If you’ve seen an amazing video on YouTube and wondered what do most youtubers use to edit their videos, we’ve got you covered with the best YouTube video editor tools. Let’s get started:

Best YouTube Video Editor Tools for Any Promising YouTuber  

What to know BEFORE you invest in YouTube video editor tools: 

Creating videos for YouTube can be a rewarding process, talk about hooking your viewers with eye-catching content, and gaining comments and subscribers. But if you ask any YouTube channel that’s doing well, they’ll tell you the same thing: editing is one of the most important parts of post-production. Not only does the storyline need to match the editing, the editing has to have the same feel all throughout your feed. So, the need for proper YouTube video editor tools arise. That being said, if you just want to create for the sake of creating, just have fun and explore. But you’re looking to make a living, take a look at these factors: 

  1. Project Type: Does it require basic edits or complex editing? 
  2. Project Budgeting: How much to invest in editing tools? Can free tools work? (Hint: yes).
  3. Project Tool: Is the editing going to be for Mac or Windows or Android, etc? 

Best youtube video editor tools for Mac devices: 


If you’re just starting off and you’re not familiar with all the editing apps for YouTube, you may be way about spending money. Simple videos aren’t that tricky to put together, so you may not need fancy software. If you use a Mac and are looking for a simple, cheap option, look no further than iMovie, which comes free with your Mac. You may not want to edit a feature film with iMovie, but it’s more than enough for simple editing tasks. It offers more than YouTube’s built-in editor, which could be all you need.

Final Cut Pro X: 

When it was first released, longtime Final Cut Pro fans hated Final Cut Pro X. While some still deride it as “iMovie Pro,” it’s actually very handy if you’re looking for YouTube video editing software that’s a little more advanced than iMovie. And by a little more we mean, a LOT more – Final Cut Pro is one of a handful of programs that has been used in Hollywood productions. 

It’s selected due to high-end features which include HDR support, advanced color grading, and the Magnetic Timeline which makes finding and arranging scenes simple. The multichannel audio tools are top tier, and we’re big fans of the new noise reduction system as well. If you need to work with dozens of angles, you’ll appreciate the Multicam feature which allows you to view 16 angles simultaneously and sync up to 64 angles. 

As it’s a program used by many in the film industry, support is excellent, and you’ll have a long list of third-party applications to work with as well.  As Mac-only software, Final Cut Pro X takes advantage of features like the MacBook Pro Touch Bar and the Metal graphics API for improved performance. Another advantage of Final Cut Pro X is the ability to work with 360° video. That’s ideal if you plan to work with VR, especially when you can mirror your headset view in the program. Whether you want to add closed captions to a video, unify your color or edit a quick video for your YouTube channel, FCP X can do it all.

This program is only available for Mac users. While that’s a disappointment if you run Windows, it’s an amazing piece of software and if you’re not ready to make the jump, Apple also offers a 30-day trial version. The app isn’t exactly cheap at $299, but that’s not much more than you’d pay for a year of Premiere Rush and Premiere Pro CC. In this case, you’re actually buying the app, so you don’t have to worry about monthly billing.

Best youtube video editor tools for Windows devices: 

Movie Maker Pro:

If you’re looking for YouTube editing software for Windows, Windows Movie Maker used to be an option, but you won’t find it on Windows 10 anymore but guess what? Movie Maker Pro offers many of the same features but it’s not a Microsoft app. It’s a free download but does offer an optional upgrade. Looking at the user reviews, many people are more than happy enough with the free version making this a good pick for the best youtube video editor tools. 

There are better options out there, but for a YouTube editor that’s free on Windows, this is a great beginner stepping stone. 

CyberLink PowerDirector 365:

Bring editing to the mainstream and say good-bye to shaky footage easily on one of the best youtube video editor tools. 

Suitable for beginners, casual users or professionals alike who need a reliable YouTube video editor and with 360-degree movie makers, CyberLink PowerDirector has been around for a long time and has developed the image as a go-to app when it comes to editing video on Windows. 

There’s also an Android version that made it on to our list of the best video editors for Android. If you like the app but don’t like paying for updates, CyberLink PowerDirector 365 brings Premiere Pro CC’s monthly payment model to the venerable app. It is not available for Mac software. 

