Roulette is a timeless game that people have been playing since the 1970s and nothing has changed ever since. With time, roulette has adapted to the changes without compromising on the foundation and authenticity of the game. Every advancement in technology emerged as a benefit to the existing processes. Similar to when casinos shifted from land-based to online, roulette adapted to it and is now one of the most played online games.

Amidst hundreds of casino games, a substantial part of people likes to play roulette online for many reasons. But the primary reason is its equality. Because the ball stops on a random number and is uncontrollable, therefore, pro and newbie have the same chance of winning. It does not matter how professional or experienced a person is, he cannot predict the next number the ball will land on.

Generally, there are three variants of roulette, American, European, and French. The gameplay remains the same apart from some features. While land-based roulette is still relevant and popular, however, online presence is growing rapidly and breaking all barriers that you can find in a land-based one.

What Other Technologies Make Online Roulette Popular?

Before we get into the technology behind online roulette games, other factors are also playing a vital role in attracting users.


Graphics is one of the most dominant factors that aid in deciding to play. It grabs the first attention of a user. When the options are unlimited, the appearance and design of a game impact the overall experience. Developers work tirelessly in making sure the design and look are user-friendly. This is why the most enjoyable online roulette will also have amazing graphics. For casino games to be successful, delivering a successful gaming experience along with memories is important.

Technology has come far. There are more tools than ever to make the visual experience more appealing. The top online roulette games depict a 3D experience with vibrant colors and incredible visual effects. These games give an immersive gaming experience.


The best way to enjoy a roulette game is from the convenience of your comfort. Game developers have realized this need and now you can see any upcoming roulette game is mobile-friendly. They have optimized their games to the needs of users and hence, there is a spike in usage of these games.

Similarly, in making gaming more user-friendly, the payment system has transformed from traditional to digital. Playing online roulette with real money requires safe and secure methods of transactions. Previously, it was a hassle to move money from bank accounts to casinos. Long waiting, fees, and glitches in the system discouraged people. This motivated developers to come up with modern solutions that streamlined the processes.

Using credit/debit cards and e-wallets made it convenient to make transactions. The procedure of deposit and withdrawal is smoother than ever. Also, with recent development in crypto, blockchain technology with digital currencies has opened a new realm for making financial transactions. A more reliable and trusted source, indeed.

Live Roulette Experience

It was important for people who were shifting from land-based roulette to online to make them comfortable. A programmed online roulette was too risky for these people, so, therefore, live roulette was developed to accommodate them. The transition was understandably slow, now the gap is being closed with innovations. Live roulette is a combination of both experiences. Players get to play with the dealer and other human players live in an immersive way. This was all possible because of high-speed internet, advanced audiovisual technology, and uninterrupted live streaming.

Furthermore, it will only get better with AR and VR. It is a growing technology aimed at only one thing, making the live gaming experience more interactive and as real as possible. Sooner or later, online roulette, along with other games, will widely accept these technologies.

What Technology Is Used In Online Roulette Games?

Random Number Generators (RNGs)

It is a complex mechanism that makes online roulette possible. The algorithms are programmed in such a way that they pick a number randomly emulating similar to a physical one. A highly complicated replication mechanism is involved in making sure that the game is not biased and picking a number where the ball lands.                           

The system is identical and mimics the land-based roulette game. Even in a physical roulette game, the number is not random, but elements like pressure on the ball; the force used in throwing the ball, along with speed and position of the wheel determines the number the ball lands on.

Similarly, in online roulette it is done by replicating the number of groupings and continuous recreation, determining the speed of the wheel and the trajectory of the ball. Of course, it is programming that needs regular updates and audits to ensure the system is not tempered and works seamlessly.

Is It Safe From Bots?

AI systems are getting advanced and sophisticated and, after all, it is a program with extremely complex mechanisms. However, bots need data to gather information. This could be possible by observing hundreds of games and analyzing them. Each site has its software. The pattern keeps changing and online casinos are secure enough to suspend bot and suspicious accounts immediately.