Instagram is a huge social media platform to give your brand the right exposure. The hashtags used in Instagram posts can break or make your entire Instagram marketing strategy. That is why I suggest you use the hashtags correctly and you will be able to get your posts seen by several people who might be interested in your brand or your products and services.

You need to understand how Instagram hashtags work if you are looking forward to using hashtags effectively. Try to put some thought into a strategy. Using proper hashtags will expand your Instagram audience and will help you get more reach. They are easily clickable and help in categorizing the content and further make it more discoverable. You are at the right place if you wish to know how to use hashtags properly. Here I will talk about the Top 6 Best Ways to Use Hashtags on Instagram.

Why Use Instagram Hashtags?

Hashtags are a vital way to give your business a boost and reach a mass audience. In case, you are using a hashtag, the post will surely appear on the page for the same hashtag.

You can also use the hashtag on your Story and it will be then included in the relevant Hashtag Story. Moreover, it will again appear on the hashtag page.

People will be able to choose whether to follow the hashtags or not and that means they will be able to see your hash tagged post in their feed even if they are not following you.

If you want to build your community online, then Instagram hashtags can be a nice method for your brand. You must use hashtags whenever possible but it is always suggested you use relevant hashtags to see the best results.

There are several methods that you must know to use Hashtags properly and see the best and effective results. Here is the article that you must follow without missing a single sentence.

1. Keep it Simple and Relevant

While you choose a hashtag for your 2021 holiday calendar, it is pretty much vital for you to ensure that you choose something followers are searching for and can easily remember.

There are several hashtags that are scattered in the social media world. If you use a hashtag that is long and is difficult to pronounce or spell, then it will probably not give you the result wanted. But, an unclear, generic, or never-used hashtag will also not fetch you the right results.

Keep in mind that your hashtag must be precise, short, and simple to spell. It must give your followers a clear idea about the entire topic you are talking about.

Moreover, the key thing is to find out topics that are basically relevant to your viewers. You will need to look out for the correct hashtags that are already being discussed and pertinent to your company and content.

Hashtags from social media will help you in categorizing your content, let people follow a trend, and then help you in engaging with a community.

2. Use Trending Hashtags

Do you know what is a trending hashtag? Well! A trending hashtag is that hashtag that has become pretty popular. You must have heard people talking about what is “trending now”.

Now there are times, it is referred to the hashtags that are recently popular or are more often talked about at that specific time. Popular hashtags are generally cantered on the major news topics of the world. While you are seeing a trend out there that relates to your business, then you must engage with the post by using the same tag.

You can use a trending hashtag in your content update so that your message can reach a larger audience base. In fact, it will help more people see your updates rather than just your followers and fans.

Moreover, using trending hashtags will be great to enhance the visibility of your brand. Right before you use a hashtag in your social media post, you need to ensure this adds value to your present conversation. In case, your post is not adding any value, it might get ignored and lost in a wide range of posts.

Now if you think you are having a genuinely informative post, then more people will surely reshare it and will eventually increase your brand awareness. You should make sure you are using the best social media automation tools in order to automate your posts with hashtags on your social media accounts.

How to use trending hashtags?

  • Always try to be the first person to use trending hashtags. This will get you more exposure for your brand as well as the content.
  • Try and find out trending Instagram and Twitter hashtags.
  • You can use monitoring sites as well as Hashtag analytics such as, Trendsmap, Hashtagify, etc.
  • Use niche-trending hashtags to connect and build relationships with your targeted market.

3. Don’t Overuse Hashtags

Hashtags are a vital factor when it comes to social media strategy. It will actually give your brand more exposure and this will spread the word about your services to a huge audience base. Besides, when you use it multiple times on different channels, people will easily remember your hashtag.

But, each social media platform comes with its own befitting hashtags frequency, and then if you cross it, this might lead to lesser engagement. On the other hand, if you use 10+ hashtags, it will reduce the engagement by 68.2%.

