There are various inventions that have come to society to make life easier for us in a fairly simple way and one of what is most appreciated is the flashlight that despite not being too complex, it does get us out of trouble.

Many models of flashlights are those that we can find in the market, online on the Shoppok or in the shops, some of these are simpler, others of them are usually more powerful, the truth is that these help us to see much better in the dark.

With so many technological advances we have different options to take advantage of these tools but there are some others that help us overcome various aspects, such as the Guinness Record.

This time we want to tell you about one of the flashlights that has come to surpass all the others that have been created and it is the Nitebrite 300 of which today we will give you the details and that comes to break a record.

The guys at Hacksmith Industries have spent their precious time building the world’s most powerful flashlight, 500,000 lumens, breaking a Guinness Record in the process. What they did was make a model about 15 times more powerful than the most powerful flashlight commercially available today.

In this way, the 18 LEDs¹ of one of these “powerful” flashlights became 300 LEDs distributed over 50 boards connected to 50 drivers, each with its own power supply. The result is a spectacular circular plate [02:20] with LEDs that visually add up to 500,000 lm that can be “encapsulated” like a giant flashlight. Add to it, as required by the canons, Large Power and Ignition Buttons (low, high, and “turbo”) and voila: a world record.

The result as can be seen in the video speaks for itself: the flashlight can be used to illuminate or, conveniently focused with a lens, even to burn things, although the most fun is to use smaller lenses to obtain a «giant beam of light» with the diameter of a garbage can, covering it inside with reflective material. This acts as a collimator and makes the rays go out basically parallel.

A Crookes radiometer as a light grinder

But my favorite test of all those seen in the video – and there are a few stupid ones that are funnier – is the most scientific, it is the one that consists of checking the power of the flashlight with a Crookes radiometer. This invention, also appropriately called a light grinder, is a sealed sphere in which a vacuum has been made with small balanced metal plates, which move like a weather vane when light falls on them. The bases of its operation are very curious and are not so much due to the momentum transfer between the incident photons – which is extremely small – as to the fact that the sphere’s vacuum is not entirely perfect and the so-called thermal drag actually occurs. on the edge of the plates, which are one color on one side and black on the other. It took scientists years to figure out the real reasons why the radiometer “worked,” because although it was evident that it moved when hit by light, they were unclear about the real reasons.

You can compare the powerful effect on the radiometer of the giant 500,000 lm flashlight of these crazy inventors with that of the less powerful flashlights on the radiometer. With low power, the effect is almost non-existent, on the order of one turn of the grinder per hour. With the mega-flashlight in turbo mode you can spin the grinder almost like a fan, so fast, so fast that it bursts the glass in a few seconds.

All about the new Nitebrite 300 – The best flashlight yet

Beating a Guinness record can be something quite simple or too complex and although there are records of practically everything that exists and you can imagine, it is important that you bear in mind that new elements appear every time that seek to overcome themselves.

In the case of flashlights, now we have one that will set a Guinness record or is it expected and is that it is the brightest and most powerful flashlight in the world since it has 500 thousand lumens and the most interesting of all is that it is a portable and easy to carry device.

To give you an idea of ​​how much it illuminates, we tell you that it is twice as much as the spotlights of a soccer stadium illuminate, even these soccer stadium spotlights may even illuminate much less.

Who has put to work to create this wonderful and interesting lantern, you should know that he is a Canadian YouTuber, named James Hobson who is the one from the Hacksmith channel.

This man in the company of other people to make up the group have created this device capable of blind a human if he does not have adequate protection and it is that it has 300 LEDs and although it is portable it is a bit big, the truth is that it is a flashlight and it brightens more than is supposed to be.

Inside the flashlight, we have fifty small plates with 6 LEDs each for a total of three hundred LED lights powered by just a single battery and all this is thanks to a trash can, this is the packaging of this great flashlight.

The LEDs illuminate in all directions and to enhance its brightness and direct it to only one light, they placed magnifying glasses that allowed the photons to be directed to only one direction, and within this, there are also reflectors that also direct the light.

This flashlight undoubtedly had enough effort to make and to check its brightness, Hobson’s team used a Crook radiometer which, depending on the intensity of the light, has a propeller that rotates and when placed in front of the flashlight, the radiometer practically explodes.