Gambling in sports has been on the rise in recent years. Aside from developments in technology which makes it far easier to place a bet than ever before, it appears unavoidable to hear the latest gossip, rumours and tips surrounding the vast world of sports. In the past, sports news might have been passed around by word of mouth or printed in papers, now, with the click of a button, social media can ensure any news goes global almost instantaneously.

Usually, only local bookmakers would contain people exchanging information and these folks may or may not be willing to share their tips. Celebrated if winning, cursed if losing! However, no matter where you turn now, social media has opinions available that may appeal to you or not. It has crept into public view without really being noticed. More and more subtle pushes towards the gambling world have piqued the interest of some. This can lead to a pleasurable pastime if done correctly, however constantly playing slots, for example, could end up becoming a financial nightmare and serious addiction.

It’s Everywhere you Look

From newspapers and magazines dedicated to gambling, which people may have been quite shy about buying or being seen with, to perhaps small sections in the more popular papers, social media seems to have brought the betting world to the mainstream. Newspaper tipsters now have their columns online, which can sometimes encourage punters to gamble with particular bookmakers. These columns inform people of special offers or sign up deals these online bookies have in place. 

Betting forums or tipping groups on the likes of Facebook or Twitter have surged in popularity as everyone aims to show off their knowledge in an attempt to earn some extra cash. The internet is often swamped with pictures of winning bets but it must be remembered people don’t often post losing bets. Just because of a moment of success, people could be viewed as being the next best thing. Social media can be very deceiving and it pays to be wary. While most gamblers like to come up with their bets, it’s hard to ignore people’s thoughts on the web sometimes.

The Presence of Tipsters

As aforementioned, tipsters have always seemed to be a part of the betting world. Eager to help and sometimes possibly be known to you, their advice would certainly persuade you to listen a little more closely. Things have developed slightly further with the onset of the internet and social media, as every man and his dog can claim to be a tipster. Some people follow these tips religiously and it can turn into a very serious habit. Addicts will be constantly checking for updates.

Tipster services have become readily available, with free and subscription versions for all sports on offer. While free tips are dangerous enough, horror stories have emerged about paid subscription services. Plastered all over social media, just because there is a fee does not guarantee success. Some tipsters cleverly avoid questions about their profit and loss and if they can guarantee a regular turnover of customers may not even need to gamble themselves!

Popular Football Clubs linked to Betting

This is another area that has come dramatically under the spotlight in recent years as clubs came under fire for having betting companies sponsor their shirts or become official partners of the club. However, taking a step even further, some clubs official pages took to posting links to betting sites before games or perhaps trying to sway folks towards a certain outcome with predictions for the game. 

As these articles could be viewed on social media by people of any age, there were concerns about the effects this may have on younger impressionable fans or indeed anyone with an addictive personality. Betting on the game makes it more exciting, right? And then the slippery slope could start. A lot of clubs claim to promote responsible gambling alongside their partners but the fact that the potential is there for a habit to be formed simply by the love of football is something that will not be ignored for much longer.

Wanting to be like the Stars

Certainly, social media has increased the craving of most folks for a highly successful lifestyle. Images of sports stars having suitcases of money appeal to most. They have been known to post details about themselves or rivals which could swing betting odds in one direction or another. While most can afford to throw money around, chances are the average person cannot. Again, it’s rare you will hear about the losses they suffer and stars will always try to look their best on social media regardless. Pictures and videos are uploaded practically every minute of the day keeping you updated on your latest favourite star’s progress. 

The arrival of the Paul brothers, Youtubers turned boxers seems to have shaken up the entertainment world. These guys are not even professional, but through mass following and now intense training have been allowed to fight for staggering amounts of money. Logan Paul recently fought one of the most famous boxers of all time, Floyd Mayweather, and real fighters have voiced their discontent and disbelief at the figures being mentioned. The fact that bets can be had during the live streaming of fights and their constant calling out and taunting of rivals on social media has brought them unprecedented attention.


Whether we like it or not, social media now has a massive influence on people’s lives, even far outside the betting element. It’s here to stay and one must be careful not to fall into the many traps that are out there. If you are any sort of sports fan, it is hard to ignore the efforts being made to get people hooked into having some sort of flutter. If you don’t like sports, playing on a site like live casino offers a wide range of games such as poker to roulette try. There is something for everybody, with the numbers of women playing games increasing rapidly in recent times. It’s rare to meet someone without a social media account of some description so it’s clear to see why this area would be a valid target for betting companies.