • After opening the channel page, click on the videos and right-click to download the video. Also, keep in mind you can download the videos to which the creator has given access on VODs and are not expired.
  • Copy the link address from the pop-up menu.
  • The Twitch Leecher app is opened, and now you can see it on the top toolbar search option. Click that Search option, paste the copied link here, and tap on Search.  Multiple videos can be downloaded by pasting multiple links.
  • When you add a link and click on search, it will show your favourite video you want. Tap on the download button and download your favourite video.
  • You can also choose the quality of the video of your choice and the start and end time. Also, you can select where you want to keep our downloaded video and with which file name you want to save your video.
  • Once everything you set up then, press the download button.
  • Now it starts downloading, and it downloads on your chosen location.

Download Twitch Streams/ VODs on the Web

You may rely on the Un-Twitch website if you use macOS, Linux, or Chrome OS or don’t want to install an app on your computer merely to download a video. The sole drawback is that Un-Twitch can only download movies up to an hour long if your video on demand is longer than an hour (which is relatively common in Twitch land).

The first hour will be downloaded, and you must repeat the process to download the entire video in 1-hour increments. In any case, the procedure is quite comparable to the Twitch Leecher app.

  • First, open the twitch channel.
  • Then open the video tab.
  • After that right, click on the video you want to watch and copy the link address.
  • After copying the link, open the un-twitch app, paste a link, and press submit.
  • You can also set the resolution of the video, but high-quality resolutions need to be supported. So, change the setting if you download a high-resolution video.
  • After this, you must change the start and end times because you can only download the 1 hour-long video.
  • If you want to watch the full stream, you should have patience because you must repeat the process repeatedly.
  • You can download the full stream of your favourite video by changing start and end times multiple times.
  • When you have done all the settings, press the downloaded button and watch the chosen part of the video.

Download Twitch Streams/VODs on Android

The Un-Twitch website is also accessible from a mobile device. However, you should think about Angolix Download Video for the Twitch app. Because the un-twitch website has a 1-hour restriction drawback.

  1. Open the twitch app and the video portion, then click on the video you want to download. Now press the share icon, then copy the link of the video.
  2. Paste the copied URL into the Download Video for Twitch app when it has opened. Next, select the Download option next to it.
  3. A pop-up window will open from where you can choose the resolution and end and start time so you can watch the desired portion of the video.
  4. Once you select and choose all the options, press the downloaded button, and your favourite streamed twitch video starts downloading.

Download Twitch Streams/VODs On iOS

VLC player is the best app to download twitch VODs. It has generated an option to download videos directly through the online website. This option is missing on android phones/counterparts

  1. Open the twitch app.
  2. Then open the video portion that you want to download.
  3. After that, press the share button and copy the URL link.
  4. Then, on your iPad or iPhone, download the VLC player.
  5. When the download is completed, open it.
  6. At the bottom of the app, open the option showing Network.
  7. The link you copied and pasted on the downloaded option.
  8. When it is done, click on download again and starts downloading again.

Wrapping Up-Download Twitch Streams/VODs

Twitch offers a native ability to download your videos if you wish to. However, depending on your operating system, you must use 3rd-party programmers like Twitch Leecher, UnTwitch, Angolix, or VLC to get videos from other streams. To download videos, however, a channel must provide the choice of saving older ones first. Additionally, depending on your account, this video will expire after a certain period, so you only have a little time.


In the above article, we demonstrate how to download Twitch VODs. Twitch VODs expire after a certain period, sometimes streamers miss the live stream, so they wish to watch later.

You can download your VODs or someone else but downloading can conduct infringes on the copyright of others is prohibited. If you are not a copyright holder, please keep the downloaded content offline to avoid legal repercussions.

Some simple steps above are discussed where you can download your favourite twitch VOD


How do I stream on Twitch?

If you want to stream on twitch from your PC, you should use Twitch studio or third-party broadcasting programs like OBS studio and stream lab OBS. The capture card is needed for twitching on the Nintendo Switch. From Xbox, you can also twitch stream.

How to delete a Twitch video?

If you want to delete a twitch video, go to create Dashboard > content > Clips > Trash Can. To disable automatic clip creation, go to setting > channel > to enable clips.

How do I use video clips on Twitch?

Navigate your cursor of the mouse to video and choose the clip to create a clip on twitch. If you want to share your clip, select your profile picture > Creator Dashboard > Menu > Content > Clips. Select the clip and press the share icon.

How much time is required to download a video?

It depends on how long your video is; it also depends on an excellent internet connection. The initial download begins, and it takes a few minutes. After that, it takes an hour to complete the download if it is a long video.


This information is factual and truthful to the best of the author’s knowledge, but it is not intended to replace formal advice from a competent expert.

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