The world of B2B eCommerce is evolving. It recorded stellar growth in 2020 where it reached a whopping $6.6 trillion in total market value.

This number clearly indicates that a lot of money is going around in this industry but also that the industry is slowly becoming a bit too saturated.

Below you will find good ways to help you secure a special spot in customers’ hearts and grow your brand in 2022.

PunchOut catalog

A PunchOut catalog is a mechanism designed to make it easy for a buyer to access a supplier’s website from the buyer’s own procurement app.

The person leaves the procurement app and enters the supplier’s web-based catalog. This starts the supplier’s website within the buyer’s browser. The buyer can browse the web-based catalog and add products to the shopping cart while both applications maintain their connections.

When a user checks out from the supplier’s PunchOut website no orders are sent to the supplier. Instead, the shopping cart with the chosen items is returned to the e-procurement application.

To summarize, your customers will be able to place orders directly from their purchasing system, as well as have direct access to negotiated catalogs online.

This makes purchasing more simple and convenient. When a person accesses catalogs from within their e-procurement software, procurement managers and others can enjoy their negotiated prices with the selected vendors.

Mobile app

Image by StartupStockPhotos from Pixabay

Mobile apps are slowly becoming an indispensable part of every business’ strategy for reaching out to new customers. Apps have changed the way businesses connect with their customers and that is something you should keep in mind.

Mobile eCommerce is being driven by people that use mobile devices to buy goods and services. Mobile retail reached trillions in 2019 and no one can predict when the growth is going to stop.

As an entrepreneur, you should recognize this and see it as an opportunity. Investing in a good app or placing your faith in a good app maker and making the app yourself is the way to go. With an app, you could enhance the customer experience. A mobile app can help you take advantage of technologies such as AI, AR, and VR. 

This opens up a lot of space to optimize your mobile CX. Consequently, improved CX will lead to more conversions and ultimately, you will be able to rake in more revenue. 

Last but not least, apps can help you gather important information about your customers such as their behavior, buyer persona, and more.

Swift customer service

To truly build rock-solid relationships and stand apart from your rivals, you need to invest in exceptional customer service. Trust, reliability, and responsiveness influence the B2B buying process considerably by affecting the strength of your relationship with your clients.

To boost your customer service performance, you should do your best to improve collaboration between your team members (the customer service department). In the B2B sphere, you need to offer a consistently uniform customer experience when clients reach out for help.

Also, know that relationships you have with customers have to be deeper when you are in a B2B setup.

Even though B2B customer service departments deal with multiple stakeholders at different points in time, they all need to develop deeper connections with their customers over time.

Easy payments

Image by StartupStockPhotos from Pixabay

Both B2B and B2C users want fast and simple transactions. Of course, these transactions also need to be secure.

When it comes to payments, there should be no mistakes and your business shouldn’t make it too difficult to complete the whole payment procedure. So, keep the process simple. Ask for vital information in the payment form and use a payment gateway that supports multiple payment options.

Do not get overwhelmed when it comes to collecting information through the payment page. Remember, that page is not the one designed for your business to collect data about your customers.

Keep things short and sweet and focus on selling value instead of trying to collect too much data while at it.

Customer feedback

To really deliver a great customer experience in the B2B niche, you need to hear what your customers have to say.

As a serious entrepreneur, you have to know that your business needs to center itself around customers if it wishes to deliver a good experience. Manage to do this well enough and you will be in front of your rivals in no time.

Feedback can be of great help in this situation. When you collect feedback, you get an opportunity to know your customers’ views regarding your services and offers. This will help you make better decisions regarding what needs to be fixed and improved.

On top of that, when you collect feedback, you will be able to measure customer satisfaction, retain customers, and improve the overall performance of your business. Just remember to collect the feedback regularly, measure the results, and act on them.

Final words

There is a lot to be won in the B2B eCommerce space today. But you need to take an approach where your customers will be the most essential part of the journey. If you treat them well, you will feel the positive results in no time.