Social media has had a significant impact on businesses’ marketing strategies over the years. In fact, it has such great benefits that anyone not using social media is missing out on a phenomenal opportunity. 

Today, social media has transformed how things are done in the business world. About 90% of marketers agree that social media has given their businesses immense exposure. Yet, this is only one of the social media’s numerous benefits.

Many supporting tools have also emerged to help businesses level up their game because social media is such a powerful marketing instrument. One such tool is the proxy server. While they are more commonly used for data scraping, social media managers have also found a way to utilize them.

What Is a Proxy?

Proxies are servers you use to create a protective layer between your device and the resource you are accessing. Proxies prevent the server you are connecting to from seeing your actual data and location, allowing you to maintain your privacy and security while online.

With proxies, you can stay anonymous and hide your actual location because only data from the proxy server you are connected to is visible. This gives you a lot of room to experiment when it comes to social media. 

How Do Proxies Help Promote Your Brand’s Social Media Presence?

If you decide to attract popularity by buying ads or paying influencers to promote your brand, you will get decent results. However, the new trend is using social media proxies to drive social media traffic to your pages. 

Social media managers often create many accounts as part of their effort to promote a brand. However, they face a significant challenge; social media platforms from Facebook to Instagram do not encourage their users to have multiple accounts. 

In fact, it’s easy for social media platforms to detect whether there Is only one user behind the profiles you create across multiple accounts. They use your IP address, which is essentially your digital fingerprint. 

That’s why you will find that if you try to create multiple accounts from the same IP address, you’ll often find your profiles banned from the platform.

Social media proxies help you to go around this challenge. Proxies allow you to switch from one remote server to another when logging into your different accounts. When you use proxies, you can convince the system to believe that those are other people accessing their profiles from different areas of the world. 

If you have excellent social media proxies, you can even create up to hundreds of accounts. You can find specific proxies with no prior social media activity from proxy providers. 

When anonymized, the fake social media accounts you create can be automated to send massive traffic to your business website or social media pages. 

Which Proxy Should You Choose?

There are different kinds of proxies, ranging from public proxies to shared and residential proxies. However, residential proxies are the most suitable for your business’s social media needs

A residential proxy is a proxy type that’s usually issued by internet service providers and is tied to an actual location and an authentic IP address. As a result, traffic generated with residential proxies tends to appear more legitimate, like it’s coming from real web users instead of bots. You can expect the best residential proxies to be provided by some of the top vendors in the business.

With this proxy, social media platforms will have a more difficult time noticing that you’re using a proxy because it will provide you with unique IP addresses. This allows you to drive more traffic to your social media page with fewer risks of getting banned or blocked.

Aside from that, you can also find residential IPs that can be transferred from one person to another to reduce the risk of getting blocked. 

How Can Social Media Managers Leverage Proxies for Increased Traffic?

Let’s say that a particular social media manager is looking to promote their brand. However, the brand’s social media page is too small and isn’t attracting that much attention. 

In this case, the most effective way of promoting the brand’s social media presence is by using proxies. A social media manager can create dozens of profiles with a suitable proxy, which they can then use to drive traffic to the brand’s social media account. 


It’s no secret that social media is one of the most powerful marketing tools of our day. Almost every other business is trying to promote its products or services on social media platforms, and it gets better because there are tools that can help you improve your chances for success.

Proxies are one example of these tools, and you can use them to enhance your social media marketing campaigns without worrying about getting blocked or banned by the platform.