The real estate marketplace, as of 2022, is still in full swing even with the issues caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, many industry experts argue that the pandemic itself is partially responsible for the current “seller’s market” that’s dominating the real estate space today.

But as an investor, even with current market sellers being in a better position, this doesn’t mean that buying a fix & flip property is a bad investment. Because the fact is, people are buying up houses left and right in the current market despite higher than average prices.

As a fix & flip investor, or if you’re considering jumping into this space to begin your real estate investment career, you have many options to help sell your flip in a timely manner. But what are some of the best ways?

In the following, we’ll explore some of the best digital marketing options to consider when you’re ready to sell your flip and turn a profit.

Content Marketing

As an investor, you might be looking for the perfect property, or perhaps you’re still looking to secure a hard money loan for your flip. But before you engage in the loan process itself, it’s essential to understand that you’ll need a marketing game plan before going into your flip. As such, blogging about your flip from beginning to end can be a great content marketing strategy.

People love to see a process unfold. And you can easily generate interest in your property by showcasing the start-to-finish process–from securing the loan and blogging about how you were able to get a great rate, to writing about any renovations and improvements that you’re working on.

Additionally, utilizing video and imagery in your content marketing campaign is always a bonus, as this is sure to create much more engagement than just plain text. And with all of the advanced blogging and web-building tools available today, you can craft a blog that hits all the right notes.

Make Social Media Work for You

Today, just about everyone is on at least one social media platform. In fact, it’s estimated that over 70 percent of Americans have at least one social media profile that they use on a regular basis. And you can take advantage of this by showcasing your flip on social media. There are actually online tools that are designed to help you with exactly that.

With HGTV and many other reality home flipping shows being so popular today, as well as the rising popularity of YouTube channels and Tik Tok, you can easily set up accounts and make shorts of your home flipping process.

For example, you could showcase a time elapsed short of a renovation process such as building a deck, stripping and painting the home, or anything else that you think that a potential buyer would find interesting. And with any luck, your posts will be shared and you may even start getting inquiries before you’re even done with your flip.

Search Engine Ad Campaigns

If you’re struggling to get any organic traffic to your website or social profiles, you may want to consider implementing a paid search ad campaign. This basically allows you to position yourself above the competition when a potential home buyer keys in local search terms.

Google is the giant of the search engine world. In fact, the second-largest search engine in the world as of 2022 is YouTube, and this is also owned by Google. So if you’re interested in gaining more traffic and exposure, hopefully corresponding to an inquiry or a sale, taking out paid advertisements on search engines is a viable strategy.

A few of the benefits of a paid search campaign are as follows:

  • Ability to create geo-targeted search ads
  • Paying only on a per-action basis
  • Manage your ads quickly
  • Targets a specific audience
  • Increases your web traffic
  • Increases brand awareness

Launching a paid search option places you at the top of the list. And as more than 70 percent of Internet users rarely navigate beyond the first page of Google’s search engine results page (SERP), being at the top of the list is exactly where you want to position yourself.

Making a home flip work in your favor requires extensive planning and a healthy knowledge of marketing strategies. And while you’ll also want to heavily utilize conventional and local advertising methods, having a working knowledge of all the digital tools available to assist you will be a welcomed addition to your home flipping toolkit. By utilizing the strategies outlined here, you’ll be well on your way to flipping your investment and turning a profit quickly.