  • Pinterest: Use 2 hashtags on Pinterest to help pinners to find relevant content.
  • Facebook: Use 2 hashtags on Facebook; one popular hashtag and one custom hashtag for your brand.
  • LinkedIn: There is no constraint on the usage of hashtags. But it has been recommended to limit it to a maximum of 5. Otherwise, LinkedIn Algorithm could mark your posts as spam.
  • TikTok: Use 4-5 hashtags on TikTok to boost your reach on the platform.
  • Twitter: Because of character count restrictions, avoid using more than 2 hashtags per tweet for best engagement.
  • Instagram: It allows up to 30; however, keep it to no more than 9 per post for better engagement.

4. Search Hashtag Before You Use It

Another effective way to use a hashtag is to search hashtags before you use them. Yes! Check all the respective social media platforms to make sure that all the hashtags aren’t used for any wrong reason. Apart from that, you must ensure that you are not choosing a hashtag that can again be interpreted negatively or other brand uses the hashtag for their promotion.

While you are using the hashtags rightly, this will help you create online conversation, again will increase brand awareness, as well as lead to a sales spike. Hence, you must keep your audience in mind when you figure out the best hashtags.

Try to look out for people using the same hashtag or not and see what they are saying. Then say you want your tweet to stand out, then tweeting on a negative hashtag will not be a great way to do the process. Hence, I think it is better to do research and then save yourself from any of the unprecedented faux pas.

Furthermore, you will be able to use Twitter analytics tools in order to determine what hashtags will work the best for you and which ones will not work.

5. Be Specific and Unique

Being a marketer, I am sure you will look forward to reaching your community using the right hashtag. And that is especially during special events as well as Twitter chats.

But, if you want other people to join in on the conversation, then you must engage the viewers by using all the unique hashtags. I am sure you won’t be able to use any kind of generic hashtags such as #seo, or #marketing, and then expect people to retweet your post.

In fact, people are basically using trending, unique, as well as branded hashtags with some great social media marketing tips in order to get more engagement on their social updates.

If you take an example, then KitKat always uses their super iconic tagline #HaveABreak to initiate an engaging conversation thread. If you want to get the best results, you will need to use a hashtag that is very much carefully selected as well as tactically used.

Furthermore, you need to remember that the uses of hashtags will differ depending on the channel and it will increase the performance by following the best methods.

If you are a marketer, you also need to stay updated on social media’s ever-evolving features and constantly changing user preferences. Every new year brings innovations and new features. Try to be proactive and keep yourself well informed.

6. Create Brand Engagement

Hashtags always have the great capacity to let you connect with brands having several famous and incredibly visible topics. You must keep in mind that using the right hashtags will get you, new viewers, to your social media and will let them engage and you should engage back. If you are using hashtags correctly, it will help you in expanding the reach to the targeted users and this will improve customer relations.

Remember, the more your viewers get comfortable with the brand, the more likely they will be interested in interacting with you on social media. I don’t think you want to ignore them but this is not essential to use hashtags that will converse with your followers. Moreover, you don’t need to use hashtags in each post.

But you need to understand that it is vital to not use hashtags while you are responding to someone. Whether it is a reply or a retweet, you must avoid using these characters when they are not really required. Do not use it in any of your customer dialogue.

You can add keywords within your hashtags that are not actually enough to make your online presence improved. Furthermore, you must make sure your hashtags are unique and conversational. This effective use of hashtags plays an essential role in an effective social media marketing strategy for your brand.

Apart from that, you must know that growing engagement will need some consistency. You must get people hooked by leveraging some trending hashtags. At more appropriate times, you have to advance the relationship with more relevant posts.

But, if you are a busy marketer, then consistent social media posting should be your oxymoron without having the support of a social media scheduling tool. There are several apps or tools that will let you visualize your whole social media calendar plan inside the calendrical view. It will let you schedule posts effortlessly for every trending hashtags.

Final Talk

Using hashtags properly is supremely efficient to grow your audience base. If you are confused and don’t know how to use hashtags properly, then you can check out the Top 6 Best Ways to Use Hashtags on Instagram. It is very essential for you to manage your entire Instagram presence and then save your time using proper tools. Hashtags can make your brand go higher or take it lower depending on how you are using it. It is important for you to understand how it works.

You need to try out all the methods correctly to get effective results. Try to learn more about Hashtags, try to engage with the audience, measure the performance level, and more. If you have any kind of queries, then you can comment down below. I would be more than happy to help you out.