Learning online indeed has many benefits, but what about the other things we do online? How to control those distractions? Is it possible to control distractions online? Unlike those who learn in traditional classrooms, Elearning students are learning remotely, from home, cafes, or any other place they like. As a result, they are more susceptible to distraction.

Are you also one of those? Don’t worry, you are not the only one who is facing these challenges while incorporating online learning. Most students while learning online, multitask which results in a lack of concentration. So, we have curated a few things that can help you while studying online. 

Limit your social media app usage

This may sound easy, but with the unlimited scrolling feature that Instagram and Facebook provide, it is impossible to concentrate anywhere else than social media. It keeps your mind engaged. You can’t get the scrolling to the end, but your mind won’t listen. To control this, you can limit your social media app usage. You can have this setting in the app settings. This way your phone will remind you when you reach the usage limit. 

Turn off your phone or keep it out of reach

Though there are setting options for controlling your daily app usage, you can always change it or overlook it. To avoid all the drama, you can do just one simple thing; SWITCH OFF YOUR PHONE. Yes, you heard it right! There should be no bigger thing than focusing when you are studying. If you can’t turn your phone off, keep it away from you and set it to silent, so there will be no notifications to interrupt your focus. It’s common to want to know who is calling when our phone vibrates. By keeping it silent, you may control the urge.

Create a social media schedule

There may be no calls or messages on your phone, but we definitely can’t get rid of social media influence. Watching trending videos, seeing what’s happening in other people’s lives, and exchanging memes and jokes are all things we enjoy. And it’s not a big deal unless it is affecting your schedule. It makes sense to have a little time set aside for these types of things. This way, you can limit the amount of time you spend on them.

Use a laptop or PC instead of a phone.

If you have a laptop or PC, it is going to solve everything. All your distractions have one home, that is your smartphone. So, instead of studying on the phone, use a laptop or any other device where you won’t be able to access these apps. The apps won’t disturb you from the background.

Have a set-up

The Elearning benefit includes, you can access the learning from anywhere provided you have internet. If you sit on your couch, you will be distracted by the television or guests. Similarly, the kitchen will give you food cravings. So, create a separate space for your study. Whenever you are going to attend lectures or complete assignments, get into the space you created for studying. Using this method will allow you to cut chords from other directions and reduce them to 80%. 


Different learning management systems offer features that allow you to have fun while learning new concepts. So, the learning process becomes easy and enjoyable. One such feature is gamification that provides learners with a fun learning experience while nurturing their competitive side.To gain a deeper understanding, you can also check out the DigitalChalk reviews or that of any similar tools like Docebo, Adobe Connect, and their reviews to get an understanding of how beneficial are their features. These LMS apps use images, GIFs, Videos, and other interactive ways so that you can focus on improving the learning process.