We’ve all been there, the first day on the job and nerves are running high. Your mind focuses on making a good first impression and ensuring everything goes according to plan. A lot of your first day is out of your control however, organising the elements that ARE in your control will take some of your stress away. So, to help you calm the nerves, here are some ways you can help make a great impression on your first day at work.


On your first day, you will almost certainly get an abundance of questions. Hopefully, many of them will be light-hearted however, if there are some questions you might struggle with – practice your answers. Practising your responses will help avoid panic when in a pressurised situation. Get a family member or friend to help you. They can act as your new colleagues, and you can give your responses accordingly. 

As well as practising your responses you could also practice some questions to ask your colleagues. Having some questions prepared will not only give you a better idea of the company, but it will make you look inquisitive and engaged in the process. 

Dress properly 

Before starting your new role, it is important to know how to dress accordingly. If your company has a dress code, you should look through that before starting. Find items that will fit your style and add your touches. Showcasing your personality through your outfit will give your colleagues an insight into you, helping you integrate easily. 

Be on time 

Being on time is so valuable on your first day at work. It demonstrates to your colleagues that you are taking your job seriously. Moreover, it takes some stress away from you. There is no worse feeling than running for your train and, you know you’re going to be late. So, book your train tickets in advance and ensure you get to the station on time. Consider booking a train ticket significantly earlier than your start time. This will give you time to grab a drink and wind down before you start work. 


Ensure you enter your new job with a positive attitude. A happy face with a smile is infectious so, why not enter your workplace with just that. You want to be seen as a friendly and approachable member of the team as it will help you integrate. 

Good manners will never go out of fashion. Ensure you remember your pleases and thank you’s when interacting with your colleagues. You want to be known as a polite a respectful member of the team and practising good manners is the best way to make this happen.