Twitter has recently launched a tool called the ‘Twitter Promote Mode‘ to provide you with a boost to the promotional effort towards your brand. Twitter has gone on to call its promote mode “your always-on promotion engine.” Promote Mode is quite a simple method to enhance your brand’s presence and influence on Twitter. Twitter charges a fees of $99 a month in case you want to avail the service of the Promote Mode. The rates are flat and don’t have hidden/variable charges. Promote Mode advertises the first few Tweets of the day from your account with the help of its performance algorithm. Those tweets typically receive the most promotion in a day. As per Twitter, the Promote Mode can steadily increase your reach, followers and profile visits. The Promote Mode also runs an always-on Promoted Account campaign to drive visitors to your profile page and attract new followers. 

If you are wondering if this simplified version of a promotion engine can enhance your brand online and give it a boost, this post will give you the answers. We will discuss the pros and cons of Promote Mode and help you decide whether it’s good for your Twitter account and brand in general. 

Twitter Promote Mode: The Pros

Simplicity is the greatest benefit of Promote Mode. Traditionally, brands have promoted their individual tweets by selecting a target audience through complex location, user behavior and demographic targeting. After that, brands have to pay for every unique campaign. Promote Mode simplifies this process by automating the promotion of your tweets and charging an easy, flat fee. 

Certain case studies have shown an increase of as much as 250% in the reach after one month of using the Promote Mode.

Considering the $99 per month price tag, Twitter Promote Mode definitely delivered good results. Plus, Twitter Promote Mode can also help save a lot of your time spent on running individual Twitter Ads campaigns. 

Twitter Promote Mode: The Cons

While Promote Mode’s simplicity may be a huge asset for busy marketers and business owners, the severely limited audience targeting may be a notable disadvantage. This is a big drawback for businesses who target a selected audience group. What it also means is that your brand is going to end up putting more tweets in the feed of potentially uninterested users.

When signing up for Promote Mode, you only have the option to choose between “Interests” and “Locations”. You don’t have the option of targeting your audience through both of these options, you can only choose one. 

Choosing “Locations” allows you to pick up to 5 geographic areas which will receive your tweets. These are often as broad as a state or as specific as a DMA (designated market area), which can contain one large metro area or a couple of smaller cities.

Selecting “Interests” provides you with only a few broad options, of which you’ll have the option to select up to five. 

Contrast this with the incredibly rich targeting options offered when promoting specific tweets and the vast difference is very evident. These options will definitely appear to be quite limiting for most digital marketers. 

But what about followers? While adding new followers isn’t the single most important metric for your brand to specialise in, many Twitter users are extremely curious about growing their follower count. And actually , Twitter currently claims “More followers every month” as the main selling point of Promote Mode.

Finally, remember that theoretically, all of your tweets are going to be boosted to an extended audience in Promote Mode. This means that there’s going to be more pressure to produce and publish generalized but high quality tweets since they’re going to be seen by folks that don’t follow your brand. While many marketers would consider this to be a positive aspect, but just appearing in the feed of many people who aren’t interested in your brand or product, wouldn’t really boost your business. This may necessitate a more general approach to content as audience-specific messaging targeted to your followers might fail to work as expected. 

The Conclusion: Should you use Twitter Promote Mode to boost your brand? 

The answer comes right down to your budget, audience and online goals. If you’re an inexperienced Twitter user on a limited budget or if you’re primarily concerned with brand awareness, it’s an excellent choice. Twitter Promote Mode offers a simple way to boost your brand without you having to spend too much time or money on it. It definitely makes Twitter Promote Mode an attractive option.

On the opposite hand, if you’ve got online conversion goals and a selected audience group in sight, Promote Mode’s general targeting might not work well for your brand. You will be better served with the much deeper targeting of Twitter Ads campaigns and their ability to market specific tweets. In fact, investing on a good social media team will also be very useful in such a scenario.