The iGaming industry has undergone an incredible transformation in recent years. Thanks to the latest trends in technology, online casinos are constantly changing and adapting to provide exceptional, user-friendly online experiences for their customers. 

Statistics show that approximately 1.6 billion people in the world gamble. In 2018, the US online gambling market produced revenues of US$306.5 billion, a remarkable sum that is only likely to have risen in the past three years. 

Fundamental to the success of online gambling sites is undoubtedly recent advancements in technology, which have allowed gambling companies to produce immersive online environments in which their customers can play. Let’s look at some of these advancements that have undoubtedly contributed to the incredible growth of the iGaming industry. 

HTML5 Coding

HTML5 is the latest enhancement of the original HTML code that revolutionized the World Wide Web back in the nineties. HTML5 code allows developers to write code that can be used across various platforms, devices, and across different markets. For the iGaming sector, this means that customers can enjoy popular casino features like slots and table games on both desktop and mobile devices. 

Because so many customers want to access online casinos on the go, iGaming sites seek to provide optimum access to their games via mobile devices and tablets without the need for downloading an app. HTML5 coding allows developers to do this and the experience for players has never been better.

Live casino games

Arguably the most attractive feature of online casinos is the option for customers to join live casino games. Instead of just watching automated gameplay out in front of you, live casino games are streamed from a live studio and provide you with the opportunity to join a real-life game hosted by a dealer. These games are as close as you can get to a brick-and-mortar experience without leaving the comfort of your own home. 

Live casino games are interactive and immersive and have truly revolutionized how traditional favorites like blackjack, roulette, and baccarat can be enjoyed on the internet. You can even chat with your fellow players while enjoying your game. If you haven’t yet enjoyed live online casino games, you’re missing out.

In-Play Betting

But it’s not just online casino games that have become more immersive thanks to recent advancements in technology. In-play betting options provide sports fans with a plethora of excellent ways of boosting their sports bets while increasing the enjoyment of watching sport live. In-play betting offers customers the chance to build complex stakes and place money on the likelihood of specific in-play scenarios while watching their favorite teams. 

If you’re watching the NFL, for instance, you can bet on the outcome of the upcoming play. This can include things like whether your team will run a passing or rushing play, and you can also predict the number of yards they will make. Of course, given the relatively quick turnover between plays, customers have to pay attention, but it’s an excellent way to liven things up while you’re watching your favorite sports. 

Engaging promotions and offers

If you’ve ever played at an online casino, you’ll be aware of the incredible range of welcome bonuses and ongoing promotions that are offered. This is an attempt to improve customer loyalty, and it works more often than not. Thanks to improvements in customer relations management, online casinos and sportsbooks can offer superb too-good-to-turn-down offers to their customers, many of which are based upon their current expenditure and playing habits. 

Promotions and offers exist in many forms, whether it’s money-back specials, free spins, or free sports bets after you’ve made a minimum deposit to your account. Many online casinos also have excellent loyalty point programs and VIP schemes, which offer added value to their customers and reward loyalty and regular gaming. With so many online casinos and iGaming platforms to choose from, these engaging promotions and offers are essential for attracting new customers. 

The verdict

There’s little doubt that the iGaming industry has enjoyed remarkable success in recent times. This can be mainly attributed to significant advancements in technology that have ensured online platforms are both immersive and engaging for players. 

As technology continues to improve in the near future, we’re likely to see further increases in the popularity of the iGaming sector. Trends related to advanced payment options and virtual reality, in particular, ensure that the future of iGaming is exciting.