Facebook Jail is a term used to describe Facebook’s blocking of your ability to post, comment or engage with the content on Facebook. It’s not the same as locking your Facebook account. The “Facebook Jail” block is usually temporary but in some extreme cases, it can be implemented permanently as well. Facebook blocks pages and profiles and puts them in “Facebook Jail” for a variety of reasons. If you are getting too many likes too fast, posting inappropriate content or breaking any rule then remember that you are doomed. Under such circumstances, the user comes to know via email that the features have been disabled. In this post, we will discuss all you need to know about Facebook Jail and how you can avoid it.

Facebook Jail: All You Need to Know

Why Are You in Facebook Jail?

There are several reasons for which you might have been sent to Facebook Jail. Some most common reasons are mentioned here:

  • If you have been posting pornographic content then you will get banned. 
  • If you post content which is hateful towards a particular group of people. Facebook does not tolerate any kind of hate speech.
  • Spamming can also get your account blocked.
  • Even if you have a lot of likes and followers on your page, it doesn’t save you from Facebook Jail if you try to manipulate Facebook’s algorithms. No matter how large your fan base is, you can get banned in an instant.
  • An imposter’s profile is spam and will ultimately get blocked for posting a fake update and plagiarized content.
  • There can be any term or condition that has been violated by the subscriber that can lead to the issue.

How long can you be in Facebook Jail?

Your time in Facebook jail can range from a few hours to permanent block from the website.

How to Avoid Facebook Jail?

Below are the top ways that can be applied to make sure that the best outcome is generated in this regard.

1. Avoid spamming at all costs

If you repeatedly post the same content across Facebook, you are most likely to end up in Facebook Jail. Facebook will block your account for future use. What’s worse, your account might be permanently terminated if the message was widely spread.

2. Stop plagiarizing

Plagiarism is bad. If you just post the link to the content and don’t spam it, it is just fine. Copying the entire content will put you in a soup. Certain images are on Google Images and have been marked as spam. If you use such images in your post, you will increase your chances of going into Facebook Jail.

3. Avoid being anonymous and tag with care

Honesty is the best policy and Facebook likes it as well. If you tag a host of random people, you are likely to end up in Facebook Jail. Add people to your group if you know them and only tag them with your real and personal profile. The element of trust is very important and will benefit you a lot in the long run.

4. Use Facebook properly

Too much knowledge is dangerous and the same happens with the people as they start manipulating the algorithm of the site. Always remember that the people that are sitting in the management of Facebook are smarter than you are. You will not only get banned but if the offense is done repetitively then you might be kicked out permanently.

5. Use one Facebook account

It is important to note that for life you can have only one Facebook account. The algorithm has been defined in such a way that the links between the accounts are also explored by the bots. If Facebook discovers the link between your two accounts, you will most likely end up in Facebook Jail. Some people get a ban as they create a profile for personal use and the business profile is also used for the same purpose.

6. Don’t act in a strange way

Try to avoid sending friend requests to people you don’t know. Don’t send multiple requests at the same time as it can also make the site feel that you are a spammer.

Social media marketing is important, but using private messaging to promote your business may also land you in Facebook Jail. It should never be done as it can lead to issues and troubles. Don’t advertise your business on the pages of other businesses.

So that was all you needed to know about Facebook jail. Hopefully, the information in this post will help keep you out of it.