It is very likely that the outgoing 2022 will remain in the history of cryptography as a turning point. The possibilities and advantages of blockchain technology are attracting more and more attention from the governments of different countries. The mass adoption of cryptocurrencies inevitably entails tighter control by government agencies.

KYC guidance has long been an important element of financial systems and is now being actively introduced into the cryptocurrency market. Exchanges want to be sure that their clients are really who they say they are and will not use the exchange for criminal purposes. Accordingly, crypto exchanges without KYC are getting smaller.

But many investors value privacy above all else and do not want to disclose personal information. It is still possible and we have compiled for you a small list of platforms where the exchange of BUSD to USDT and other digital assets is available without account verification.


The Indian platform CoinSwitch has been operating since 2017. It is one of the most famous and popular crypto exchanges without KYC verification. The platform supports over 400 coins and tokens and the client can sell and buy them without registering an account on any exchange.

CoinSwitch is a universal platform on which more than 100,000 cryptocurrency pairs are available from different cryptocurrency exchanges. Here you can buy cryptocurrency for fiat money without using bank cards. Since the service works with different crypto exchanges, trading fees may vary depending on the market.

This is one of the best as it allows you to trade cryptocurrencies at the best prices. They offer over 400 cryptocurrencies, altcoins and tokens to trade without even creating an account on any exchange. This exchange is based in India and was launched back in 2017. In just a couple of years, more than 1 million transactions were made on it. There are no restrictions on the exchange of cryptocurrencies.


The Bisq platform, also known as BitSquare, is a fully decentralized crypto exchange where you do not need to disclose any personal data. It is a peer-to-peer trading platform for the exchange of cryptocurrencies, which is considered one of the most advanced. 

However, it can be a little tricky for new users and still has low trading volumes. Bisq is liked by many users for its high security. The platform supports more than 15 payment methods, but does not provide services related to storage. This means that users are in complete control of their funds. Bisq supports a little over 120 cryptocurrencies.


The Changelly platform supports various altcoins. This means that if you own any altcoins, you will be able to buy BTC or other available coins without any checks. The platform has its own search engine that scans available offers on other platforms and selects the best ones.

And yet, if the platform considers any user activity suspicious, further use will be impossible without KYC.


HODL HODL provides users with the opportunity to trade directly with each other. At the same time, it does not hold the user’s funds, but blocks them on a multi-signature escrow. These features reduce trading time and minimize the possibility of funds being stolen.

Because the platform does not store user funds, it is not subject to stringent audits. This allows users to trade among themselves directly and without having to provide their personal details.

Like many other P2P marketplaces, HODL HODL has no withdrawal limits. The number of contracts, active offers and the volume of the transaction are limited.


The LetsExchange platform supports over 2,000 coins and tokens; recently, crypto-fiat transactions have also become available on the platform. LetsExchange does not require any personal user data, but if you need a receipt with the details of your transaction, you will need to provide an email address. There are no restrictions on deposit, withdrawal, number and volume of swaps.

The platform uses its own Smart Rate search engine, which scans and analyzes available offers on other trading platforms. As a result, the user is provided with the most advantageous current offers. Converting USDT to CAKE or any other altcoins is done as fast as possible on a particular blockchain. LetsExchange does not store customer funds, that is, each user has full and undivided control over their coins.