Meticulously crafted, mind-bogglingly, beautiful, and thought-provoking shows found worldwide, great news for cinephiles and binge-watchers alike.

This does come with a few major problems; however, many of these shows are region-locked on local streaming platforms, or you need to have a handful of subscriptions to gain access to all of the best content.

For example, some of the most popular shows are spread out across a wealth of different platforms, effectively reducing accessibility for those who need to watch their finances.

Thankfully, the answer might lie in the hands of a great VPN (a virtual private network), one that protects your activity online and lets you stream with ease to your heart’s content.

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Location Imitation

A VPN can essentially change your location parameters online, allowing you access to international content on your own local streaming platform.

Say you wanted to watch Rick and Morty but only had a subscription for Netflix; a VPN could change your location to the UK, granting you access to their catalog, which includes every season of Rick and Morty.

This could save you having to fork out some extra cash for a Hulu subscription instead of relying on your US Netflix account to stream it for you.

  • One VPN even has a built-in GPS spoofing feature, which might be worth considering if you want to fully disguise your activity from moderators or wish to imitate your location on GPS-based apps like Pokémon Go. In this regard, you might want to check out an easy way to change your location with a VPN – Surfshark.

Device Support

The best VPNs for streaming arrive with a wealth of device support, allowing you to stream on whatever tech you prefer, be it a console, a phone, a tablet, a computer, or all of the above simultaneously.

It is definitely worth keeping your eye out for this feature in general just in case you need to change your devices or want the added benefits of choice when it comes to all of your watching needs.


Netflix has attempted a crackdown on VPN users recently, so opting for the bare and basic minimum of VPNs might not be your best choice moving forward.

Choosing an option that boasts a no-logs service that reroutes your location through multiple countries and has a commitment to security may ensure that you stay safe when streaming international content.

Shows to Watch out For

Here’s the best part, the movies, and shows themselves! You’re gaining access to a world full of entertainment options, so why not check out some of the options?

  • The Office (UK) – Long before you laughed at Dwight so hard your sides split, the original British version of the Office was Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant’s masterpiece, a must-see for anyone remotely interested in humor, as Gervais will be quick to remind you.
  • Pulp Fiction (Canada) – Quentin Tarantino’s inimitable style dances with his non-linear screenwriting expertise in this classic, a truly unforgettable watch that is worth revisiting every time.
  • Sicario (Japan) – Overflowing with suspense, thrills, shocks, and stellar performances from Benicio Del Toro and Emily Blunt, Denis Villeneuve’s crime thriller is an arresting sight to behold.