All of us want to make money in business, but as many entrepreneurs will tell you, knowing why you are doing what you are doing is more important than the need to make money. Having people work for you who are passionate about the line of work you are in will boost team morale and get everybody much more invested in driving your company towards its goals.

Positive communication

Employees feeling that their teammates are approachable is going to foster a much more positive work environment; being able to lend positive criticism and ask questions is going to make each team member more confident and more knowledgeable.

Employee feedback

Some employees feel like they work in a toxic environment where they don’t feel appreciated. Flyer-printing specialist instantprint, took a survey of 1000 UK office workers and discovered that almost 70% of respondents reported having worked in a professional environment that they would deem “toxic”.

Letting your employees know that they are doing a good job is going to encourage them to work harder. Be sure to take any opportunities to offer positive feedback to all of your team members. It will definitely increase morale.

Showing care and concern

One thing that we forget is that people are our greatest resource; loyal employees are any company’s greatest asset. The rough times that any business is going to face will run a lot smoother if the people who work at that business feel like they are a part of the team.

Welcoming new ideas

In a world where things go viral on YouTube daily and trend on Twitter hourly, being able to work with change is very important.

For a business to keep growing, it must evolve with the times. In an ever-changing world, it is very important to keep up with everything that is happening. If you started a business 20 years ago, you might need someone with up-to-date experience to guide you through the next phase of what might happen. Relying on the insight of others is not only smart but it is essential to your survival.


If you can encourage healthy competition among your employees with a reward, you’ve done a great thing. Letting your employees know that they are working together as a team but at the same time have individual jobs will foster a productive environment. Implementing a workplace rewards scheme will increase loyalty and retention in the business, so consider how you can show your employees that you’re grateful for their hard work.


Times will inevitably get tough for you and your employees at times, on a personal and business level. If you can provide people with an opportunity to laugh, this can lighten tasks considerably: humour is the one thing that all humans can relate to. Laughter is proven to increase productivity and satisfaction at work, so be sure to inject some humour into your work culture.