Just the thought of finally getting your hands on a gaming PC is already enough to get you giddy. The option to build it yourself can be a fun and exciting challenge. The reward? A unique gaming PC for you, by you.

As fun of an adventure as it may sound, building one yourself can quickly turn into quite a daunting task. There are various aspects of PC building that are a bit tricky, the most important one being compatibility. Finding parts that work together to produce a fully functional PC can feel like a difficult task of mixing and matching. Having prior knowledge of how to build a gaming PC is a must.

Luckily, pre-built gaming PCs from custom PC builders eliminate the need to learn how to build a gaming PC. They can build gaming PCs tailored to your needs without you doing any of the work.

Advantages of Building it Yourself

The absolute standout advantage in building a gaming PC yourself is the ability to pick and choose each part of your system independently. From the case of your gaming PC to the internal parts of the system, you have complete control of everything. Pick and choose everything from the shape, color, size, and brand of the components you want for your system. Building a gaming PC ultimately gives you the freedom to dictate the performance and aesthetics of your system. This amount of control gives you a unique and personal desktop gaming computer experience.

Customization is Part of Building

Building a gaming PC requires you to do your homework. A good grasp of all the PC parts you need and how to piece them together is necessary. A small mistake can ruin a component, kissing your hard-earned money goodbye. But if you haven’t done your homework, do not fret! Coming in to save the day and your desktop gaming computer woes are boutique and custom PC builders.

Various boutiques and custom PC builders offer a range of products and services that may help you find the perfect desktop gaming computer that’s right for you. Choose or customize any of their pre-built PCs off the shelf with ease. The only caveat is that customizability may be a bit limited in terms of parts selection since you can only choose from the parts that they have available.

Which Path Offers Lower Cost?

Now let’s talk about pricing. Building a gaming PC does edge out pre-built gaming PCs in this regard, as you are only paying for the exact value of each component of your gaming PC.

While pre-built gaming PCs from boutique and custom PC builders usually charge a premium for their products and services, the price does not come without reason.

The premium you are paying for is the convenience, security, and peace of mind you get from buying a pre-built gaming PC from boutique and custom PC builders. They source all the parts of your gaming PC. They also securely deliver your gaming PC to your doorstep completely assembled. On top of that, they package the whole build neatly under one unified warranty for all parts for your peace of mind.

The Factor of Warranty

The tradeoff for sourcing each part of your PC yourself will be the separate warranties and terms for every component. If anything goes wrong with any part of your gaming PC, you’ll have to deal with multiple return policies and warranty claims. Dealing with more than one customer service, scrambling for receipts, and keeping all the original packaging for returns will be a handful.

You can avoid all those issues when your whole gaming PC is under one warranty, which is possible through boutique and custom PC builders. Instead of communicating with multiple companies, you can opt for a pre-built gaming PC and easily communicate all your concerns through one channel. This situation justifies the reason for them to charge such premiums on their products and services.


So which route should you take for your first desktop gaming computer? Well, as cliché as it sounds, it all depends on you.

If you’re the type who likes tinkering around and up for a challenge, then maybe building a gaming PC yourself is right up your alley. Just make sure that you’ve done all your research, and maybe watch a few videos on how to build a PC before fiddling around with computer parts.

On the other hand, if you prefer the convenience of having a gaming PC built for you and don’t mind paying a premium for security and peace of mind. Buying a pre-built gaming PC is the route to take.

At the end of it all, whatever route you end up taking, the utmost priority is finding the perfect desktop gaming computer that can do what you need it to do.

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