Pinnacle Studio:

If you’ve used a PC in the past 20 years, there’s a good chance you’ve used a program from Corel. Corel owns Pinnacle Studio 22 which is the latest version of their top-tier editing software, and one to keep an eye on if you need solid software for your YouTube videos. Packed full of cool features which allow you to edit videos with ease, Pinnacle Studio includes beginners that are just learning the ropes and advanced users looking for features like 360-degree videos, motion tracking or audio ducking. Like most editing software these days, there are three tiers to choose from with Pinnacle Studio.

Standard version: edit up to six HD videos and offers implified color grading, over 1500 video effects, split screen video, and 2-channel Dolby Digital support. You won’t need green screen software thanks to the chroma key, and you can export or share your content to all the popular channels including Facebook and YouTube. 

Plus version: gear up to edit up to 24 HD tracks and detach audio or place clips with precision with three and four-point editing. Dolby gets an upgrade to 5.1, and XAVC S support is added, so it’s a solid bump up over the standard tier overall. 

When you want the best, you’ll need Pinnacle Studio 22 Ultimate which brings 4K editing into play along with unlimited streams. Everything from the previous tiers is available, but you’ll get multi-camera editing for six cameras in addition to it. You won’t need a beastly machine to run this program, and we’re pleased to say the pricing is fair across the board. 

The standard version is $59, Plus will set you back $99 while the Ultimate version is $129, but is not Mac friendly. The program is compatible with Windows, and there’s a trial version available to take this editor out for a spin! 

Best youtube video editor tools for ALL devices: 

Adobe Premiere Rush:

Adobe Premiere Rush is one of the best youtube video editor tools available on Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS.

Adobe Premiere is as close to a household name as you get when it comes to video editors. It’s incredibly powerful, but it’s got so many features packed into it that it may be overkill for some YouTube creators. 

So, if you’re looking for a video editor for YouTube, the new Premiere Rush may be a better option. As the name suggests, Adobe Premiere Rush is meant to help you get videos put together faster. It has motion graphics templates built-in, so there’s no reason to integrate After Effects into your workflow. This is just one of several features that helps you get videos out more quickly and easily. Premiere Rush is also relatively affordable at $9.99/month. If you want to have Premiere Pro available as well, you can bundle both for $20.99/month. 

You might also want to consider exploring Adobe Premier Elements, which is a scaled-down version of Adobe Premiere Pro.


Blender is mainly known as 3D rendering software but these days Blender also includes a full-featured video editor. This is more than enough to make it one of the best video editors for YouTube, especially if you’re interested in 3D graphics.

Blender can handle simple video editing functions like cutting and splicing, but also more advanced tasks like masking. It comes equipped with 32 tracks (known as slots here) for video, audio, images, effects, and more. The app also comes equipped with completely free and open source, and it’s available on Windows, macOS, and Linux.

DaVinci Resolve:

We don’t have to name drop but DaVinci Resolve was known as the color grading software for Hollywood movies.These days DaVinci Resolve is also one of the best video editors for YouTube. You’ll find an overwhelming amount of features, but fortunately, you don’t have to use them all. All you need to know is that it can edit anything you throw at it, including 4K footage.

If you decide that you want to upgrade, the full version of DaVinci Resolve costs $299, but you can do plenty with the free version. So take it for a spin before you pay.  It’s available for Windows, macOS, and Linux, so it is a great option no matter which OS you’ve got. 

Hitfilm Express:

Another pro editor with a free version available, Hitfilm Express is one of the best video editing apps for YouTube you’ll find. Hitfilm Express is available for Windows and macOS.

This editor has a friendlier interface, so if you’re new to video editing this may be a better choice. They also have an active online community and great tutorials if you do happen to get stuck. The workflow is adjustable and easy to learn, even when you get to the more advanced features. 

Like DaVinci Resolve, it lets you do nearly any editing task you can think of, including editing 4K footage. It’s great to have a full set of tools in your arsenal, regardless of your experience editing video. HitFilm Express provides you with a boatload of features and is ideal for folks that want to add some pizazz to their YouTube videos for free. Some say that nobody gives you as much for free as the minds behind HitFilm Express. The aptly named program can turn amateur videos into professional masterpieces with over 400 effects and presets. It comes equipped with tools for animations, composite shot enhancements, an adaptive trimmer and you can work with unlimited tracks.

