You undoubtedly observed how many moving pieces there are while managing your brand. You need to constantly give consumers, and provide chances to interact and collect information through social media, email, search engines, or by contacting your sales and support staff directly. How can you be sure that you use all the communication channels to monitor each one? 

Using a marketing revenue platform can enhance your company’s development, and improve your client experience. Every company can benefit from digital marketing. If yours haven’t yet, it’s time you leverage on marketing revenue platforms available to you.

What Is A Marketing Revenue Platform?

Modern marketing uses technology to evaluate a marketing effort’s actual effectiveness, and influence future strategy and decision-making. Sales and marketing software is any platform that lets companies monitor the whole of their client interactions. It also provides solutions that assist sellers and marketers in establishing stronger relationships with their customers. 

Growing teams use them to acquire prospects, nurture and engage them in sales more effectively and give current customers continuing value. A real sales and marketing platform will integrate your work across teams and provide you everything you need to build, qualify and nurture leads in one location. 

It takes your marketing efforts and your workflow’s efficiency to help build brand confidence for your consumers. With that said, your marketing activities may be time-consuming and costly without a centralized tool. InfiniGrow offers marketing platforms to optimize your marketing performance. 

Using your marketing revenue platforms, here are the ways you can employ to attract consumers, engage them, convert them, and retain them:

Use CRM To Improve Customer Experience 

Customer Relationship Management or CRM serves as a center for the organization and understanding of valuable information and insights of the consumer. It also gives the capabilities required to gather and manage information about people essential to your business.

With CRM, you can interact with more personalization with your prospects and customers, anticipate the desires of your customers, and surprise them with recommendations that interest them. You can transform the traditional one-way street of marketing communications into a two-way conversation.

Overall, CRM software provides you with a contact database, centralizes your activities, and makes it simple to use the data into valuable insights. It subsequently forms the ideal target groups that will react to highly personalized communications.

Strengthen Your Email Marketing 

When it comes to lead generation, it has been shown that email marketing is the best option. Emails can turn out to be your perfect lead generator tool, with proper marketing strategy. 

Even email marketing needs the correct connections, approaches, and methods to get a good result. The process of lead generation is constant, and it gains momentum gradually. Following these, marketers can certainly grow their leads by email and enhance their revenues by converting quality leads. Here are some tips:

  • Grab your target lead’s attention with catchy email subject lines
  • Keep your email precise
  • Link your email to your landing page
  • Don’t use the ‘no reply’ email address 
  • Set automated email campaigns
  • Optimize your email marketing for mobile users
  • Include call-to-action in your email marketing campaign
  • Test your email campaigns and analyze the data

You may create visually appealing messages that complement and reinforce your marketing message. Also, apart from time and effort savings, email marketing may assist business growth when coupled with data from your sales and marketing platform. You can monitor email success to bottom-line ROI (return on investment) using email analytics. 

Utilize statistics such as opens, clicks, delivery, and bounces to optimize your message. Determine which links in your emails are functioning correctly and which aren’t. Analyze the performance of various email templates and monitor your email marketing efforts over time. 

Lastly, you may build up your prospective customer list using information collected from your sales and marketing platform, and then set up follow-up calls. Customize these emails, send them to contacts, and make customers your loyalists.

Leverage Your Social Media Marketing Platforms

Utilizing social media enables you to expand and develop your client connections. Rather than just having a name on their receipts, being active on several platforms allows you to connect with customers beyond their transactions, demonstrating your genuine interest in them. 

Taking these considerations to leverage your social media marketing platforms, you can accomplish your business goals. Here are some things to do:

  • Use social media analytics to know the buyer persona
  • Promote your content through varied social media platforms
  • Keep the customer’s engagement high through engaging content
  • Provide customer support
  • Partner with an influencer to advertise your service or products
  • Create educational content like tutorials, webinars, eBooks, and others 
  • Respond and reward your followers
  • Create a community 

Brand loyalty is highly essential, and social media plays a vital part in brand loyalty. Staying involved in social media can make an impact. You’ll start to notice the good effects on your company and brand if you genuinely care about your followers. Provide them with excellent content, and communicate in a manner that fits your business culture.

Use Marketing Automation For Every Buyer’s Journey

Marketing teams must develop customized, targeted digital campaigns that adapt to the individual requirements of each potential buyer. A buyer’s journey can be the total of each customer’s unique, customized interactions with your business. 

With marketing automation, you can personalize every contact with a consumer based on their data, resulting in continuous, seamless journeys across all brand touchpoints. It generates relevant content and messages across a variety of channels at a large scale. 

You can send dynamic email messages that go far beyond a customer’s first name in the subject line. Integrate SMS and MMS (Short Message Service and Multimedia Messaging Service), push alerts, and group messaging into your email and social campaigns. You can create digital advertisements that display to the appropriate person at the right moment. Additionally, automatically suggest the right products or services on your website to each unique user.

Marketing automation enables you to engage prospects more effectively with content directly relevant to them —this fosters trust and understanding among your prospects.

Publish Landing Pages And Interactive Forms 

Landing pages are static pages on a website that are specifically intended to generate lead conversions. However, as competition gets fiercer, it becomes critical to increase the appeal of your landing pages, to increase your click-through rate. 

Whether your landing page’s goal is to convert visitors from pay-per-click advertising campaigns or generate organic traffic to your website, it should be aesthetically creative.Interactive landing pages are the only way to differentiate your website from the sea of other websites and landing pages.

One of the most significant advantages of having interactive landing pages is that visitors prefer to stay longer. This implies more exposure and awareness of your brand. Dwell time is also a significant component of search engine landing page optimization. Suppose a person remains on your website for a couple of minutes after viewing Google’s search results. In that case, your ranks will probably improve, and you’ll have even more visitors.

Use Multi-Platform Integration For Your Marketing Tools 

Digital marketing allows businesses to divide market groups and to understand each category more clearly and deeply. Sales goals and marketing metrics may be achieved with the proper targeting and successful promotions.

Integrated multi-platform digital marketing allows businesses and brands to provide their customers with extraordinary experiences throughout their purchases. You can use customer data, provide analytical insights and automate cross-channel interactions You can use a centralized platform where you can access helpful analytics everywhere and at any time.

Therefore, providing your consumers with exceptional experiences by utilizing integrated digital multi-platform marketing may distinguish your brand and product in the eyes of your customers. This can lead to the development of loyal consumers, the establishment of advocacy, return businesses, and new businesses.

If you can’t execute all the tasks your sales and marketing platform needs, you might require extra third-party solutions. Your platform should be integrated easily with the tools available to maintain your plan. One of the distinguishing features of an extensive sales and marketing platform is the capacity to consolidate information from various sources, including tools by third parties.

Use Content Marketing Effectively 

Content creation is a long-term marketing approach that aims to build a solid connection with prospective consumers via continuous quality material relevant to them. Today, consumers want to feel you care about them. When consumers decide to buy, their allegiance rests with you. They select your products over the rivals.

The marketing of content guarantees that you care about the needs of your consumers. Content marketing handles many forms, and you’ll have to decide what kind of content your prospective customers like, such as:

The key concept behind inbound marketing is to offer prospective customers beneficial information on various channels to make their own purchasing decisions. With all the data on client interactions in one location, you can further improve your content based on your interests and requirements.


You may test and enhance the various sales and marketing revenue platforms to find out which one best suits your target. Once you have chosen, leverage your marketing efforts. Multi-platform integration for sales and marketing can be quite expensive. Even free-starting programs may contain key functionality behind paywalls or subscriptions. Nevertheless, you can still make your monthly sales cover everything you need to fuel your success.