Why is dressing a girl always more difficult than dressing a boy? From an early age, they are as picky about their outfit as possible. A variety of styles and colors, prints, embroidery – it is very difficult to make such clothes look harmonious and match with each other.

Common Mistakes Parents Make When Buying Girl’s Outfits

One mistake when choosing clothes leads to the fact that the closet is full, and there is nothing to wear. How not to make mistakes when choosing a basic wardrobe for a toddler girl? Read below.

1)   Total pink

Pink is considered traditional for little girls. Rompers, shirts, T-shirts, sweaters – from early childhood pink prevails in clothes. The girl gets used to it, grows up, and it is already difficult for her to learn how to choose the right shades that really suit her, as well as to competently combine things of different shades with each other. When getting older, girls start to purchase clothes in a black shade, and the other extreme appears – “black fits everything and makes them look slim and slender.” It is best to teach your child to correctly select different colors from childhood. So, read more about toddler girl outfits and fashion trends by following the link.

2)   Wearing all the best at once

A bright outfit, a T-shirt with a print, jeans with embroidery, shoes with sequins, a bag with bows – the child will grow up, but the habit of wearing clothes overloaded with details and decorations will remain. In order not to cultivate this habit, you need to teach the girl to choose a neutral wardrobe. For this, it is essential to select a base. You can create a bright image with the help of fashionable accessories – a handbag, or a bracelet. Scarves, hats, or caps will become an accent in the image of a child.

3)   Paying little attention to clothes

Parents make this mistake when they think that little children do not need smartly combined clothes. In this case, they buy things that do not fit together, and the outfit looks tasteless. This is done not only for the sake of the economy but rather because “the child is small and does not care.” Later, your baby grows up, but the habit of dressing in some random clothes remains. Style and taste must be taught from a very young age.

4)   Paying too much attention to fashion trends

Another mistake is when mom and daughter always wear stylish outfits. Such a couple looks great, but will the girl always feel like a child in such clothes?

  • “Don’t get dirty”
  • “Don’t touch this”
  • “Be careful with your shoes”
  • “Don’t run, if you fall – you will get dirty”
  • “Don’t climb a tree – you will tear your tights!”

There should be clothes for going out, and clothes in which the child can play, run, and really feel like a child. ​​Knowing these mistakes, you can select clothes for everyday wear with ease.