Commercial data storage is a problem for several businesses. You have to account for the privacy and extensiveness of the data to select an optimum device. As your business is in the growing stage, you should opt for an easily expandable storage solution. It would help your business accommodate the changing data needs and ensure that you easily carry on with the business’s operations. Cloud storage is a popular option, but it can be expensive for a new startup to invest in it. You would’ve to choose a provider with the best security measures and even hire an employee for maintenance. It can affect the budget and bring up the overall expenses.

Drobo is a convenient data storage solution that offers easy and safe storage. It uses drives, which you might already have, and plugs them all onto the Drobo. So, you would be using multiple drives to store the data instead of just using one. It would help easily expand the storage by adding more drives and also handle them easily. It isn’t easy to safely store multiple drives which contain crucial business data. Also, you would’ve to hire a professional data recovery service in case any of the drives face any physical damage. So, Drobo can be an excellent solution for this. Let’s look over four other things you should know about Drobo:

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Size of the drives

You can add multiple drives of varying sizes onto the Drobo. However, the speed of your device can slow down with time. If you want to improve the Drobo’s speed, opt for more drives rather than larger ones. Experts have noticed that the speed of Drobo is almost proportional to the number of drives. For example, you should add more of those 5TB drives than just a single 16TB one. It would help keep the device in good shape and maintain the speed. So, keep this in mind before you buy more drives for the Drobo.


The Drobo device would face a speed reduction if you fully fill up the space. The normal range is to leave about 30% of the space to avoid a reduction of speed. You can always just add a bigger drive if you see this on this dashboard. Keep checking the storage warning on your device by going over the dashboard. It displays all the relevant information related to the Drobo, and you can easily spot the storage warning. When the limit reaches 25%, that’s when you would face a slower speed.

Data maintenance cost

You should first assess your data storage needs before investing in a Drobo. You can do this by calculating the size of storage devices you’re using right now. For example, if you’re using individual drives, add up their sizes and factor in the increasing needs. It would help you see the amount of storage you’ll need in the Drobo. You can then calculate the cost of drives to get a better idea of the budget. It would help make an informed choice for your data storage needs according to your budget.

Data security

Power outages or physical damage are some examples of security threats to Drobo. It can lead to data loss, and you would’ve to hire a Drobo Data Recovery Service to retrieve the information. You should ensure that there’s an uninterrupted power supply while using your device. Also, store the drives and the Drobo in a safe place where it’s far away from any physical damage. Other than that, it is a pretty safe storage solution. You won’t have to worry about drive failure as it won’t affect your work or the efficiency of the device too.