Online casinos are a great place for entertainment. You can enjoy a variety of games in the comfort of your home instead of spending time and money travelling to a brick-and-mortar casino to play with a free no deposit bonus. Some casinos sweeten the deal for punters. But slots are not the only great game to enjoy at an online casino. Around for over 15 years, poker is another online casino favourite that many punters spend their time and money with the hope of winning. 

If you are a beginner, poker is a great game to start your online casino journey. However, before you get into the big leagues, you will need to learn a few things. Firstly, if you go in without knowing some of these things, you will lose a lot of money which will make you lose motivation for the game. But that’s not you because you have this guide. In short, this guide will share the basic things you will need to know to have a great poker experience at online casinos. 

Different Site, Different Experience 

When you open your browser to look for an online casino offering poker games, you will come across several different sites with many attractive promises. In general, there are many sites that are fraudulent while others may be legitimate but offer limited poker gaming experiences. You will have to watch out for jacks of all trades’ casinos. You want an online casino that is dedicated to poker games because it is more likely they will have invested in software, a variety of poker games, and other features that will make your poker experience awesome. 

Since you will spend money, you should check whether the site is secure. How do you do that? For starters, you should check for SSL encryption that will make sure that the personal and financial information you share will be inaccessible to unauthorized third parties. 


As many people tend to say: “The games are rigged!” You have probably heard someone say that before about online casinos but the reality is different at the right casino. Of course, it is quite easy to be tricked into playing at a shady online casino, especially if you are a beginner, and have no experience in an online casino. The right poker casino will have technology in place to ensure that you have a fair chance of winning. A great online casino will have RNG technology to ensure the cards are randomly generated giving you a fair shot. Additionally, great poker sites add a third-party outfit to monitor and ensure that all your poker games are working at their best. The right casino will always have your back so that your experience will be more enjoyable. 


Online casinos are not accepted everywhere so you need to investigate the rules and regulations of the country you are playing in to ensure it’s legal. Playing any kind of poker (online or offline) within the legal requirements is highly important both for the player and the provider. That is why paying attention to the basic legal rules regarding online poker in your jurisdiction should be a top priority for a newbie.  The rules and regulations are not only different across countries but may differ across states or areas within the same country. You will notice this in countries such as the US which has specific rules for different areas. The US regulates online poker in states including Delaware, Nevada, and New Jersey. As a new punter, you should check that poker is legal in your jurisdiction and ensure that your online casino is licensed to avoid any inconveniences. 

The Competition 

You have probably heard of punters winning big at online poker but there are many stories of losers as well. You should go in with your eyes wide open about the reality of poker. There are a couple of great players who have earned their right to be championed over time of playing and studying the game. It did not happen overnight. It needs patience. The great thing is the competition is mostly made up of average and lower than average poker players so you will have plenty of opponents to learn from. 

When you start playing online poker it is all about the experience. You do not have to spend real money on your first go. There are poker games you can play without offering any stakes which can help you gain some experience before you start playing for stakes. Once you have had enough trial runs, you can play for lower stakes and increase stakes as you learn and get better at playing poker. It will take some time but with patience, commitment, and eagerness to learn, you will become better at poker. Many greats started their poker journey at online casinos such as Scott Seiver and Daniel “Jungleman” Cates so maybe, you can be just like them. 


For any kind of game, bonuses are definitely a plus, which attracts many newbies. While you will notget 100 free spins with no deposit, there are other great bonuses available for poker players. Some online casinos offer welcome bonuses that increase your bank allowing you to play more poker games. You should check the online casino site to know what bonuses they offer that increase your opportunities at playing more poker games without spending more of your own money. Bonuses seem too good to be true and they are in a way. There are wagering requirements that make it difficult to withdraw your winnings. Some of the wagering options can be between x35-x40 which is quite high.

As you check for bonuses, read the terms and conditions to understand the wagering requirements. Understanding the wagering requirements will avoid any unrealistic expectations. Still, for a beginner, it is more important to get more playing opportunities through bonuses than figure out how to withdraw winnings. 

Responsible Gambling 

The thrill of gambling is fantastic but as a beginner, you should indulge in moderation. Because of the convenience of playing online poker at home or anywhere you want, time can fly by without you noticing. Especially if the game gets quite engaging, it is difficult to keep track of time. One of the other more important things about responsible gambling is that there is also the danger of chasing the win by not knowing when to quit. Many unsuspecting punters become addicted to poker and lose money and time they did not plan to lose at online casinos. 

There is some advice to take for both beginners and professionals in online poker. Firstly, as a beginner, you should have a budget for the money and time you plan to spend at the casino. Secondly, if you feel like you are in too deep, it is better to get some help from professionals. Lastly, you could schedule a time, which will be dedicated to playing online poker only, so that you will have something to look forward to. 


Online poker is a great game to enjoy at casinos. As a beginner, your main priority should be to get some practice under your belt and learn the game. To get you started, you should pick the right casino, understand different regulations, know the casino’s fairness and competition, take advantage of bonuses, and gamble responsibly. In no time, with consistent practice and study, you will start to see some progress and maybe, some winnings.