Now is a great time to be alive for anyone with a passion for tech because there have been so many incredible developments made in recent times. Tech now plays a major role in many parts of life, including hobbies. If you have a passion for tech, you will find that there are all kinds of brilliant tech-related hobbies that will allow you to embrace this new technology and enjoy your free time. Many of these hobbies can improve your life in several ways, so if you love tech and you are seeking a new hobby, keep reading for a few suggestions.

Digital Photography


Digital photography is great as a hobby as it is a mix of creativity and technology. Going out in the world and taking photos and then uploading and editing these online allows the chance to be highly creative, express yourself, and make your own art. It is important to have creative hobbies in your life, and there are few better than photography, plus this is a hobby that anyone can get started with, but there is also a huge amount to learn if you really want to develop your skills.

Video Games


It is truly remarkable the strides that have been made in video games over the years, and this is all thanks to developments in tech. Many people of all ages enjoy playing video games in 2021, especially because there are so many different genres and the chance to play online as well. Playing online can turn what used to be a solitary activity into a social hobby as you can play either with friends or people from all over the world. If you enjoy playing video games, you might also find it fun to go back and play retro games to see how things have changed but also how many of these games are still fantastic fun to play.

Build Your Own PC

Leading on from this, you might also want to consider building your own PC. If you have an interest in tech, this is one of the best ways to learn and immerse yourself in technology. Building a PC from scratch is fascinating and an interesting process, plus it also allows you to build a high-performance computer that can improve your life in many ways. This means that this is one of the most rewarding hobbies that you can start, and there is a lot of helpful information online that will guide you through the entire process.


Animation is everywhere these days and something that will always impress when done well. Learning to animate is worthwhile as it combines creativity with technical skill; plus, this is a creative hobby that has zero limitations, and you can create whatever you want. It does take some time to develop your abilities, but this only makes it more rewarding once you get the hang of it and can bring your stories and characters to life. You should find that learning to animate will also give you a much greater appreciation for the animated films and TV shows that people have gotten so used to over the years.

Online Casino Games

There was a time where if you wanted to play casino games, then you would have to visit a casino, but these days all you need is a phone or any other device. Online casino games allow you to bring the excitement of a Las Vegas casino into your home, and there are all kinds of games that you can play, such as online blackjack, baccarat, poker, roulette, and various different slot games. Many of today’s online casinos have impressive graphics and a realistic gaming experience, so those with a passion for tech will appreciate it and should find it a good way to blow off some steam after a stressful day.


In today’s day and age, there are few skills as valuable to have as coding. So much of modern life is built from coding, so it is interesting to learn and something that combines both creativity and technical knowledge. It is a rewarding process to learn to code, plus you will find that this can also lead to interesting and lucrative work if you are looking for a new career path to follow.

Digital Music Production


Do you have a passion for music? Tech and music have always been closely intertwined, and digital music production is something that many people enjoy doing in their spare time. There are all kinds of excellent software programs that can help you get started even if you do not have much knowledge about music production, and it is an amazing feeling to start making your own music all on the computer. Obviously, having some basic musical knowledge is hugely beneficial, and you can teach yourself the basics with information online, and places like YouTube are a good place to start.

Drone Flying

It is clear to see the impact that drones have had on the world in recent years and will play a major role moving forward. Having your own drone is fantastic fun, and the options are endless for things that you can do with it, such as attaching a camera to capture stunning views from great heights. Flying a drone is not as easy as you might imagine, so it is a challenge at first, but this will only make it more rewarding once you become a confident drone operator.

Electric Scooter/Bike

Electric vehicles are all the rage right now and can certainly be a great way to get around (and much more eco-friendly than driving). Both electric scooters and bikes are ideal for those with a passion for technology, and it is a great thrill riding around without having to put any effort in. Not only is riding these electric vehicles good fun, but many find that they are perfect for commuting or getting to places that you need to be, so they could be a great addition to your lifestyle (especially if you live in hilly areas!).

3D Printing

3D printing is becoming bigger and bigger, and the potential that this amazing technology has is endless and very exciting. Learning 3D printing now is a great skill to develop, plus you will find that it is a great chance to be creative, and the options are endless for the types of things that you can create. Cutlery, coasters, phone stands, models, toys, artwork, and containers are just a few examples of the types of things that you could start making with a 3D printer, but there are no limitations, so it can be good fun coming up with new ideas.

Build Your Own Robot

Robotics has always interested those with a passion for technology, and nowadays, you can build your own robots without expert knowledge. You can get beginner’s robotics kits that provide you with all the tools, equipment, and knowledge you need to build your own robot capable of various functions, and this is an amazing process to go through.

Hopefully, this post will give you a few ideas for hobbies that you can enjoy as someone with a passion for technology. Technology has evolved at a rapid rate in recent years, and there are all kinds of terrific hobbies to choose from that allow you to play with, experiment, and learn about many different types of modern technology. You should find that tech hobbies will help to improve your life in many ways and give you a much greater appreciation for the incredible tech that is out there these days.