Before diving into the Amazon Influencer Program, it’s worth mentioning that Amazon is a name that is famous for its affiliate programs as it helps customers to discover products of their interest. It also supports people in finding some extra information about the product they are willing to purchase now.

The Amazon influencer program is one of the extensions of these programs only. However, what is the specifications of this program? What are all those factors that convinced Amazon to get started with the Amazon influencer program? And last but not least, what are the characteristics of this program?

Well! If you also belong to that large pool of people searching for the answers to the same query, then look no further as we are here to help. Keep on reading, and with this article, you will discover all in-depth information about the program and its pros and cons. So, without any further delay, let’s start the discussion.


What’s Amazon Influencer Program?

You have seen different YouTubers promoting various products, including hair care products, skincare products, health-related products, etc., on their YouTube channels. Plus, you might have also encountered the word:” `Sponsored” written under similar kinds of YouTube videos.

These videos are known as sponsored videos, where brands pay celebrities and YouTubers to promote their products on their YouTube channels.

The idea of the Amazon influencer program is pretty similar to this thing. Here, celebrities and other social media influencers are paid to paste a specific URL of the Amazon webstore’s page that contains a list of products. The influencers are paid for every product the customer purchases through their recommendation.

Difference Between The Amazon Affiliate Program & The Amazon Influencer Program

Because of the similar working style, many people consider Amazon affiliate program and Amazon influencers programs as two different sides of the same coin. However, the case is not what it looks like.  Instead there is a huge difference:

Understanding The Difference

Amazon is no more an online book-selling site. Instead, it has evolved as one of the biggest, fastest running, and highly profitable e-commerce businesses. But the site did not own this success overnight. Conversely, Amazon has put in a lot of effort and has taken many initiatives, such as launching new programs to reach the position where it is now. And Amazon influencer programs is one of those initiatives as well.

The main idea behind it is the same as the amazon affiliate program, where the users had to build links and shopping ads to integrate them into their blogs and websites so that people could click upon those ads to purchase the product. The affiliates were granted a decent sum of commissions wherever a product was sold through their ads. In this way, Amazon could penetrate deep into the market and attract a more significant number of buyers to their site and product.

The Amazon influencer program works in a pretty similar way. However, the most prominent difference is that the influencer program does not allow everyone to sign up and get started, unlike affiliate programs. Instead, this program is specially designed for social media influencers.

Social media influencers refer to active people on social media channels who obtain many followers and subscribers on their track.

The Application Process

These people have to apply for the program using any social media accounts they obtain where the number of followers is high compared to others. Still, there is no guarantee that all applicants will qualify to participate in the program as amazon will judge all the applications on preset criteria that we will discuss in the further article.

Once the applicant is selected, they will get a unique URL to pass on to shoppers. Whenever the customer clicks on the passed-on URL, the internet will redirect them to a web page that contains all the products recommended by their favorite social media influencer.

The program has proved to be an innovative initiative of Amazon. Most of the time, these social media influencers are celebrities who have a heavy influence over their follower’s minds. For instance, you are a local American resident, and you are a big fan of Salena Gomez. Once, you scrolled through her Instagram profile and learned that she uses skincare products of a specific brand. Now it is evident that you would want to use those same products, so you can also look like your favorite celebrity. Wouldn’t you?

In this way, amazon promotes its products and URL through famous social media influencers and attracts more buyers than amazon affiliate programs.

Requirements To Apply For The Program

An individual willing to collaborate with the amazon influencer program must meet all of the following requirements.

  1. Obtain an active account on any of the social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook/ meta, or YouTube
  2. Have a solid and vast fan following
  3. Must obtain at least 20 thousand active followers on one of the social media channels
  4. The applicant must be enthusiastic and must post content daily
  5. The application must stay engaged with their followers

An important thing to remember over here is: that Twitter is now not included in the list of chosen channels by amazon for the program. Hence, you can not use your Twitter account to apply for the program. In addition, the Amazon influencer program does not suit people who want to work through their website. Instead, Amazon is looking for people with a large social media fan following to make the maximum sales in the least possible time frame.

