Like many other things and technologies, one of the most popular brands – Apple, is also surrounded by some myths. Such misconceptions, specifically on the negative side, are often just rumors formed by the competitors of these companies. 

Before investing in these expensive devices, it is important to wait for a while and know the truth behind these myths. This article will cover some of the myths surrounding Apple and MacBooks.

Macs Are Worth the Price

We all know that Apple devices are more expensive than MS Windows PCs. This is because of the fame ‘Apple Tax’. This is a profit Apple applies on its hardware that is comparatively higher than its rivals. Despite that, such products are not worth the price. 

The top-quality MacBook price tag does not have that better software package when compared with other computers. You can still face issues such as lack of storage, slowdowns, or overheating.

Macs Have Short Battery Life

It is not true that the Mac battery does not last long because Apple creates custom lithium-ion batteries of a bigger size. They charge more efficiently. Hence, you don’t need to completely discharge your Mac battery before recharging it. 

The latest M1 Macs can run up to 16 hours on a single charge. However, since it is just a machine, it will automatically turn off at any point if you don’t recharge it.

Macs Have No Gaming Problems

Most hardcore computer gamers prefer staying away from MacBooks. The reason is that they hardly find games that are perfectly compatible with Macs. It is almost next to impossible to find a game with 100% compatibility and powerful graphic features. 

Microsoft’s DirectX graphics are greatly available in the market. Compared to MacBooks, the PC offers tons of more games.

MacBooks Never Crash

Well, MacBooks also have the potential to crash because Mac’s Kernel Panic is equal to the system crashing down. This action is performed by an operating system after identifying a fatal internal error from which it can’t recover safely. 

The Mac or any external device can suffer hardware failures as a result of the crash. But, some of these issues are temporary and can be solved after rebooting. However, some may require professional support.

MacBook Doesn’t Need Cleaning

This is also just a misconception because, just like other computers, MacBook storage media also need cleaning. While installing several apps and programs, some files may also get created for faster performance. 

After uninstalling the apps, it’s not confirmed that files will be deleted automatically. System files, user logs, outdated cache, app leftovers, and other storage can consume space. At that time, you need to clean your hard drive.

Macs Are Not Prone to Viruses

This is one of the most common fallacies about Macs because macOS is also prone to malware attacks. No operating systems are completely safe from malware. But, Macs devices are usually affected due to the gullibility of users regardless of the macOS faults. 

Yes, they can’t get viruses but can be affected by other Mac-specific malware. For example, ransomware, Trojans, cryptocurrency miners, and adware.

Apple Doesn’t Like Flash

To see flash content (proprietary media file format), the web browser should have a plug-in offered by Adobe. This misconception originated when Apple launched its first iPhone without supporting Flash. 

Apple’s CEO stated that Apple isn’t interested in supporting Flash because they want web standards to be open-source. He added that flash content is available on the web. It can be accessed in H.264 format, supported by Apple iOS.

Macs Are Meant for Students and Artists

Most reviewers say that MacBooks are the perfect option for graphic designers, artists, and students. The aesthetics of these devices make them much better than other brands. Another reason is that they have a pool of apps required by artists. 

But, it doesn’t mean that you should stick mainly to a MacBook. There are many more computers available with comparatively less investment required.

macOS Is More Stable Than Windows

This is not true because it depends on the Windows version you are using. If you have XP, then it would be a relatively stable operating system. Mac’s code quality is much cleaner. Hence, hacking the code becomes comparatively more difficult. 

Another reason is that Mac devices possibly run faster with some crashes. Another thing is that there are just a few hardware variations among Mac devices.


There is a constant debate about the quality and features of Apple devices. However, users swear by the superiority, security, and efficiency of Macs. Even the Apple Company is endeavoring to make their devices more powerful and useful. 

So, as now you know which myth holds how much reality, it depends on you whether you want a MacBook or not. But, it is recommended to do proper research before believing anything.