YouTube is a part of everybody’s life these days. As a matter of fact, it’s a huge part of everyone’s life. From learning how to play the guitar to mending your car, you have videos for just about everything on YouTube. YouTube’s smart algorithm also helps curate the videos for you and gives you a recommendation based on your specific taste. However, there might be times when you won’t have internet access that is required for YouTube access. Or you might just want to store a certain video in your device which you can access anytime, without worrying about where you are. Sometimes it can be a lifesaving thing as well. Imagine going on a trek with a group of people and one of them hurts his/her ankle. Since the area will most likely not have any internet connection, you won’t be able to access the internet for first aid tips. In such a scenario, if you take a digital device with YouTube to mp4 converted videos, you can refer to them to help your friend in pain. This was just one of the many possible scenarios when downloading YouTube videos as mp4 files will be very helpful. In this post, we will tell you how you can do that with ease. Whether you want to convert YouTube videos to 1080p quality mp4 or learn the basics behind the YouTube to mp4 converter, this post has you covered. Let’s get started.

YouTube to Mp4 Converter: All You Need to Know

How do YouTube to mp4 converters work?

Whenever you “stream” a video on YouTube video, it technically does get downloaded as a temporary file on your system. Streaming sites like YouTube, Netflix, etc. put it on your hard drive so that they can make money. The file is not encoded, it is not hidden, it is not changed in any way.

However, you can’t just copy the temp file into another location. The file is locked using your operating system, and it gives an error if you attempt to copy it.

YouTube to mp4 converters, downloading apps, or browser add-ons, negate the OS lock, and copy the file already on your hard drive to the location of your choice.

What is the YouTube to mp4 converter?

YouTube to mp4 video converter was designed for maximum ease of usage. When you download a YouTube video using our tool, you get great sound and picture quality along with fast download speeds for even the biggest of files. Youtube to mp4 converter is one of the fastest and safest tools to download MP4 files from YouTube. It provides high-quality MP4 files if they are available, works with incredible speed, and is simple to use. With free video converter, you can easily convert the YouTube video of your choice into an mp4 file for free and watch it offline. You can also share the video with your friends over Whatsapp and other messaging tools. This is a cloud-based tool for converting YouTube videos into mp4 files which means you aren’t required to download any software or plugin for it. You can access the tool from your web browser and the only thing you will download is the mp4 version of a YouTube video in the end.

How to use the YouTube to mp4 converter?

  1. Go to YouTube and copy the URL of the YouTube video
  2. Go to the YouTube to Mp4 converter and paste the link to convert the YouTube video into mp4
  3. YouTube to mp4 converter will pull the video and give you different options to download them at different quality levels.

Yes, downloading YouTube MP4 videos is actually that easy. The mp4 files downloaded from YouTube will be stored on your device and you can access them without the need for any internet connection. 

Can I download mp4 videos from YouTube on any Operating System?

You can download YouTube videos to MP4 on any operating system with any browser. It runs smoothly on Windows, Mac, and Linux and works flawlessly with Chrome, Safari, Opera, IE, and many other browsers. 

Can I transfer my mp4 video to any portable music device?

Once the YouTube video is converted and downloaded as mp4, you can transfer that file to any portable device of your choice viz. phone, tablet, etc.

How to convert YouTube to mp4?

You can easily convert any YouTube video into a downloadable Mp4 format by using YouTube to Mp4 converter tool. All you need to do is copy the YouTube video URL that you want to convert and paste it on the converter page.

Is there a way to download videos from YouTube directly?

YouTube doesn’t allow users to directly download videos from its website. You can save videos for offline viewing later but those videos can only be accessed using YouTube and you won’t be able to transfer them from device to device. Thankfully, you can use third-party tools like Youtube to Mp4 converter to easily download YouTube videos.

Which is the best YouTube to mp4 converter?

YouTube to Mp4 converter tool lets you convert your favorite YouTube videos into Mp4 format so that you can download them and play them wherever and whenever you want.