The best way to enhance your business during the COVID 19 pandemic is to keep your customers engaged through social media posts, videos, sales announcements, etc. Even if you’re not a business, with the ease of linking up your website to your Instagram account using features such as Instagram Stories, you have a really good chance of driving up your subscribers. But this begs the question of: “how to add a link to Instagram Story?”. The answer is simple. If you’re someone who doesn’t see the “link” button anywhere, it usually means that you don’t have the feature at your disposal. This is simply because not everyone has access. That’s right, Instagram has their own VIP section wherein you only get to add a link to Instagram Story if: 

  • You have more than 10,000 followers. 
  • Or, you have a verified account (blue tick) as you are a public figure or represent an established brand.

If you fall under these two categories, keep reading our article to sharpen your knowledge of the exciting feature laid out within the Instagram world: 

Learn How To Add A Link To Instagram Story

1. Take a photo on your phone:

Start by taking your photo of whatever you want, on your phone’s camera. This will allow you to edit it on another app for enhancing, cropping, lighting, filters, etc.

But the easier method is to head to the Instagram app itself and take the photo. To do that, open the app and go directly to Instagram Stories on the left to start a story. The Instagram Story button is the icon that looks like a camera. 

2. Click the icon at the top right that resembles a chain.

After you have taken the photo, inserted a few gifs or written some meaningful text, it’s now time to add the link. To do so, look at the icons on top next to the Download icon, Gif icon, Doodle icon and Text icon. Right next to that is the icon that looks like a chain. This is the ‘Insert Link’ option. Now, tap on it to allow you to insert your link. 

3. Click ‘URL,’ insert the link, and hit ‘Done.’

Once you tap on the chain looking “insert link” icon, a new page opens. This will take you to “+ URL”. 

Under + URL, you will be able to see the line: Viewers will be able to swipe up to visit this link. That’s how you know that you’re in the right place. Next, Type the URL into the text box. Once you’re finished, tap on “Done” in the top right corner.  

TIP: You can add a link to any web page you want. So for example, if you were interested in linking your Story to your own videos over on Youtube or in linking to your website you could choose such options. 

4. Get ready to share your story

When you’re ready to publish, click the “+ Story” button at the bottom right of your Story as you usually would. Your followers are in for a treat that they don’t know is coming. 

5. There will now be a ‘See More’ option at the bottom of your story.

The only thing that’s different is that your published Story has a “See More” swipe up link. Now that you know how to add a link to your Instagram stories, this is another step in the right direction. Good luck and we hope that you use this specially unlocked tool to the best of your ability. 

I Don’t Have 10,000 Followers, How Do I Add A Link To Instagram Story: 

Most content creators who reach 10,000 followers don’t get their stats overnight. That’s why many upcoming Instagram influencers redirect viewers to their bio. You can do this through the ‘Link in Bio’ caption. The ‘Link in Bio’ caption is commonly used, to the point, and people are not affected by taking the extra step to do it. The only downfall is that you can have a bunch of active links at once. 

At the last resort, you can post the specific link as a comment on your post. For example, let’s say you’re a culinary chef and post recipes links as comments for all the usual posts of food images you upload. If you have a giveaway going on at the same time, don’t keep adding the link for the recipes during this time. Stick to the relevant post. The only downside of this method is that, while you want your page full of comments,  your comment with the link can get lost in the crowd of thousands of other comments.