Technology is an integral part of our lives, helping with trivial daily routines and making a valuable contribution to defending one’s rights and freedoms. Since February 2022, Ukrainians have been fighting against Russia’s invading forces, and modern technology plays a crucial part in this new kind of warfare. Today, the war is mostly the opposition of technology and equipment, where reconnaissance drones play as crucial a part as the actual weapons. More importantly, drones are primarily used for defense, and plenty of Ukrainian entrepreneurs, Max Polyakov included, are willing to offer their peaceful tech contribution to save Ukrainian lives while protecting the country’s national borders.

In over half a year of rigorous protection of one’s sovereignty, the Ukrainian Armed Forces have relied on drones and other technologies to gain a competitive advantage over the invading enemy. Many defense and reconnaissance technologies are produced by Ukrainian startups, while prominent public figures donate funds to ensure this crucial equipment makes its way to the frontlines. Below, we will give some examples of how peaceful technology helps save lives in war.

Anti-Drone Defenses & Reconnaissance from Kyiv Startup Kvertus 

Kvertus is a Ukrainian startup with a head office in Kyiv, offering its defense drone technologies to over 120 clients worldwide. Since Russia’s open invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, the company’s main goal has been collaborating with the Ukrainian Armed Forces, its Ministry of Defense, Border Guard, and Sapper Forces. The company emerged in 2014 following Russia’s annexation of the Ukrainian peninsula Crimea and its military invasion of the Donbas regions. Over the next eight years, Kvertus has been fine-tuning its anti-drone defense technology, which is why by January 2022, it has already built trust with the Ukrainian Army.

Following the new, formerly unprecedented wave of aggression against the people of Ukraine, entrepreneurs, and public figures have been massively donating funds to strengthen the army defenses. One of Maxym Polaykov’s first initiatives to help the Ukrainian Army was to purchase 100 anti-drone guns from Kvertus. However, the particular Antidron KVS G-6 system from the Ukrainian startup does not work like a gun in the classic sense. Instead, it uses microwaves to interrupt the enemy drones’ communication systems. As a result, Kvertus products kill two birds with one stone — prevent the enemy drones from dropping their explosives and collect intelligence data from their drive after the Russian tech is forced to land. Antidron KVS G-6 does not damage the actual equipment, so Ukrainian defendants can simply pick up Russian tech and see exactly where it came from. The system can disable enemy drones at an approximately two-mile distance, and, like most other products from Kvertus, it remains operational from minus twenty to plus sixty degrees Celsius. 

Antidron KVS G-6 is not the only example of Kvertus technology aimed at saving lives and providing the Ukrainian Army with cutting-edge defense mechanisms. Kvertus drone jammers differ somewhat in technical parameters, but the primary thing all of these devices have in common is their focus on protection rather than causing harm. At the same time, the technology meets the primary objectives of modern warfare by defending people who protect their country. As of now, the company has already produced over 1,500 devices, and, considering its involvement with Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense and regular purchases from figures like Maxym Polyakov, we can expect the innovative startup to produce even more.

Maxym Polyakov’s Satellite Initiatives for Intelligence & Infrastructure Rebuilding

Still, drone jammers are not the only technologies that protect the Ukrainian Army and bring its victory closer. Other peaceful, life-protecting initiatives have been offered, particularly by space entrepreneur Max Polyakov. 

As a founder of EOS Data Analytics, Polyakov understands the full importance of satellite technology for military intelligence. A few months after Russia’s unveiled invasion of Ukraine, Polyakov entered into an agreement with European GEOSAT, making sure that the Ukrainian Army obtained access to satellite data, crucial for protecting their country. The immediate benefit of relying on satellite data is next-to-real-time access to important strategic knowledge. In the long run, though, this same data may be used for rebuilding peaceful infrastructure and improving life quality in war-affected areas. 

However, even though Max Polyakov advocates satellite data for helping the Ukrainian Armed Forces get insight into enemy positions, numbers, and transport routes, he does not forget how crucial drones have become in modern warfare. Besides supplying the Ukrainian Army with Kvertys anti-drone products, Polyakov invested millions into the Army of drones project. Once again, the main purpose is not to combat the enemy directly but rather to obtain intelligence data to potentially gain a strategic advantage. 

Maxym Polyakov himself states that the primary purpose of technology is improving the quality of life on Earth, and even the use of space resources should, first of all, be sustainable. Most of his purchases and donations have to do with technology that protects lives and does not cause any direct harm. Of course, there is no such thing as a bloodless war. However, using drones and satellite intelligence has become critical in today’s warfare, ensuring that blood is not spilled excessively or unnecessarily. Hopefully, in its own time, the same drones and satellites will help rebuild Ukraine once the fighting is over.