YouTube is one of the most popular websites in the world. Its mobile app is one of the most popular apps in the world. It has over 31 million channels and over 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every single day by its 30 million unique visitors. Millions of Youtube videos are also embedded on social media sites daily. People love YouTube. They try to find ways to watch blocked videos as well. Most people who use YouTube regularly, make playlists of different videos that they love to watch. You can make a playlist of your favourite love songs, favourite workout songs, favourite cooking recipes and favourite workout routines, among a million other topics. However, once you finish watching the videos of your playlist or get bored of the videos in it, you might want to delete the playlist and make way for new ones. In this post, we will tell you how to delete playlists on YouTube. It’s not a complicated or arduous task and once you finish reading this post, you will know why. Let’s get started.

How to Delete Playlists on YouTube: PC and Mobile

How to Delete YouTube Playlists on Your PC

These are the steps to delete a playlist using your PC:

Step 1

Visit YouTube’s homepage and ensure that you are logged in with the account that you normally use. In case you aren’t logged in, click on the picture and log in/switch account depending on your situation.

Step 2

Now, go to your YouTube library. In case your minimized menu is visible, click on the icon which says “Library” with a folder next to it. In case your main menu is open, you will have a multitude of options, but choose the “Library” option.

Step 3

After landing on the library page, scroll down till you reach your playlists. When you reach the playlist you wish to delete, go to the bottom of the playlist and click on the “view full playlist” button.

Step 4

After clicking on “view full playlist”, click on the three dots on the left side of the screen. Within the drop down menu that appears, click on “Delete Playlist”. Once you do that, YouTube will ask you to confirm your action. Select “Yes” and voila, your playlist will be deleted.

How to Delete YouTube Playlists on Your Mobile

Contrary to what many might believe, deleting YouTube playlists on your iPhone or Android phone is actually easier than deleting them on your PC. Here’s how you can do it:

Step 1

Open the YouTube app on your phone and ensure that you are logged in with your account.

Step 2

Look at the bottom right corner of your screen, you will find an icon that says “Library”. Tap on that and scroll down till you reach the “Playlists” section. Within that section, choose the playlist you want to delete.

Step 3

After you have selected and opened the playlist you want to delete, you will be able to see the videos in that playlist and the editing screen. On the top right of the screen, tap three dots and select “delete playlist”. After you tap that, select OK on the ensuing pop up and your playlist will be deleted.

Bonus: How to Delete Playlists Created by Other Users?

If you like the playlist created by another user on YouTube, you can save it to your profile as well. In case you are looking to delete any such playlist from your library, this is what you need to do:

Step 1

The first step of deleting other creators’ playlists is the same as before.. Go to your YouTube profile and proceed to your Library where you can see all the playlists.

Step 2

Go to the playlist you want to delete and click on the “view full playlist”. The next part is different as the screen that pops up is slightly different from the one that pops up when you try to delete playlists created by yourself. Since you didn’t create the playlist, you don’t have the authority to delete it and you can only remove it from your library.

Step 3

Hover your cursor over the symbol which will read  “remove from library”. Click on that and the other creator’s playlist will be removed from your library.


YouTube playlists are a fantastic feature and they help you save the videos you would like to view later. If you are trying to learn a new skill or a language online, you can make playlists with relevant videos on the subject. However, if you fill up your profile with endless playlists, it will just become a cluttered mess and you will struggle to find the playlists that you actually want to watch. It’s always good to keep your YouTube library neat, organized and populated with only the playlists that are useful to you. It’s important to delete playlists on YouTube. So if you were looking for a way to remove those playlists that you no longer watch from your library, you have found the way now.