Battlefield is one of the most popular and revered names in the world of online first person shooter games. For decades, the Battlefield franchise has wowed fans with its massive battles and edge-of-your-seat blend of infantry and vehicular combat. Another thing that has made Battlefield very interesting is the fact that the game has hopped around from one time setting to another. It started with the Second World War, travelled back in time to the First World War and has gone on to have games themed around modern war zones and futuristic science fiction conflicts as well. The next instalment of the franchise, Battlefield 6 is currently under works at DICE. If you are a fan of the Battlefield franchise and eagerly awaiting the launch of Battlefield 6, this post has got you all the information available on it so far. Let’s get started. 

Battlefield 6: Release Date and What to Expect?

When is Battlefield 6 Releasing?

As far as the exact release date of Battlefield 6 is concerned, there is no official information. However, there is some concrete info out there. One of them is that DICE is currently working on the game for sure. It has also been reported that the studio has devoted a lot of its resources for the game’s development. 

In fact, in mid-2020 both Battlefield V and Star Wars Battlefront II, the studio’s two big existing multiplayer shooters, received their final updates. This was a confirmation of the fact that the existing titles won’t receive any more updates and the final update would be the final versions of the games, heralding the arrival of a brand new instalment of the franchise.

This is, according to those familiar with the studio, to help free up those staff members who were working on the games’ content calendars. This move allowed them to focus completely on Battlefield 6 and speed up the game’s development. While all of this does indicate that work is under way on Battlefield 6, there is still no information on any concrete release window. Based on what we know so far (and this is subject to change), Battlefield 6 isn’t going to appear anytime before mid to late 2021. After all, both DICE and EA need to finish the game properly and market it well. An unfinished, bug ridden and hastily released game doesn’t bode well for the studio or the franchise in general. EA, in fact, indicated on a recent earnings call that it’ll launch in the fiscal year 2022, which runs from April 2021 to March 2022, so that’s apparently its window for now. 

What is Battlefield 6’ setting going to be?

As it has been with previous Battlefield instalments, the setting is always something which makes players very curious. With the incredibly diverse settings of the past, there are a variety of settings that can be expected in Battlefield 6 and it’s not really easy to speculate when the world is your oyster.

The general rumour-consensus (if there is such a thing) is that Battlefield 6 will have a modern setting. The franchise has covered both the World Wars and early 20th century combat in Battlefield 1 and Battlefield 5. The franchise also showed its excellence in modern combat scenarios with Battlefield 3 and 4. Given the fact that Battlefield V was based on the Second World War, it makes sense to expect Battlefield 6 to have more of a modern setting. So far, everyone is waiting with bated breath for DICE to unveil when and where the game will be set. Once that comes out, the hype levels will just go through the roof. 

Will Battlefield 6 be set in a futuristic World War 3?

A rumour on Reddit has claimed that Battlefield 6 is likely to feature a fictitious World War 3 setting with battles between Russian forces and NATO.

Like other recent Battlefield outings, Battlefield 6 is likely to be devoid of single player campaigns and will focus on “War Stories” with small, episodic experiences for players to enjoy. The Redditor has claimed that one of these incredible stories will see players in the boots of an American soldier fighting off Russian forces in American suburbs. A British Spy infiltrating Eastern Europe has also been rumoured to be a playable scenario in Battlefield 6. 

The rumours have also hinted at the fact that Grand Operations will see an update in Battlefield 6 and will span five days. The campaign will feature battles on different days and on a different map. The winning team starts with an upper hand on the following day. This is what the experience is expected to be like:

“Day 1: NATO forces deploy on the interstate while Russians paradrop into the mall area “Red Dawn style”. The Russians objective is to seize several control points along the way from the mall to the interstate. NATO has to grab a different set of control points along an alternate route on the way to the mall. Teams cannot re-capture points once they are taken by the enemy team. In this first round, NATO manages to capture all the points (or more points) then the Russian team. This then pushes the game to day 2.”