If you’ve ever had issues with color grading, much like the DaVinci Resolve,

you’ll dig HitFilm’s preset system that allows you to recall and apply your favorite settings to any video you like. It goes hand-in-hand with the grading toolkit and warping tools that can distort your footage with some insane effects. 

This editor also has a full version available for $299 but offers an in-between option as well. 

As much as you get for free with HitFilm Express, most of the pro features are missing unless you hit up the Add-on store. It’s purely optional but well worth checking out if you want to add bits and pieces of functionality for around $10 to $20 apiece such as: 360° video, battle damage effects, or work with some third-party solutions.

The particle simulator and custom color tools are fan favorites along with the LUT pack. 

HitFilm Express is free to download and use for both Windows and Macs with a few obvious drawbacks compared to paid programs. If you like what you see and want more, there are two more options available with HitFilm Pro for $299 or Studio for $499. Both add a considerable amount of professional level tools but only come with 1 year of free updates and support.


Shotcut is both free and open source so you can’t really expect the same level of interface polish you’d find in a paid app. 

That doesn’t mean that this app isn’t plenty powerful. 

Where Shotcut stands out among the crowd of free editing software for YouTube is the tutorials they add on. When it comes to open source software, this isn’t always something you can count on. If you’re looking for a simple, free option on Linux, this is absolutely worth trying. You might like it on Windows or macOS as well, but the competition is much stiffer on those platforms with better products. 

Lightworks 14:

Whether it’s social media, YouTube or 4K film projects, Lightworks is the tool to edit videos that stand out from the crowd. 

It is simple & intuitive user interface and is suitable for Windows, Linux & Mac OS X. 

With easy timeline editing & trimming, it’s not surprising to think that this was the software of choice for editing The Wolf of Wall Street, LA Confidential, Pulp Fiction, Heat, Hug, The King’s Speech and other legendary movies. 

It sounds crazy but some other benefits include Lo-Res Proxy workflows for 4K and broad file format support including variable frame rate media. There is also real-time ready to use audio & video FX. Specifically for YouTube, this is one of the best youtube video editor tools as you get to publish it straight to your YouTube account. While you can grade your sequence professionally utilizing up to 32bit GPU precision and histogram tool, there is limited export formats for the free version (MPEG or H.264 files up to 720p resolution)

Another silver lining is the free version. It’s enough for almost all beginners but the interface can be a bit confusing at first as it doesn’t operate like most NLE interfaces. It’s recommended that you start with the trail and once you get used to it, it’s not too bad, comparing it to other video editing programs. 


Not all editing programs have to burn a hole in your pocket. In fact, some of the best video editing software for YouTube is quite affordable including Filmora9. Wondershare offers this program in three different versions, but we’re going to focus on the unlimited version which gives you everything. The unlimited version includes over 1000 video effects with new ones added each month along with free updates and tech support for life. It’s a big step up from free programs but still easy to use if you’re a beginner due to the theme system. Filmora9 allows you to slice and dice your YouTube videos or tailor them to suit your needs through a variety of filters and transitions. The controls are intuitive, and there are plenty of advanced features to keep more experienced users interested through Full Feature mode. This mode unlocks advanced color tuning, an action cam tool, freeze frame, and a power tool along with a slew of other options. While the program was missing features a few critical features in previous years, currently it covers all the vital areas. You’ll get 4K support along with a robust set of action tools for stabilization and correction in your videos. Social sharing is simple as well, so you’ll be able to upload your videos to YouTube and other social media sites in seconds.

Wondershare’s Filmora9 is available for Mac and Windows systems in an individual plan, or you can purchase a license for educational or business use. The free trial version lets you take it for a spin before you buy but includes a watermark on the finished product. It’s a bummer but you can also pick this software up on a yearly subscription or under lifetime or unlimited plans with prices starting at $69 and running all the way up to $279 for the unlimited video and audio effects, all year. 


Video editing can be a tricky process but it will be incredibly rewarding. In the process of making youtube videos, Video editing specialists play an important role. They will take your raw footage and turn it into a polished and professional video that you’ll be proud to share with your friends and family.