When you’re in digital marketing, the internet is something that plays a very large role in your ability to do your job. It is not only the landscape in which you’re working, but it also provides the tools that you will use in order to deliver the best results possible. On top of this, the internet is also very vast, holding many solutions and means that you might be completely unaware of, and knowledge is very much power in this instance.

With the helpful bookmark feature that comes with most browsers, you don’t even need to remember the names of these outlets after you’ve visited them once, and from there, you can use them whenever you see fit. Having more tools at your disposal is never bad, and these might prove valuable in a pinch.

Bookmarking as a Means of Convenience

First of all, it’s important to understand just how varied your options are here. While it was previously mentioned that you could use the bookmarking feature of your browser as a convenient way to simply remember websites and online locations that you might have only visited once, it can also work in a slightly different way. When utilized properly, bookmarking can allow you to immediately access a plethora of different websites and activities, meaning that you spend less time searching for where you need to go, instead just jumping in right away. Not only can this save you plenty of time as you work, but it means that the kinds of websites that you bookmark can be more varied in their nature. While digital marketing might be your priority, especially while you’re working, it’s important to create a workspace that provides you with everything that you need, so you can be comfortable, settled, and suitably in the zone as you work.

This is especially true if you find yourself working from home where the situation might be that your personal desktop and your professional one collide to provide an ultimate device that receives your attention much of the time. In this case, you don’t only want to bookmark sites that are going to quickly take you to valuable digital marketing resources (although you certainly do want to do that as well), you also want to bookmark sites that simply allow you to relax. This might be sites that can provide you with takeaway food when you find yourself working late, or it might be a link to an online casino, like Jackpotcitycasino.com/canada, for when you need to blow off some steam.

After this step might come the organization so you can clearly define which bookmarks fall into the more personal category and which are going to provide you with tools in order to further your professional goals.


This might sound somewhat general at first due to the sheer volume of topics that are covered by Wikipedia, but if you’ve ever used this site in order to brush up on information, you’ll be keenly aware of just how valuable a resource it can be. At first, it might be difficult to understand the direct link between this and digital marketing, but then you might think of all the times that you’ve needed to refer to something that might require fact-checking. Even if what you’re referring to in your marketing material is simply a vaguely important historical event, you might find that Wikipedia can give you a good idea of what you should say and how you can deliver a statement with the most accuracy regarding the event in question. Another time that Wikipedia might be a helpful resource is if you find yourself having to deliver marketing material that might perhaps try to include a local cultural group, in which case you might find yourself needing to do some research in order to make your content relevant and appropriate for whoever you find yourself trying to relate to. The speed at which you can access this site once it’s been bookmarked and learn something new is reason enough to do so, and you might be surprised how often you find yourself jumping back into it to quickly check something.

You might be familiar with the idea of people being cautious about how accurate the information presented on this site actually is. As Wikipedia is the result of many sources that are often cited at the bottom of any given page, you can follow up on claims made on this website by searching through the presented links. In this sense, while Wikipedia can provide you with knowledge and information, the true resources that you might end up relying on are the ones that provided this website with the information in the first place.

Your Various Social Platforms

Digital marketing is something that has homes in many different online locations, but chief among these may well be the social media pages of whichever business it is that you work for. Leaving yourself logged in, with each relevant site bookmarked and ready-to-go, means that you spend less time awkwardly navigating these and instead elegantly glide through what you need to see whenever you need to pay them a visit. Even if these don’t end up being the primary destinations of your content, it’s good to keep an eye on them, especially if you have people getting in touch with you in response to the marketing that you’ve posted.

The dedicated website of your business is included in this, too. This might be the ultimate home of your marketing material, and as the hub of what you’re marketing, it does you well to keep an eye on this as well. You might not be the only one in your team looking to maintain the site, but remaining aware of how your content can be presented as effectively as possible on the site is important to deliver the right message. Together, these online locations might come under the bracket of ‘destinations’, which might be the name of the bookmark folder that ties them all together.

Resources and Tips

If the website of your business and their various social media pages are the destinations of your marketing, you’ll need some websites that act as resources in order to improve the quality of it as well. These might be pieces of advice from marketing experts that can help you to guide the direction of your content in a more effective, professional direction, or they might come in the form of resources that can influence who you’re marketing towards. A common example of the latter might be the use of analytics, in which case websites and tools, such as Moz, can help you to better understand what goes on behind the scenes of your business, pushing you in a more conscious direction. Knowing that you’re using every piece of information at your disposal can lead to much more confident marketing, especially if it gives you a better understanding of your audiences and what they want from your business.

The internet is vast, and it contains several websites that you can access to either improve the quality of your marketing or the quality of your workspace, which can go a long way to having a desirably positive result on your productivity. Once your bookmark bar is filled with useful online destinations, you might begin to feel more comfortable in the knowledge that you have support in your career.