Furthermore, this program is limited to the social media platforms and their presence in different geographical locations. For instance, you are a social media influencer with millions and billions of fans on one platform. Yet, other social media platforms such as Facebook or You tube are wrong in your country. In this case, Amazon is least likely to give you an edge over other participants as they want maximum expansion of their stores and products.

The same is why the Amazon influencer program is generally a premium opportunity not available to everyone. Instead, one must fit stringent criteria to only apply for it. And this is not surprising at all, as Amazon is one of the world’s largest and most competitive marketplace.

How To Avail The Opportunity


Once the applicant has been selected from the applicants, they need to create a custom storefront on Amazon and products they will endorse and recommend to their fans and followers.

Now, they will paste the URL of their page on their social media account so that their fans (who will serve as customers for amazon) can discover the favorite products of their lovable celebrities.

The moment customers purchase any item from the list of products recommended by an Amazon influencer, the influencer will get a commission from Amazon for playing a part in the sale.

Let us break the whole process into some simple steps for your better understanding.

  1. After meeting all of the requirements, the Amazon influencer program applies to the amazon influencer program.
  2. If it gets chosen, they create an amazon store and list all of the products they are willing to endorse
  3. Now, the influencer will get a unique URL that they will paste on the wall of their social media accounts, such as on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook/ Meta.
  4. Now, the audience will discover links and click on them to get redirected to the list of products chosen by the influencers.
  5. The audience will go through the list and choose an item to purchase according to their need and preference.
  6. Once the order has been placed, amazon will grant the influencer with the agreed commission.

The Process Of Joining The Program

Suppose you are an individual who meets all of amazon’s requirements and obtains a good number of followers on any social media account of yours, then congratulations. In that case, you are eligible to apply for the amazon influencers program. But, how do you use it?

You need to follow a few simple steps to get this task done. See below for more information.


The first and foremost step of the process is registering yourself. To do so, go to the homepage of the Amazon Influencer Program and click on” Get started.”

You will now have to choose your existing Amazon Associates Account/ Customer Account. If you don’t have an existing Amazon account, you can create one on the spot. The site will ask you for some basic information, including your name, email address, password, and address for making a new account.

When done with this task, you will now have to register for the influencer program by providing all of the following things.

  1. Your profile picture: Make sure it is a clear and recognizable picture without any fancy background.
  2. A header image (Optional)
  3. Your name
  4. Your home address or any other address you want all reports to be sent to
  5. Access to one of your social media accounts where you own the maximum number of followers provides the account’s username and URL.
  6. A character bio of about 350 words: describe yourself with clear and appealing adjectives: plus, try to keep it on point and free from jargon.

Applying For The Influencer Program

Choose an option from three different social media platforms: Facebook/ meta, Instagram, and YouTube. You need to link your account to Amazon if you are willing to select an option from YouTube or Facebook. However, suppose you are ready to go with Instagram. In that case, you will be required to input the total number of your fan following, the number of posts you currently have on your Instagram account, and your official Instagram handle.

We recommend selecting the channel where your social media presence is at its peak because the higher your fan following, the more chances are there for your selection.

Creating The Storefront

Now that you are done registering and applying for the program, you now seed to build your storefront name and add the tagline.

Amazon allows its Brand registry to create customer storefronts for upgrading its marketing. In addition, Amazon influencers are also entitled to avail the specially designed Amazon Storefront.

It is recommended to use the products first before you suggest them to others as it is one significant thing that Amazon notices in the successful influencers.

Try to be creative and add a diverse variety of products to your store so that many buyers can be attracted.

Creating The Account

Alas, you need to add your account information and click on the button that says: Save and Finish. And that is it; you will be redirected to the dashboard of Amazon Associates.

On the dashboard, follow the program on Instagram with your account. Don’t skip this step, as your application will lose all the chances of selection if you don’t do this.

How Much Money Can You Make As An Amazon Influencer?