“Day 2 the Russian team deploys in the neighbourhood while the NATO team deploys at a newly established F.O.B at the mall. This new F.O.B grants NATO additional vehicles to use on Day 2 while the Russian team has none. The objective in Day 2 for the Russians is to destroy several targets throughout the map. NATO’s objective is to capture a single hill at the centre of the neighbourhood deep behind enemy lines. Say in this scenario, the Russian team wins.”

“Day 3 both teams will have a similar advantage again. Day 3 involves more vehicle and team-based play. Each team is given a “command tank” with extra health and armour to defend. Each team also needs to get that tank to a certain location within the map. First one to the location or to destroy the enemies tank wins. Let’s say the Russian team wins this Day as well, now they have an advantage on Day 4.”

“Day 4 involves NATO defending city hall from a Russian attack. NATO’s objective is to hold out until the timer goes to zero. The Russian objective is to take the control point at city hall. The Russian team is given extra vehicles to complete this task since they won the last two Days while NATO gets nothing. Say, the Russian team wins Day 4 as well. Now they have a major advantage going into Day 5.”

“The final Day features a game mode very similar to that of frontlines from previous battlefield games. There are 7 command points in total which can be fought over back and forth. The Russian team would start one command point closer to the NATO base then they would have otherwise since they won the previous 3 days. They would also receive extra vehicles, respawns and have AI air support on call for use by squad leaders. In this situation it is highly likely the Russian team would win however, through great teamwork and tactics, NATO can still pull off the upset and win Day 5 and win that match of Grand Operations. “

Remember, these are all rumours, so take them with a pinch of salt.

As far as multiplayer is concerned, Battlefield 6 is likely to continue with the usual 64 vs 64 player combat with modes including team deathmatch, domination, conquest, breakthrough and grand operations. 

What is Battlefield 6’ gameplay going to be like?

While the setting of Battlefield 6 is still a closely guarded secret, we can speculate more on the gameplay that we can expect. DICE is most likely to stick with the tried and tested formula of big maps, big player counts and vehicles aplenty. 

The manner in which the likes of Call of Duty: Warzone have upped the player count to highs of 150 and 200 in recent times means that players can expect to be a part of some massive battles in Battlefield 6. If the extremely brief test footage is anything to go by, we are definitely going to see a lot of that.

As you can see in the clip above, there’s footage of a huge building collapsing, and whitebox footage of hundreds of soldiers on-screen at once. If you are a Battlefield fan, you are bound to get excited by that. Another “leak” has revealed that one of the priorities for DICE right now is to increase the player count in Battlefield 6. This leaker has proven to be right in the past so we can take his word for it. DICE might also be considering adding a free-to-play Battle Royale portion to the game, in the vein of the successful tactics Activision has used with Call of Duty: Warzone. 

Which platforms will Battlefield 6 be launched on?

With the next generation of consoles being launched (PS5, Xbox Series X), it is expected that Battlefield 6 will be available on those consoles. However, the main question out there is if Battlefield 6 will be supported on the older consoles.

DICE has confirmed that Battlefield 6 is being produced with next-gen technology in mind. With Sony’s PlayStation 5 and Microsoft’s Xbox Series X being launched recently, Battlefield is definitely going to be launched on those next-gen consoles. However, DICE hasn’t confirmed whether the game will completely bypass current generation consoles. You will definitely be able to play Battlefield 6 on PS5 and Xbox Series X, and you will be able to enjoy the incredible graphical capabilities of these next-gen beasts. DICE has always been great at extracting incredible graphical fidelity from consoles and we can expect more from Battlefield 6 in that aspect. Another thing we can expect is some staggering sound design.

So that was a collection of all the information we have on Battlefield 6 so far. Will the next instalment of this awesome franchise be wonderful? Only time will tell. However, we can be sure that the next gen graphics are going to be mind bogglingly good, and given DICE’s history, Battlefield 6 should also be a winner. We will find out soon enough.