These days, the term “artificial intelligence” seems to be a buzzword we can’t escape. While AI has made its place known in tech development for a while, it’s also slowly making its way into other industries. For many, this new technological leap conjures up sci-fi images. With it comes a fear that AI will soon take over the world as we know it.

Truthfully, AI is already playing a very big role in our daily lives. For example, when you perform a search on the internet or scour a dating app for potential matches, artificial intelligence is at play. According to research, in many business sectors, the use of AI has grown more than 270% over the short span of four years. 

Here’s what everyone wants to know: what will AI mean for workers in the future? As history shows, any technological advancement creates the fear that the human workforce will become obsolete. The truth is probably not as bad as the outlook, but it’s also not as straightforward as we’d like to think.

Artificial Intelligence and the Online Casino Industry

AI has a significant impact on the gambling industry, whether in a land-based casino or the online variety. As the worldwide remote gambling sector is expected to hit an impressive $112.09 billion by 2025, many establishments are evolving rapidly to make use of the latest tech to give players a better experience. The aim of online casinos is to deliver safer and more realistic gameplay through AI. Other than that, algorithms also use collected data to present a selection of games that will most likely entice punters. One of the biggest ways that artificial intelligence will affect the job market is through the use of AI to replace live dealers. 

How Live Dealers Reign Players In

The house always wins, and that’s because game operators exploit mathematical probabilities and human behavior. Many casinos rely on attractive staff to help sustain an image of class, grandiosity, as well as excitement. Can you picture a casino without the expressions of live dealers and floor staff, whether they’re friendly or menacing? With the use of AI, one sure thing that will go out the window is the aura of a casino.

Live dealers maintain order and ensure games are fair. They offer tips to beginners, watch out for cheaters, and set expectations, all to the benefit of players. When a punter feels comfortable with a dealer, chances are they will stick to the table for much longer than expected. Would a machine have the ability to entice players to continue playing in a similar fashion? That’s doubtful, especially when you consider a robot’s lack of charm.

There is a reason why online casinos strive so hard to replicate the experience of live establishments. Players aren’t only there to gamble; they’re also hungry for a memorable time. A live dealer brings a social element to gambling, and its importance cannot be understated.

Does AI Have the Upper Hand?

In Macau, a company called Paradise Entertainment has developed a robot dealer prototype. This machine has the ability to manage card games and play against others. The company’s next step is to improve the robot so that it can recognize faces and make small talk in several languages. Another company based out of Hong Kong, Hanson Robotics, has created an interactive robot with facial expressions and conversational ability. 

One crucial point to consider is expenditure. A casino, whether online or live, spends a fortune on salaries. Over the last decade, studies show that the average dealer’s salary has gone up by 150%. This is where AI has a significant advantage over humans, as robots are far cheaper to maintain. Tipping dealers will also go out the window when robots are serving, saving gamblers a few bucks and ensuring fairness at the same time. 

AI-powered casino dealers will involve less human error. In today’s casinos, basic human mistakes cost operators millions of dollars. By using robots, there will only be programming errors to be dealt with, and these are few and far between.

Finding the Right Balance

Perhaps what the future holds is a balance between live dealers and AI. There are just some things a human does that a computer cannot replicate. On the other hand, some players might also prefer less social interaction and a more direct gaming approach. 

Artificial intelligence will undoubtedly improve the conventional online gaming experience, especially when it comes to game suggestions and security. However, it does little to envelop players in a realistic setting.

What Does the Future Hold?

Playing with a machine takes away the romance, mystery, and unpredictability of gambling with humans. However, casinos are also weighing that against their chief objective – profit. Chances are, live dealers aren’t going to lose their jobs any time soon, but this career choice might not be viable come the next decade.