No matter what the profession is, and the program is, one of the prominent reasons for joining it is money generation. You wouldn’t want to collaborate with a program that will demand you to invest hours of your day and give nothing in return, right?

So, how much money can you make with the Amazon Influencer program? So firstly, it is essential to understand that Amazon has a fixed percentage of commission for influencers on each catalog. Let’s know the case with an example. For instance, a skincare brand has an 8 percent commission rate on Amazon. At the same time, grocery, health, and hygiene areas obtain the commission rate of 10 percent for influencers.

Thus, the amount of money you can make with the program solely depends on you and your choice to go with any specific category. Hence, check all the types for their commission rate before deciding to go with any option.

Promoting Your Influencer Store

Suppose you are one of those lucky people qualified to join the amazon influencers program; now, what will you do? Before you say: We will celebrate, we want you to know that it is only half off the ground you have covered. And still, there is a long battle to win. That means you don’t only have to make your influencer store but also have to promote it to reap maximum benefits and generate a high amount of money. The promotion helps your audience know that a few products are your favorite and that you want your fans to use them.

So, how do you promote your influencer store? There are some great tips by amazon itself for that purpose. Let’s have a look at some of the options:

Tips To Promote Your Influencer Store On Facebook

  1. Facebook stories are one great way to promote products. They last for 24 hours and let your audience know your current favorites. Plus, they are also helpful in reminding your fans about the products from time to time. So, post the URL on your Facebook story and a creative hashtag such as #Amazing, #Love, or #CurrentFacourite, and you are all good to go.
  2. Include the link of your store in the About section of your profile
  3. Post about the product from time to time or make videos and show yourself using those products

Tips To Promote Your Influencer Store On Instagram

  1. Past your store’s link on your bio line.
  2. Post product related stuff and your pictures of using the products
  3. Just like Facebook, Instagram also has a 24-hour story option. So, utilize this option same as Facebook. Also, highlight the product’s features in your stories to make them look more exciting and convincing.
  4. Hashtags are the most significant search source of Instagram searches. The same is why hashtags are known as one great way to bring popularity to the profile. So be creative and try to use trending and most-searched Instagram hashtags with product-related posts. Some examples are #Love, #Life, #Regime, etc.

Tips To Promote Your Influencer Store On YouTube

  1. Include your store’s line in the about section along with some details about it
  2. Review the products of your store in your videos and include your store’s URL in the description box
  3. Share videos with as many people as you can and ask your followers and subscribers to do the same

Tips To Promote Your Influencer Store Via Websites & Blogs

Millions and billions of people present on the internet search for billions of things daily. The same is why blogging has become one of the fastest evolving careers in today’s world. These websites help people know about what they have always been looking for.

So if you own any website, try to use it to promote your store. Here are a few things you can do

  1. Write articles on the products. For instance, if your products are related to skincare, you can write an essay on five unique skincare products by a renowned brand, some amazing skincare products you must try, etc.
  2. Review products that are listed on your influencer’s store
  3. Add a hyperlink to your page in between the content.

You can also ask other website owners to post blogs related to your product and store on their site. In this way, you will be able to bring their audience to your store.

Tips To Promote Your Influencer Store Through Podcasts

If you host any podcast, talk to your fans about your products and stores.

Be An Amazon Live Influencer

Amazon lives one extension of the amazon influencer program that helps the registered amazon influencer act as a live sales representative for amazon and their amazon store. The main idea of Amazon behind taking this initiative was to use the $61 billion e-commerce live streaming industry to grow their business and attract more buyers to their store. If you don’t know much about this, here is how it works.

How Amazon Live Works

  1. Amazon notified Shoppers of all the ongoing and upcoming live streams hosted by different social media influencers on one or more of their social media accounts.
  2. Customers can also discover the live stream of their choice on Amazon Live by selecting their preference category.
  3. Now, the shopper will choose to watch the live stream of their favorite social media star. Once they choose, they will head over to the Amazon live stream to view it.
  4. The customers will learn about the favorite products of the stream host and get the chance to communicate with their famous influencers. Plus, the viewers can also communicate with each other and share their viewpoints in a convenient chat room that they can find right next to the live stream.
  5. Once customers have acquired all the necessary information about the products, they are now free to select the product and purchase it by clicking on the links right under the live stream. These links will redirect them to their desired products on amazon.

