Are you tired of boring ads on Twitch and want to find a way on how to block Twitch ads? Then you are at the right site.

Twitch is one of the most popular platforms where users worldwide come to watch live and recorded videos. The user can watch their favourite video and get virtual gifts as well. However, there is a flaw in Twitch: advertisements while watching videos. Twitch does not charge a fee for watching videos but earns money through advertisements. But if you don’t want to watch these ads, you can block them differently. We will help you find different ways to block these ads.

Why Are Ad Blockers Necessary?

Ad blockers are helpful for those who want to avoid advertisements while watching videos. So, users can watch their favourite streaming services without any interference. It is also essential to choose a reliable ad blocker because ad blockers also contain some viruses that can steal your private information or disable your system.

How to block twitch ads


Here are some ways to block the ads on Twitch.

1. How to Block Twitch Ads on Windows and Mac

If you are a Mac or Windows user and want to know how to block twitch ads, then you need to download the AdBlock app and install it. This app is limited to Twitch and can block ads on all browsers on the system. This app has default settings to block all the ads on the system, but if you want to change the settings, you can adjust them. Here is how to block twitch ads.

  • First, install Twitch on your PC or Mac.
  • Install the app.
  • Now choose any app to obtain a licence key.
  • When you launch the app, click on the activation button.
  • Provide a licence key.
  • Turn on ad blocking by pressing the ad blocking button.

Now you can watch videos on Twitch without any ads. There are a lot of apps available on Google that can block ads on Mac and Windows operating systems. Also, you can use alternatives to Twitch, such as Turbo or Twitch Player. Also, you can install an extension on the app to block ads on your system.

2. How to block Twitch ads on Android

If you are an Android user, you must know how disturbing the ads are. Sometimes, when watching an exciting movie, an ad begins to play, making us freak out. If you use a commercial website, the ads will appear when you reload the page or want to watch any other movie. But you can block them with a few easy steps.

We want to assist you in finding relief from your pain. So, if you’re an Android user, you can use apps like ad blockers and ad lock to block all advertisements. Here is how to block twitch ads on Android.

  • Open the Play Store and download the app.
  • Just check for the latest updates.

Commercial ads try their best to override the apps, but if you have the latest version of an ad blocker, you can easily block the ads. To update any app, you need to perform the following steps:

  • A hamburger menu can be found in the upper right corner.
  • Click on “check updates.”
  • Click on “Update All.”
  • Enable HTTPS filtering.
  • A new window will appear; click OK.
  • Now you need to provide authentication. Provide a pattern.

It is essential to choose an ad blocker carefully. There are a lot of alternatives that provide ad-blocking features. However, only a few offers additional features, such as saving your streaming or blocking commercial ads. So, users need to carefully read the view before choosing an ad blocker because it also comes with security risks.

3. How To Block Twitch Ads On iOS (iPhones & iPads)

iPhone and iPad users can also block ads on Twitch. There are two methods to block ads on Twitch. For Android users, the procedure is the same. These are the two options:

  • Twitch Turbo contains solutions for all types of devices and operating systems.
  • Ad blockers—only users of a particular instrument, can use this tool.

Most Twitch apps can easily block ads on many browsers but cannot block ads on the Safari browser. These apps tried to block ads on the Safari browser but failed to do so. It is Apple’s policy to prevent these apps from blocking ads on the Safari browser. So, iPhone and iPad users need different apps than Android users. So, choose a standalone app whose subscription is cheaper and can block commercial ads on Safari. Here is how to block twitch ads using an iPhone or iPad:

  • Select the setting option.
  • Look for the Safari browser.
  • Click on the ad blocker and toggle it to the ON position.
  • Install and activate an ad blocker app.
  • Ad blockers will download rules and update their features.

Now close the app and go to your browser. Launch the Safari browser and navigate to Twitch. Tv. Now enjoy your favourite videos without any ads.

4. How to block twitch ads using an Ad Blocker


Twitch is a unique app for watching live or recorded videos. It is different from other services, such as YouTube. Some apps use modules to block ads. So, the add-blocker apps can easily block the ad by removing those modules. But Twitch is different as compared to other apps.

Twitch does not use another module for ads; the ads played to the streamer’s video. So, all ad-blocking applications cannot block ads on Twitch. There are separate apps that can block ads on Twitch. Many apps are available in the Play Store and Google Play Store, such as uBlock Origin, which is designed to block Twitch ads. Although Twitch uses innovative technology, the developers are more intelligent than Twitch, which will reduce the effectiveness of its ads.

5. How to block twitch ads Using a VPN

VPNs are another option for blocking Twitch ads, and they can be more effective than ad-block apps.VPN stands for “virtual private network.” The user can virtually switch locations and connect to the server using a different IP address. The server will determine that you are from a foreign country instead of your place.

Using a VPN is an effective way to block the ads because Twitch’s policy differs for different countries. Twitch, for example, does not run advertisements in countries such as Poland and Pakistan. In that country, there is no advertising for viewers. So, users can use a VPN to connect to these countries. This way, the server will bypass ads on Twitch without using any app. This is the best way if you want to know how to block twitch ads.

6. How to block twitch ads Using Ad Block Proxies


A proxy is considered like a virtual private network. It is a middleman that can spoof the IP before connecting to Twitch. As a result, when you click on Twitch, the ads will be blocked. But if you use proxy servers, then you may face privacy issues with those proxy servers. Such as, TTV LOL is a popular proxy that does not take any responsibility for users’ data, and there is an explicit agreement that says that the proxy server is not responsible for user data and that data can be breached.

Even if the user disregards privacy concerns, there is no guarantee that the proxy server will block all ads. A proxy server, unlike a VPN, does not provide a specific location and can connect to a server far away from the user, which can impact the user experience.

7. How to block Twitch ads & Multistre.Am

Numerous Twitch alternatives, including third-party websites, use the same streaming content as Twitch. The popular options for Twitch and Multistre. Am. These alternatives can effectively block the ads. But some policies on those websites may create hurdles for the user.

These platforms only provide some of the functionality of Twitch and restrict the user from accessing all channel points. Multistore. Am, for example, does not offer a chat option to streamers. Twitch is a different platform that can provide streamers with chat by providing an email address, and then the user can have chat access.

Twitch Ad Blocker FAQs

What is the best ad blocker to use for Twitch?

There are a lot of ad blockers that can block ads. But each has its pros and cons. But we recommend uBlock Origin Add Blocker, which can block ads on Twitch. The developers are upgrading it regularly to work affectionately in the background. In this way, it can easily block the ads.

Will blocking ads get my Twitch account banned?

No, Twitch cannot block the account if you use any of the above mentioned methods. All these methods are safe to use. But Twitch proxies are not safe, and we don’t recommend using them to block ads. The proxy blocker cannot stop your account, but your ID and password could be stolen.

Can Twitch Ads Be Blocked on Mobile?

Yes, you can block ads on mobile. You can use the Play Store to download an ad-blocking app if you have an Android device. Users of the iPhone and iPad can also block ads through the Apple Store. There are a lot of applications that can block ads on Twitch.

Final Thoughts

We know Twitch ads are annoying for you. But now you know how to block twitch ads. If you want to enjoy your favourite Twitch movie and don’t want to ruin your experience by watching ads, then you can use any of the above methods to block the ads. The best and safest approach is to use a VPN to block the ads. As a result, you can watch videos without interruption.