Due to the pandemic, the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) was slightly different this year, with the entire event live-streamed instead. There were concerns that 2021 might not live up to the gaming technology exhibited in 2020. But despite the setbacks, the gaming sector is flourishing, with brands showcasing some fantastic gaming equipment and technology at the event. 

Here are some of the CES 2021 gaming tech highlights that we thought deserved a mention.

Games Consoles at CES 2021

In the last year, we’ve seen some of the biggest console launches in history, with both Microsoft and Sony releasing new generations of consoles that had a high number of sales and intense media coverage.

There are no doubts consoles have received a lot of coverage over the past year with all the releases. Sony was present at CES this year, but there were no new announcements from the company about any tech developments, so Sony left the floor to the other brands who did not disappoint. Let’s start with the Atari VCS.

The Atari VCS

A new and improved Atari VCS console and controller was announced and did not fall short. Capable of multiple things, the VCS enables gamers to stream in 4K and fills the gap as a “Living Room PC” designed to allow the user freedom and complete control, as stated by VCS Developer David Lowey.

The Analogue Pocket

The Game Boy is making a comeback, but this time it’s called the Analogue Pocket. The device looks and feels like a Gameboy but has abilities that can reach a lot further than the retro technology we all know and love.

The device enables users to play a whole variety of retro and modern games and adapters to connect to the original cartridges. Pocket carts work just as well in the original Gameboy too. The ultimate piece of preservation technology for lovers of all things retro.

Miscellaneous Gaming Tech at CES 2021

The world of technology is a weird and wacky place, with all sorts of crazy inventions being released all the time. From 1440 curved monitors to insanely high-tech gaming chairs, CES 2021 saw some cool stuff this year. Here are our favorites to date.

Stern Pinball

The perfect fusion of rock, gaming, and modern technology is called Whole Lotta Love. This pinball machine is the ultimate Led Zeppelin piece of merch and comes with high-powered speakers to blast the tracks as you level up and an intense LCD for animations and score updates.

Stern’s Led Zeppelin pinball machine is perhaps the coolest piece of technology to be seen at CES 2021 and left all the virtual viewers lost for words. This creation is the perfect spin on something retro and is the perfect reminder of the gaming world’s roots.

Gaming PCs at CES 2021

The PC section was stocked pretty well, with several brands fighting for the spotlight with their latest creations. This year, the gaming laptop took the main stage with most of the brands, and while there were no surprises, the new releases didn’t fail to impress.


Razer came fully prepared this year for the CES. They showcased several products from face-masks to immersive gaming chairs. The highlight of their display has to be the Razer 17 laptop.

The Razer 17 laptop is basically the new and improved version of the Balde 15 and Balde 17 laptops with numerous new hardware additions that make any gaming fan stop dead in their tracks.

One element that all the laptops launched in 2021 have in common is that they all showcase Nvidia’s next-gen graphics cards, making ray-tracing easier to get a hold of if you’re looking for a laptop upgrade.


MSI released quite a few new gaming laptops this time, with the MSI Dragon edition as the standout. The computer packs the Nvidia 30-series graphics card, creating a visual experience that PC gamers have been dreaming about for years.

One of the key features is the GE76 Raider Dragon Edition Tiamat, which stands out amongst all the other new and improved features the laptop offers. This device’s specs are even more impressive, making it an easy comparison to the fantasy fire-breathing mythical creature that is its name’s sake.

The 2021 CES far exceeded all our expectations despite the challenging year we’ve faced. The world of gaming truly stood out from the crowd and managed to show off some of the latest and greatest gaming technology currently on the market.

Despite the pandemic and some supply chain issues, the gaming industry has flourished, and the success of the sector was put on display for all to marvel at. With all that said, let’s hope next year we can attend the CES 2022 in person and test the kit for ourselves.