As most Amazon Live viewers are severe and regular customers, this tactic has proven to be one effective way for influencers to sell their products and enhance their profit margin.

Types of Amazon Influencers

Multiple types of amazon influencers exist today. Here are details regarding all of them

Amazon Storefront Influencers

Amazon storefront influencers share products instead of sharing the link to sellers” product page. Hence, customers can directly purchase the product by clicking on the link.

Social Media Amazon Influencers

These influencers are the most common type of program members. These use their social media fans to bring the audience to the site.

They create content based upon the products and post it to their social media accounts. From here, the audience gets notified about the product page, and they land on the Amazon store.

Publication Amazon Influencers

Publication influencing refers to the Bookstagramming among the Insta-crowd. It is one of the popular ways for all sorts of printed publications.

These influencers accept the copies of books and then review them on their accounts. Publication influence is mainly linked with Amazon’s book-selling origins.

Amazon Influencer Program [From The Brand’s Perspective]

Now that we understand the program from the influencer’s perspective. Let us jump into the brand’s shoes and look at the scene from their viewpoint.

So, why should businesses partner with the Amazon influencer program? Well! Here are a few reasons for this.

Helps In Search Engine Optimization

One of the most popular reasons brands joins the Amazon influencer program is better SEO. As influencers post brand links with their content, more and more people are redirected toward the site. Hence, the search engine is notified of this action. As a result, brand websites grow and appear on top of search results.

Helps In Brand

Amazon influencer programs free the brand from worrying about the number of followers. That means. The brand doesn’t have to obtain thousands of followers to promote itself on social media channels. Instead, it is amazon itself that will get the job done.

The site presents your products on display by collaborating with famous social media celebrities. As a result, their followers become your customers. And your brand is automatically recognized.

Boost In Sales

Fewer sales volume is one major problem most small and newly launched brands face. However, your product is not recognized with the amazon influencer program, but the number of products sold is also visibly increased.

It Helps To Build Goodwill.

Getting collaborated with a big name always helps to build goodwill. And Amazon is one name that can help small businesses in this regard.

The Bottom Line

In a nutshell, the Amazon influencer program is one of the many programs launched by Amazon. It allows social media influencers to join the Amazon program and act as their sales representative. The site grants the social media influencer a specific commission rate that differs from category to category.

Hence, social media influencers have to apply for it by going through an application process. However, there are very restricted requirements to apply for the program. Plus, you must obtain a considerable fan following to join the program.

The same is why this program is also known as Exclusive Opportunity, which is not available to ordinary people. In addition, there are various sorts of Amazon influencers, including storefront influencers, social media influencers, publication influencers, and the list goes on.

Once you are qualified to join the program, you need to build your storefront and take the initiative to promote it. You can do this task through various social media platforms such as Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat, YouTube, Twitter etc. remember, the more products are sold, the higher amount of money you make.

We have mentioned some efficient tips and tricks in the above content recommended by Amazon itself. Moreover, you will also understand the program and its importance from the brand’s perspective. For instance, it helps the brand in SEO and boosts sales through brand recognition. So, make sure to read the whole article carefully. Rest, we wish you Good luck.


How Much Money Can I Make With This Program?

It depends upon the category you choose for this purpose, as different types obtain different commission rates.

Why Can’t Ordinary People Join This Program?

The program is specially designed for social media influencers as Amazon wants to utilize its fan following for the company’s benefit. And as ordinary people usually don’t have that number of fans, they are exempted from the program.

How Can I Apply For The Program?

You can apply through the process mentioned above. However, make sure to meet all the requirements.

Check also what differentiates this program from Amazon Associates.